Training Week 288

By , April 26, 2015 7:40 pm

Highlight of the Week: The colder weather – it felt good for running!


Monday | April 20, 2015: 5 m run + 5 m run + teaching strength class
Loc: Millennium Trail, Temp: 44°/43°, Time: 46:08, Pace: 9:13 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, yay clouds! boo wind
Loc: hood, Temp: 43°/44°, Time: 47:28, Pace: 9:29 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, still annoyed with the wind
Strength: medicine balls, Difficulty: medium, Felt: good
Tuesday | April 21, 2015: rest
Wednesday | April 22, 2015: 3 m run
Loc: Millennium Trail, Temp: 44°/43°, Time: 27:36, Pace: 9:11 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: okay
Thursday | April 23, 2015: 8 m run (incl. 5×1)
Loc: hood, Temp: 44°/43°, Time: 1:12:13, Pace: 9:01 avg, Difficulty: medium, Felt: physically fine, mentally defeated by the wind
Friday | April 24, 2015: teaching strength class + 5 m run (w/Adam & Dawn)
Strength: medicine balls, Difficulty: medium, Felt: good
Loc: Grayslake, Temp: 28°/27°, Time: 50:13, Pace: 10:02, Difficulty: easy, Felt: tired legs but YAY NO WIND!
Saturday | April 25, 2015: 4 m run
Loc: Nippersink FP, Temp: 41°/41°, Time: 39:18, Pace: 9:49 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: happy to run on crushed limestone
Sunday | April 26, 2015: 10 m run + 5 m bike
Loc: Grant Woods FP, Temp: 41°/48°, Time: 1:43:55, Pace: 10:23 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, excited to come back and train the hills
Bike Time: 19:15, Pace: 15.6 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: lazy


  • I am so pleased that the Monday night strength workout didn’t kill me again this week! I wonder if my body was more prepared for it this time, or, if working in the office on Tuesday helped. On Tuesdays I typically run in the am then work from home, mostly sitting all day. I wonder if walking around more in the office helped. I’ll have to see if the same thing happens this week!
  • It was so nice this weekend to do both of my runs on crushed limestone trails! I’ve mostly run on paved surfaces this year, and the trails feel so good!
  • I know – I am totally phoning it in with my bike. Eek! I’m looking forward to cycling more, leading up to RAGBRAI in July.
  • And I am really looking forward to hill training starting the week of May 4th! Woo hoo!

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A week away…

By , April 24, 2015 8:47 am



On a perfect day… yes. If it’s windy like it’s been this week? Or sunny and hot like last Friday? Err… 8:45s might be more feasible.

The Wisconsin Half (and full) Marathon is next Saturday. Kelly and I are racing it together, again. We’ve trained together, again. 23 runs with each other this year – nearly 200 miles, lots of speedwork sessions and puhLENTY of bitching (mostly, me, ha!).

My original goal for this race was a personal record (PR) for me, but really, I’d be happy to see Kelly PR, run the entire race with her, and NOT fall like I did last year. For me, that would be a successful race.

Also… if I don’t mentally give up. Ever since that late March run where I let the wind do me in, my mental game has been crap. I need to be more like Desi (from here):

… a lot of running is getting comfortable being uncomfortable—physically, as well as mentally, which means just throwing out the doubt. You can look up and think your day is over and pack it in, or you can find out what motivated you in the first place and reach down into whatever that is. It’s a place you can go to when you’re hurting before the finish line and maybe pull a little more out of yourself. There’s so many things in life where we take the easy way out and buy our comfort—that extra legroom on the airplane, the comfiest couch. In a marathon, it’s all about how far we can push ourselves and make ourselves hurt.

Maybe I’ll have to write a reminder like that on my hand again. But… in less words, ha ha.

Random Thoughts Thursday 70

By , April 23, 2015 7:09 am
  • I finally started another knitting project (I hadn’t knit since March)! This will be a scarf for a certain madre for Mother’s Day. I am using a pattern that has some techniques I hadn’t done before (on purpose, anyway) – yarn over (ko) and knit two together (k2tog), so it’s good to be learning something new! I realized I have to knit much looser so I can do the k2tog. I also realized my fingers are way too rough to work with this yarn – it keeps snagging and fraying it! Grrrr.


