Then there were two

By , April 23, 2014 6:19 am

Typically when a visit with Gina and family ends, I feel super down because it will be so long before I see them again, or worse – I don’t even know when I will see them next!

But not this time! We know we will see them in LESS THAN A MONTH(!!!!!!!) when they come to Chicago for the Soldier Field 10 Miler. And after that, we will see them in two and a half weeks at my snister’s wedding! Okay, don’t even ask me how I will feel when we part in June. I will probably be a basket case. 

Our trip this past weekend to Dallas was perfect. It coincided with many celebrations – Gina’s birthday on Friday, Easter on Sunday, the Boston Marathon/Śmigus-Dyngus on Monday, and an early birthday for Luca on Tuesday! Oh yeah, the title of the post:


Raffie needed a friend! Raffie, meet Guntherrrrrrrrrrrr* (said with rolling Rs and purring noises). Ha ha. 


Guntherrrrrrrrrrrr showed up at the doorstep late Saturday night and it was too hard to just leave him in the box until we gave him to Luca on Tuesday, so we had a bit of fun hiding him in places to scare Gina and Steve. 

I think the bathroom may have been the most successful hiding spot, based on the scream I heard from downstairs when Gina saw him in there, and, um, based on Guntherrrrrrrrrrrr’s rapid decent from the second level to the first level. Ha ha ha!


The sad thing is that he’s too big to come to Chicago in May. I am sure we will find something else to be goofy about – we always manage to!

And that is one of the things I love about spending time with Gina, Steve and Luca – all the jokes and goofiness. Our time together is so upbeat, care-free and stress-free! I always feel so relaxed around them. Then it’s back to the grind… but only for a bit!


I love sharing nap time with Luca! I hope he never grows out of naps…

*5 out of 5 moms interviewed said getting Luca another giant stuffed animal was a good idea. Or, at least, that I should do it. 

16 Responses to “Then there were two”

  1. Marcia says:

    The growing animal menagerie is hilarious! Guntherrrrr looks menacing in the bathroom! Fun you’ll all be at Soldier Field–me too! 😀

    • kilax says:

      I am happy that as a mother, you find it amusing 🙂 And Luca’s room has Safari decals on the wall… so it’s fitting, right?!

      Ooo! I hope we see you at Soldier Field!!!

  2. Rachel says:

    haha I love Guntherrrr’s shirt he is wearing in the bathroom, but where are his pants??? I think an elephant is next, or maybe a zebra to keep with the ‘animals with awesome prints’ theme?

    I spy a 50k shirt!!!!!

    So glad you had a fun time. I love hearing about your antics with Gina and Pheven. Oops, Stephen.

    • kilax says:

      Duh, Cheetahs don’t wear pants! Just like… Pooh Bear! LOL. But yeah, a zebra or elephant! And definitely the orangutan at some point 🙂

      I was thinking about how I wore that shirt the day before we talked about how we have to do the 50K again this year!

      Pheven! I need to send him that joke 🙂 Ha!

  3. Heather says:

    Well seeing Gunther probably facilitated the reason she went in there…hahah…would certainly scare the crap out of me!:P

  4. Gina says:

    I’m happy to report that Guntherrrrrr and Raffie are coexisting quite nicely in the same habitat. Luca fed them this morning and told them that the potty is outside. As for me, I keep looking over my shoulder. I can’t shake the feeling someone is watching me….
    Such a fun trip! Come back? I’ll give you a cake ball. Cak ball.

    • kilax says:

      CAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!! Nom nom nom.

      Guntherrrrrr is just keeping you on your toes for the judgement you will get by Data in May!

  5. Erin says:

    Please tell me you will send Luca a giant animal every year for the rest of his life. Because I wholeheartedly support that 🙂

  6. Pete B says:

    Ha! Awesome. They are going to need a bigger house to hold all of those life-sized (kinda) animals!

  7. Losing Lindy says:

    I love the stuffed animal, I love how much you love your best friends and I love big Luca has gotten

  8. ChezJulie says:

    Ha! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit with Gina and fam.

  9. I enjoyed Born to Run! I mean, I skimmed some parts, but overall, I found it to be interesting!

  10. Valerie says:

    Those animals are obniouxsly huge! Good work! 🙂

  11. Mica says:

    Hahaha, I love this running joke, though I may have lost it if Guntherrrrr surprised me in the bathroom too.

    (This is how I felt about hanging out with you so much last spring and then getting to see you for WVT last year–like I had other visits to look forward too. Now, not so much. 🙁 Noooooo!)

    • kilax says:

      Sigh, yes! During March this year I kept thinking about how we got to see you 2x last year then had our fun July visit! I hope we can come see you this summer (August?). The only thing that might hold us back is flight costs. Oh, and if you are busy. Ha.

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