Self-Love Day II

By , February 13, 2009 3:30 am

I’m participating in Hilly’s Third Annual Self-Love Day! This is my second year, hence the “ii’ in the title.

The rules:
1. Post a banner on your blog and declare February 13th/14th as the day you not only love your one and only, but the day that you love yourself!
2. Post one nice thing about yourself……then ask others to post one thing that they really like about you.
3. Enjoy yourself!

It’s kind of weird to come up with a nice thing about myself, then ask you all to say something nice about me. So, if you did last year, you’re off the hook! Unless you’re family, then you have to say something! Ha.

So, I love my one and only, Mr. Steven-0, and of course, Sir Data-Lor, but I also love my family and all friends. Life is all about relationships, and having fun. I am lucky to have so many people to love.

Which brings me to what I love about me – I’m easy-going, approachable, and love to have a good time (with family and friends, as well as coworkers and other acquaintances, when appropriate). Okay, at least, that is how I see myself 90% of the time. Life’s too short to waste by being a negative, judgmental, pessimistic snob. I work hard to have an upbeat attitude. I try not to let things phase me, even though I sometimes can’t help it. The point is, I am conscious of my attitude, and realize that having a good one, as well as a positive outlook, is going to make me happier in general.

So… I like that I figured that out. And I like that it has allowed me to have a lot of fun this past year.

Yeah. Did that make any sense whatsoever?!

I can’t wait to read all of your self-love declarations! And leave my comments about what I love about YOU! It is going to take me awhile to get to them, since I am in Denver all weekend, but I’ll get there!

Oops, I just realized I used the wrong banner! I’ll have to fix that later!

21 Responses to “Self-Love Day II”

  1. de says:

    wouldn’t you know it ~ a lot of the stuff you like about yourself is the stuff that I like about you. cool! then there the fact that you introduced me to lolcats, you’re the only one I know to fence after hs and college, you bowl (major cool points), you blog and you love the kitteh’s and oh yeah, you really are this super positive upbeat fun loving hard working person who jumped out of a plane and is going to run a marathon . . . you’re almost kinda random too πŸ™‚

    I like this idea, where do you find a banner?

    happy love day!

  2. Odie says:

    I like the fact that you are thoughtful, both in regards to your friends and family, and in your writing. You make me want to be more like you.

  3. I love that you are honest with yourself (and us through your writing) about your life. You talk openly about running and work and I love following your growth!

  4. tori says:

    I love that although I have never met you in real life (yet) I feel like we are real life friends. I love that you are excited to try new things and love to have fun. I also love that you are thoughtful and caring and always try to be a good friend.

  5. Hilly says:

    I love the fact that you tell it like it is. You don’t sugar coat it when you screw up of have an off day.

    Thank you for participating in Self-Love Day!

  6. mom says:

    Kimberly, If I wrote all the reasons why I love you there wouldn’t be room for anyone else to comment. So, I’ll just say your one (of four) of the most wonderful parts of my life. All the time we spent together as you were growing up there was never a dull moment. You filled our home with laughter, adventure and guided your father and I on a wonderful journey that made us better parents (I hope). I heard once “that a mother is only as happy as her saddest child” you have made me very very happy. Love you forever and always, Mom

  7. sizzle says:

    I love how you said “when appropriate” when talking about having fun with coworkers and acquaintances. Hee hee! That’s so like you and I find it adorable. You’re just so damn sweet! I love that about you.

  8. awww!!!! I think I’m going to have to participate in this!!!! it would be so hard to chose just one thing to love about you so… I love how you blog about what’s on your mind and how you are so honest, that you are so thoughtful and caring, that you are an amazing blogger “sister”, that you love kittehs, and that you let us be part of your life!!!! You have a wonderful upbeat attitude and it so shows!!!!

  9. Alice says:

    oh, how sweet! (and omg, the comment from your mom is AWESOME).

    i love how dedicated you are to running. it’s been really inspiring to me to keep at it, when i read about how hard you work at it too!

  10. martymankins says:

    Great self love post. And your mom’s comment was great, too.

  11. Ok, you’re mom just about made me cry. That was sweet. I love how I can consider you a true friend – someone whom I would have loved to have know in HS and in college but am THANKFUL that I know now! You’re so thoughtful and insightful and I think anyone that comes in contact with you is a better person because of it.

  12. Beth says:

    I love it that I know you are a genuine listener! Even to an 11 year old! And I love that you are truly interested in what’s happening in the lives of others, and you make extra efforts to show encouragement.

    I think you are awesome!

  13. Christina says:

    First off- Why doesn’t Mom every say stuff like that to me?