  • We sent 20 postcards when we were in Mexico, and as far as I know, no one has received them. I feel bad about it, because instead of bringing back gifts for everyone, I thought the postcards would be a nice way to tell people we were thinking about them while we were there. Also… 20 postcards took awhile to write and weren’t very cheap. Ha ha. Maybe they’ll show up someday!
  • I am digging xaarlin‘s throwback travel posts from Europe 2002. It kind of makes me want to write some for my trip to Spain in 2002! I have all the pictures, and a journal. I wonder if my journal will be as cringe-worthy as xaarlin said hers was (probably!!!)!


  • Did anyone else see or read about the man who lead the Boston marathon for the first mile so his kids could see him on TV (pdf here)? Then fell back and finished the rest of the race feeling crummy because he did this? Anyone else think this was kind of a “not cool” move?
  • Remember Cats with Bats? The softball team I was on last spring/summer? The team will not be getting together this summer. I enjoyed playing and looked forward to each game, but it was a lot of work to organize, and another summer night commitment I don’t want this year. As only one person asked me if the team is getting back together, I think most everyone is on the same page! We’ll all just have to get together and do something else, besides lose softball games.


  • My new boss brought in a homemade breakfast burrito buffet to welcome a new team member during our weekly staff meeting yesterday! And included vegan options!!! I really like my new boss, and not just because she feeds us!


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You know I like my dessert first

By , April 22, 2015 6:36 am

Something awesome happened at dinner at Red Robin last night, and it totally made my day. I doubt many of you will know the reference, but that our waiter did is what made it so awesome!


When Steven and I were watching Fast Five during our Fast and Furious marathon in December/January we picked up on an AWESOMELY cheesy line that we hadn’t remembered from before. In the movie, someone approaches Dwayne Johnson’s character, Hobbs, and tells him he has good news and bad news. So Hobbs says “You know I like my dessert first,” and the guy gives him the good news. Ha! Then, Hobbs says “Gimme the damn veggies then,” and, yeah, you got it, the guy gives him the bad news. Here’s a video in case my awesome explanation makes no sense:

So when Steven and I were watching that we were dying over how amazingly cheesy those lines are. And I told Steven I was going to start saying “I have good news and bad news” to him more often so he could use those lines. And that I would appreciate it if he did the same for me.

Surprisingly though, we don’t say it to each other that often, so not many opportunities have presented themselves. That is, until, last night!

When the waiter came to the table with our bill he said “I have good news and bad news.” Instead of wondering what the heck the bad news could possibly, I looked at Steven all excited, with wide eyes, and said “Should I say it?!”

I started laughing and told the waiter I wanted to quote a really cheesy movie line to him, but I didn’t think he’d get it. He asked what movie and I told him Fast Five and right away, he goes “Oh! You know I like my dessert first? And, gimme the veggies?”

I was astounded. And, way too over the moon excited that he knew the line!

So I got to say it!

“You know I like my dessert first!”

Then the waiter goes “Actually, I am going to give you the veggies.” Ha! “Your 10% on your loyalty card was declined.”

I was all, “Oh really, why?”

“Because you have a free burger on your card, and it used that instead!”

Ha ha ha.

Like I said, totally made my night!

And it would make my day to find out you start using these lines, too! Hee hee.

Someone I never thought I’d see again

By , April 21, 2015 6:20 am

Every now and then, a random embarrassing memory from childhood pops in to my head. I shudder and think “well, thankfully I will never see those people again.”

Until, you know, I run in to them on a short trip to my hometown.


Ha ha.

When I was in middle school, I babysat my mom’s friends’ baby. I don’t remember much, just that the parents were very nice people and that I was TERRIFIED of watching children on my own. Oh, and that I had NEVER changed a diaper before. Great set-up for a baby sitter, right?

On maybe my third or fourth time watching the baby, I freaked out. I think I got a bad headache, the baby was crying and I couldn’t soothe it. Like the incompetent babysitter I was, I called the parents and asked them to come home.

Yeah, I never babysat again, after that. Surprise, surprise?

I always felt foolish for not knowing what to do, and for panicking! (The logical part of me thinks “Why would you have known what to do? And WHY were you watching a baby?!”)

But I always thought, “Eh, I won’t ever see them again.”

Until we run in to the mom and baby, er, now an 18-year-old, at the Fools 5K. And my mom reminds me that I used to watch her. And all of the feelings of embarrassment come flooding back.

Ha ha. Not surprisingly, the interaction was short. But I wonder if the same memory came back to the mom, after seeing me.

To this day, I still haven’t changed a diaper! And am not sure why I ever would, unless Steven or Data or I start wearing them.


Now, let’s just hope I don’t run in to the boy who asked “can we make out now?” in the sixth grade. Hee hee (nah, that wouldn’t be awkward – I was his boss at McDonald’s for a bit in high school!)

A friend for Fluffy

By , April 20, 2015 10:23 am


Nah, she’s too tiny to be friends with Fluffy!


Steven made this little dog for my coworker, who has a long haired dachshund. Steven really likes working on these sculptures, but found out when working on the dog that he’d prefer something at a bit larger scale. I think he should make something for Luca next… maybe a train or plane!

Side note: you won’t see poor quality photos like this on the blog much longer… I ordered a new phone with a much better camera! (Ha, composition and content will still be the same!)

Training Week 287

By , April 19, 2015 5:05 pm

Highlight of the Week: Teaching a fun boxing class (and getting to use the BOSUs!)!


Monday | April 13, 2015: 3 m run + teaching strength class
Loc: hood, Temp: 64°/64°, Time: 28:24, Pace: 9:27 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: really good
Strength: medicine balls, Difficulty: medium, Felt: good!
Tuesday | April 14, 2015: 8 m run (w/Kelly)
Loc: Grayslake, Temp: 38°/37°, Time: 1:16:55, Pace: 9:37 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, minus chafing aftermath
Wednesday | April 15, 2015: rest
Thursday | April 16, 2015: 4 m run
Loc: Chicago Lakefront Trail, Temp: 43°/44°, Time: 35:32, Pace: 8:56 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Friday | April 17, 2015: teaching strength class + 15.4 m run (w/Kelly)
Strength: medicine balls, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: Grayslake/Round Lake loop, Temp: 75°/75°, Time: 2:36:10, Pace: 10:09, Difficulty: easy then hard, Felt: good for 10, awful for the rest
Saturday | April 18, 2015: teaching fitness boxing + 7 m run
Strength: boxing and body weight workout (BOSU), Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: from Efit to home, Temp: 56°/59°, Time: 1:12:57, Pace: 10:25 avg, Difficulty: medium, Felt: okay, but tired!
Sunday | April 19, 2015: 10 m run (incl. 3×2) + 10 m bike
Loc: hood, Temp: 51°/58°, Time: 1:30:31, Pace: 9:03 avg, Difficulty: medium, Felt: frustrated
Bike Time: 40:52, Pace: 14.7 mph avg, Difficulty: easy/medium, Felt: blah


  • Oh my gosh, I was SO SORE from the strength class I taught on Monday. Sorer than after the ultra! My class had done a circuit workout that I couldn’t participate 100% in the previous three weeks, and going back in, full force on Monday night really tore me apart! People who saw me in the office were asking what was wrong with me. Ha ha, oops!
  • Thursday was my first run in the city this year. I wonder how many I will have this year… or if I’ll do a Chicago race. Right now, none are on the radar, and that’s okay with me.
  • Kelly and I did our long run Friday afternoon this week, instead of our normal Tuesday morning. Which meant we got to run in the daylight together! And… it also happened to be the hottest day of the year thus far – 75° (and luckily not very humid). I started out the run feeling optimistic about the heat, and actually felt good for 10 miles but totally fell apart at the end. I am a horrible warm weather runner – I felt like I was going to throw up, had a hard time breathing, and felt like my skin was burning (it was – I can’t find the right sunscreen for me for running so I don’t wear any). I felt bad during the end of the run, and bad for being so whiny/out of it to Kelly (ha ha, I snapped at her about her change banging around in her handheld (which we laughed about later))… but not bad about the run. This is what happens to me at the “first” warmer run. The shallow breathing is not new, and neither is the sun-sick feeling. I have to slow way the eff down, or, run in the dark. Hopefully the half marathon isn’t warm like that!
  • The crummy long run made me dread my last two runs of the weekend – running home from Efit on Saturday, and speedwork on Sunday. I made sure to keep it slow on Saturday, and that helped. But speedwork, ugh. The wind was annoying (of course… broken record here), someone thought the water bottle I left by a bench to grab during recoveries was trash and threw it away (so ironic, since Steven and I hate litter… I’ll leave a note on the bottle next time), and the same person’s dog ran in front of me later and his leash wrapped around my legs and almost tripped me. And that was all in the first repeat! I felt a bit jacked up after that and ran my next mile too fast, then felt blah for the end. Eek! Wah wah wah! Ha ha. That run was a good reminder that speed work typically feels best the day after rest day… and that if I want to run repeats on the half mile loop at the park, I need to be really cautious of all the people walking their dogs (including one guy who had his dog off leash later on… wth?!).
  • I’ve cycled every week this year…  but indoors! Hope I get outside soon!
  • Let’s talk about something fun after all that whining! Gina’s birthday was on Saturday and as part of her gift I signed us both up for a really hilly half marathon in Missouri that my brother-in-law is also running. It’s odd, but I am looking forward to doing a lot of hill-focused training after the Wisconsin half!