    Second off- I love spending time with you, so I guess I love the fact that you are so much fun and you are always so nice to me when I come visit! I love how generous you are and how thoughtful, always remembering people’s birthdays, holidays, etc, and reminding them that you care. I also love that you are so compassionate towards animals. It takes a really strong person to stick up for animals in a world where most people don’t give them two thoughts. I love you because I feel like I can talk to you about anything or nothing and I wish we had more time to just talk! I love you because you are so smart and I wish I was more like you. I also love you because you are my sister and I think its a law that you have to love your sister. πŸ™‚

  14. diane says:

    I love that you have become a real friend to me over the past year! Okay, kind of cheating, but it’s true–it would be too hard to list out all your good qualities. πŸ™‚

  15. Denise says:

    I love your sense of humor. I love that you are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. I love the fact that we’re FAMILY. I love that you love animals(especially cats).

    Your Mom’s message brought tears to my eyes. She’s so cool.

  16. JavaQueen says:

    What do I love about you? EASY PEASY! I love your great sense of adventure and your unbelievable knack for being honest…. you are a sweet heart and I love this post- it’s a “good for your soul” thing you are doing here. Good for you!

  17. Jess says:

    Well, I’m new here so I don’t think I can adequately answer that one. Sorry!

  18. Marissa says:

    I love that you are so kind and caring. You leave the most thoughtful comments, or write really supportive, caring emails and you truly connect with your readers. Even those of us you don’t actually know. I also love how open and honest you are, and it makes me feel more able to be open and honest on my blog too. I also love that I feel we are friends, even though we’ve never met!

  19. teeni says:

    I love that you are so real and accepting of yourself. You aren’t afraid to admit when you aren’t perfect and you are a very low maintenance friend. To me, this means you and your friends can spend a lot more time having good clean honest fun and not sweat the trivial things. I wish I had more friends like you in my real life! πŸ™‚

  20. suze says:

    What so many else have said – I love how honest and upfront you are. You lay it out for us no matter if it’s good or bad.

  21. kilax says:

    de – Thanks πŸ™‚ I have to make an effort to be random, or have varied interests. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. I know you try to avoid that too. It’s good to be multi-faceted!

    Odie – That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me! Thanks so much. I bet you are extremely thoughtful. πŸ™‚

    SoMi’s Nilsa – Thank you for being one of my supporters in all of that! I am loving reading about your progress too. I think training for the race is chaning me physically AND mentally, if that makes sense.

    tori – “Yet” is right! I feel the same way with you. We need to finally get together, because I can tell we will really hit it off πŸ™‚

    Hilly – Ha! Thanks! That is one of the things I love about you! You gotta keep it real!

    mom – Aww. Sniff sniff. You could write for Hallmark! I am happy you didn’t bring up specifics when mentioning those “non-dull” moments! Ha! Love you more than anything!

    sizzle – Ha ha ha. Thanks πŸ™‚

    CourtneyInControl – Thank you! I love being your blogger sister πŸ™‚ I wish we lived closer together! I know I keep saying that, but I mean it more and more everytime I do!

    Alice – Thanks! I am just totally getting into it. It sounds like you are too (getting up early and everything!). Thanks for supporting me πŸ™‚

    martymankins – Hee hee. I love it when she comments.

    Gina (Mannyed) – You are too sweet Gina, I really mean that. Thanks so much πŸ™‚ Sniff sniff. I wish I would have been your friend in HS – it would have been a lot better!

    Beth – Thanks! I do try to make an effort to listen. So many times, people haven’t to me. Kids desesrve attention too! πŸ™‚

    Christina – Maybe if you had a blog, she would? πŸ˜› I love spending time with you too – I love that I can be my silly self around you and not be judged. Steven and I are always planning our next mental trip to see you (and Kyle). (Like imaginary Cubs games trips and sky-diving trips and surviving Easter together trips). I wish we could spend more time together, talking, catching up. It sucks to live so far apart. Meh πŸ™ Is it a law to love your brothers? JUST KIDDING!!!

    diane – I am so happy we have got to spend more time together this past year. I really cherish and look forward to our dates πŸ™‚

    Denise – Thanks. I try to keep it pretty light! Ha ha – humor and heathwise, har har har. I hope we get to see each other sometime soon!

    JavaQueen – Thank you πŸ™‚ It does feel good to admit there are things about myself that I like. I shouldn’t be ashamed!

    Jess – Ha! No biggie πŸ™‚

    Marissa – Thank you. I try so hard to give all of myself when writing comments and connecting with others… but sometimes it is hard on the cold internet! I am happy I am able to connect with you. Who knows, maybe that residency will bring you to Chicago!

    teeni – I never thought about that – but you’re right. I have gotten to the point where “I am what I am,” and I will try to improve but I am just out there to make connections and have fun! I hope I can stay this way πŸ™‚ I have a feeling you are the same.

    suze – Thanks. I try to be honest, and the fact that you all are so supportive TRULY helps me be. Especially you, suze. πŸ™‚

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