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Kal-Haven Trail Run Race Report

By , April 14, 2015 12:04 pm

The Kal-Haven 33.5 mile trail run with Rachel went so well that I don’t have much for a mile by mile recap – it’s one happy blur in my head.  It felt like any other long run with my favorite long-distance running buddy – the miles fly by, and only specific incidents and conversations stand out. Before you know it, you’ve run over 33 miles and you’re done!


Ha ha! Just kidding! I was totally watching the mileage at the end! But a lot of the race did fly by.

The Kal-Haven Trail Run is a point-to-point (my favorite kind of) race that started in Kalamazoo, MI and ended in South Haven, MI.


The route was a crushed limestone rail trail. It had a net decline, and any incline or decline on the trail was very gradual. The trail was in fantastic condition – dry, and minus a few holes, not very technical. At all. I think you could run it with your eyes closed and not trip, as long as you ran in a straight line and missed those few holes and any critters that crossed the path or tree debris.


The trail was mostly surrounded by trees. There were a few prairie openings, town crossings and homes passed as well, but it was mostly trees, trees, trees. Which was fantastic for shading, even though the leaves aren’t out yet. I’d love to see the trail in the summer or fall!

We really lucked out with the weather. It was in high 30s to start with a 7 mph wind, and high 40s to end, with a 7 mph wind (in to our faces from the WNW). There was not a single cloud in the sky. It was a beautiful day to be out, doing something we both love so much. Some times the sun gets to me, but the breeze and cooler temps left me feeling great!

We estimated that our finish time would be around 6 hours, with an average pace of 10:45 minute miles. We were very close to that. We finished in 6:17:31 with an average moving pace around 10:53 (and 11:10 overall pace). We gained time for necessary stops, but when we were running, we kept up such a great pace. We were both astonished to be at the end of the race and still hitting our goal running pace (again, when not taking a walk break or stopping at an aid station).


The race had aid stations every 3-4 miles, and they also had bag drop around mile 13 and 27. This was a first time using bag drop for both of us. Typically, we rely on the aid station smorgasbord to get our fuel, but these aid stations had less than we were used to. Still plenty, and it was well indicated on the website what would be there, but just less.

So Rachel grabbed some of our favorite long run fuel – pickles, chips and Swedish Fish – and we packed those things in our drop bags, along with gels, our electrolyte drinks, gum, socks, and Vaseline. We shared a bag for the first and second drop, and had our own bags for the finish.

The drop bags worked out well (but took quite some time to put together the night before!). The volunteers had them sitting out and they were easy to find. Before getting to them, Rachel and I would discuss what we wanted from them (or to put in them) and we’d get the things out and help each other. We tried to be efficient at our stops, and felt like we definitely were, compared to other races we’ve done together before (*cough* Psycho Psummer Trail Run 10 Miler *cough*).

The race started at 8:00 am for solo entrants, 8:30 am for two-person teams, and 9:00 am for three-six person teams. Based on the amount of finishers in 2014 (when the race was covered in ice and snow – nope nope nope, no thanks), I figured we’d be pretty alone on the course, maybe with a few relayers passing us here and there.


But that wasn’t the case! We often had people in our sights ahead of us, and people behind us. We only got passed a few times. We were very middle of the pack, which was great – it’s fun to talk to people on the course. I should have had a notepad to write down all of the great races other runners were telling us about!

When we arrived at the race, two men were just coming in who had run from the finish of the race, and planned to run back out! Talk about inspiring – 67 miles for the day! That got me pumped up to start the race!

We took off at 8:00 and easily settled in to a mid 10:00 minute mile pace. We chatted with some people from a Chicagoland running club who know people I know. What are the odds of that? (And after talking to someone in my strength training class Monday night, I found out they know that person, as well).

Rachel and I chatted away. We talked to two women who said they thought we looked “experienced” because we had on shoe gaiters and hydration vests. We liked their compliment, and laughed about our duct taped gaiters, which got a lot of comments throughout the day. We both wore brand new shoes for the race (which worked out great) and didn’t have any velcro on them to attach our gaiters to, so we just used duct tape. Ha!

We’d speed up a bit when we’d talk to some people, and we’d remind each other to keep the pace slow. I asked Rachel to keep my form in check. I asked Rachel to get my honey stinger waffles out of my pack for me.  I asked Rachel to help me look for a bathroom, right before the first bag drop location. Hee hee, I asked a lot of Rachel!

We saw four eagles together. Four! Here is an awesome (<— sarcasm) pic of two of them:


We talked to the two guys who were running 67 miles that day. They told us about the 100 mile races they’ve done. Yeah. After running this, I am not sure I will ever make it to a 50 mile race. But all the power to those people!

We’d run through hot pockets of air, but mostly, the breeze kept us cool and feeling fresh – I hardly had any sweat on me, although I had ton of salt all over me when I was done. That’s something I need to figure out. My hands got so swollen, it hurt to bend them (I was taking an electrolyte tab every 30 minutes, when I ate something).

The entire run went from east to west, so the left (south) sides of our bodies got a bit more sun (which resulted in hilarious tan lines for Rachel). The sun never felt too intense though. I did get a bit crabby about having my arm warmers on and took them off a little more than half way through the race and felt better.

We kept trucking. See what I meant about nothing standing out from each mile? They really did blur together. We just kept saying how great of a day it was, how great we felt, and how great it was to be running together.


It wasn’t all sunshine and happy feelings though. I started to get sick of eating every 30 minutes, but knew I needed to to stay fueled, so I did. Our legs started to feel a bit creaky toward the end. We stopped a the last aid station, which was set up on the bed of someone’s truck. I asked “Can I put my foot on your truck?” (asking for permission) and after the guy said yes, I had to use my hand to get my foot up there. Ha ha, Rachel joked with him that I wasn’t asking for permission, but if he thought I could do it. Ha! I barely could.

It was mostly our knees that protested when we stopped moving. The fronts of mine and the sides of Rachel’s. Which was unusual for her! But one walk break after the last aid station helped her, and she felt better.

Then, we had the ultimate pick-me-up. A KITTEN!!!!!


I told Rachel I saw a cat up ahead at the trail crossing. She couldn’t see it, and thought I was hallucinating a kitten mirage, but it really was a kitten! A friendly little kitten looking for some love. After that encounter, we finished the race with huge smiles on our faces! If this is what a huge smile looks like after running nearly 34 miles (oh yeah, the course is actually longer than 33.5):


Ha ha.

Gosh, I was so happy to finish. The race mostly flew by, with only a few spots where it felt slow, but… six+ hours of running is enough for me, right meow.


We finished this “33.5” mile run almost an hour faster than our previous (MUCH more technical) 50K, and hit the 26.2 mile mark faster than I ran Milwaukee, and only a little bit slower than Rachel’s PR! If anything, this race showed us how much we’ve grown as runners, and that made us very proud!

After we finished, we figured out where our ride was (we paid to have the race organize a ride back for us) then found the food tent. There was a massage table that looked awfully tempting, but we didn’t want to hold back the other runners waiting for a ride back, so with that, we were off to the start. In a car this time. Ha ha. It was fun to ride back with two other runners and hear how their race went, and to talk to our driver, who was a member of the local club that puts this race on.

The club does a fantastic job with the race – there were plentiful aid stations, it was always clear where to go, and the volunteers were friendly and helpful. All of the proceeds benefit Girls on the Run, so there were some young girls volunteering, as well!

I like the shirt but got the wrong size (I didn’t know it was gender specific… that’s been happening to me a lot lately – I wish RDs would be more clear about it),  but they gave me a shirt from last year at the race finish, and let me keep the one from this year! Yay!

After we got back to the car, we went to Steak ‘n Shake (for Rachel) and Chipotle (for me). We ate in our hotel, took showers, then hit up the hot tub and laid in bed for a bit before heading out for the evening. We originally didn’t have a hotel with a hot tub, and I am so happy we switched to one that did – it felt so relaxing after the race!

I know I keep saying it, but I just can’t believe how well the race went. We both only trained to the high teens/low twenties for mileage. We didn’t do a lot of back-to-back long runs. But we’d had some really great long runs together in the past few months, and well, we just had that perfect day, on race day!

It’s really a blessing to have a friend that will go through the highs and lows of a race with you (and not to mention spend the weekend and a car trip with you!) and I feel so lucky to have friends like Rachel in my life. We kept saying how much we love running with one another during the race, and I love that we make the time to do things like this every once in awhile!!! We already have our next endurance race planned for the summer! And of course, I will be participating in The Longest Day, again!

Of course, a few random tidbits, since this is so short:

  • The winner averaged 6:15 minute miles. Holy.  Cow.
  • I thought about bringing my GoPro, but didn’t. I don’t regret it. I was getting sick of my pack at the end and I bet I would have felt the same way with the GoPro. Plus, so much of the race course looked the same, anyway!
  • We wore our Fellow Flowers and got a few comments on them!
  • Also, I got the first ever comment on my tattoo… that they couldn’t read it. Hopefully it’s because it was partially under my vest and I was moving?
  • I never felt delirious and out of it during the race, which is good for me – it means I did a good job fueling, even though I got sick of eating. I did not get sick of drinking – I went through four liters of water and three small bottles of Vitamin Water.
  • This very much felt like a run through the country – we saw some horses and pigs. We smelled some cows (ewww). We heard lots of frogs. Passed by creeks and farms… it was really pretty!
  • Rachel and I were disappointed by the amount of shirtless dudes and awesome trail runner beards. Ha!
  • And lastly… this is a new state for me!


Training Week 286

By , April 12, 2015 4:08 pm

Highlight of the Week: Having a fantastic race with Rachel in Michigan!


Monday | April 6, 2015: 3 m run/10.5 m bike brick + teaching strength class
Loc: Millenium Trail, Temp: 55°/51°, Time: 26:56, Pace: 8:58 avg, Difficulty: mostly easy, Felt: good
Bike Time: 39:11, Pace: 16.1 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Strength: plate circuit + plyo/core, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Tuesday | April  7, 2015: 10 m run (w/Kelly)
Loc: Grayslake, Temp: 40°/38°, Time: 1:38:31, Pace: 9:51 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: typical Tuesday tireds
Wednesday | April 8, 2015: rest
Thursday | April 9, 2015: 9 m run (incl. 2×3) + 10 min strength
Loc: hood, Temp: 65°/65°, Time: 1:19:08, Pace: 8:47 avg, Difficulty: medium then easier, Felt: good, but hot!
Friday | April 10, 2015: teaching strength class + 2 m run
Strength: plate circuit + plyo/core, Difficulty: easy (mostly observing), Felt: good
Loc: hood, Temp: 38°, Time: 21:14, Pace: 10:36, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good to shake out
Saturday | April 11, 2015: Kal-Haven Ultra (33.5 m, w/Rachel)
Loc: Kalamazoo to South Haven, MI, Temp: 38°/49°, Time: 6:17:31, Pace: 11:16 avg, Difficulty: easy to medium to hard, Felt: mostly really great! Just normal creaky at the end.
Sunday | April 12, 2015: rest


  • It was so nice to run with Kelly this week, again. My day just feels so much better when I start it with a workout! Unfortunately though, for Kelly, she gets the worst of me on Tuesday mornings. It’s the last day of my six-day running cycle and my legs are usually spent by then! They sure felt like bricks this week!
  • My speedwork went so well on Thursday (having it after my rest day helps!). I ran two sets of three miles at half marathon pace. The first set were perfectly even, right at pace, and the second set were faster, with a negative split. Rawr! Kenosha, here I come! The run was kind of weird though. It had rained all day, and was super humid, and still overcast when I started, so I wore a visor (in case of more rain). Then the sun came out and my head was sweating like crazy and I was super thirsty. I stopped at home after the first set to get water, switch my visor for sunglasses, and to put on brand new shoes. After that, I felt great for the second set! Ahh, new shoes. And water. Ha ha.
  • Rachel and I had such a fantastic time at the Kal-Haven Ultra this Saturday (and on our trip to Michigan, in general!). We’re both very happy about how we performed and felt both during the race (and while recovering from it). I’m not sure it could have gone any better, unless there had been cupcakes and kittens all over the course.


No Bib! Course bandit!

Link to Training Week 285

Now it feels like spring is here…

By , April 10, 2015 6:29 am


We got our first taste of severe storms for the season last night. Steven took this photo before the rain and hail started. Luckily, there wasn’t any damage in our area, but my heart goes out for those in central Illinois who had it much, much worse.

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