It’s not just me!

By , October 21, 2017 12:35 pm

Last weekend I was driving on the two-lane highway I live off of AND I SAW ANOTHER RUNNER.


I am not the only fool who runs on that road?! It’s not just me?!

I was so excited. I wanted to pull over and run over to them and say “I run on this road too! Isn’t the shoulder horrible?! What’s your name? Where do you live?”

Ha. I obviously didn’t do that, since that would be freaky and weird. And I am not that crazy.

But! Today when I was running, I saw this person again, also on foot! I stopped and said hello, asked where she lives (close to me), and she mentioned what she was training for, with her sister (who also lives close to me). Then we said goodbye.

And immediately I thought “I should have asked her name!” “I should have asked if she ever wants company on her runs!” “I missed my opportunity!”

And then I kept running and thinking about it… I used to run with people a lot more than I do now. I had standing running dates a couple of times a week. I got out of bed early for run dates. I was a morning runner.

I get more sleep now. I run whenever I feel like it. And I don’t run as hard as I do with another person, that’s for damn sure.

I was still thinking about it when we passed each other a second time (!!!). I could ask her name now, I thought. Ask if she’s ever looking for company…

She passed and said “See ya next time!” And I responded with an enthusiastic “yeah!”

So… yeah. Maybe next time.

But it does feel good to know I am not the only crazy running on these roads.

Not scary anymore

By , October 20, 2017 8:16 am

If you know me in real life you’ve definitely heard this story. And I swear I’ve shared it here, but I can’t find it, so here it is again!

I saw What Lies Beneath – the ghost movie with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer – with friends when it came out in the summer of 2000. We went to the late showing on a Saturday night.

The movie freaked me the hell out. I was worked up about it afterward, and glad that my friends had picked me up and I didn’t have to drive home alone.

But… I still had to walk in to the house after they dropped me off. Not a big deal, right? Well, my parent’s home (much like our home now) is surrounded by woods with a long driveway. Dark. Quiet. Peaceful during the day… terrifying at night when you’ve just seen a scary movie and your imagination is running wild.

So, even though I was a mature sixteen-year-old (ha), and it was late at night (close to midnight), I decided to call the house and see if my parents were still up, and one of them would meet me outside to walk me in. I was that freaked out!

My mom picks up the phone, and I tell her what’s going on. Sure, she’ll meet me outside to walk me in!

Also, she adds, “It’s a good thing you called, because I was actually about to head outside to wait for you in the dark and jump out and scare you.”

What. The. Eff. MOM!!!!!!

Thank heavens I called! I cannot imagine what would have happened, had she followed through with her original plan! It wasn’t unusual for any of us to hide and scare each other like that, but that really would have been the worst time for it to happen to me.

Ha ha ha.

So my mom walked me in, and I had her come in my bedroom and look outside and make sure there was nothing out there. Then tried to fall asleep.

Until this week, I hadn’t seen that movie since it first came out. I remember how scared I felt that night and never wanted to feel that way again.

But I saw it was on Amazon Prime this week and decided to watch it.

Um… it’s not even that scary. The scary parts are predictable. The effects are cheesy now. So what was my problem the first time I saw it?! Maybe since I was young? And saw it in the theater at night?

So it seems I can handle ghost movies better now. I still do NOT watch torture movies, or most horror though. My imagination is way too vivid and I have nightmares for days.

No related photo for this post… but here’s a photo of Data’s ghost from last October. He claims he sees her inside the house now. Oh, Data.

Random Thoughts Thursday 152

By , October 19, 2017 6:24 am
  • Since Steven and I have been married, we switch whose family we spend Christmas day with each year (and always stay home for Thanksgiving). Steven’s family has odd years, so every odd year, we decide if we’ll celebrate with them in Kansas City, or Illinois. My family has even years, and we always spend it in Iowa. We typically see the other family in January (but not always – last year Steven’s family came here before Christmas because we knew we’d be in Kansas City in January to meet William). Anyway, all that’s just to say, now that we know what we are doing for the Christmas holiday, I am starting to get excited about it! Steven’s dad and brother will be coming here, so we’ll decorate again (we tend not to decorate if no one is coming!). I wonder if Steven will want to get a gigantor tree again (probably yes). I wonder what Khali will think of it! I wonder if my idea for a holiday card with the cats in front of it will work out (probably no).

  • All of our holiday scents are ready, thanks to my Bath & Body Works obsession. I was definitely a bit too excited about this new candle scent (updated to add: I bought this myself):

  • I have started ordering some holiday gifts. And thinking, will this be the year I finally make that scarf I bought the pattern and yarn (as a gift) for, what… two years ago now? Or is it three? I haven’t knit in a YEAR (this is the last thing I made)! I feel guilty about taking the time to do it, and nervous about complicated patterns. But most nights we watch a movie – I could totally be knitting during that time.

Happy gifts come in orange packages!

  • I am doing a virtual streaking challenge from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day! It’s called the Holiday Mile, and the goal is to run, walk, or bike a mile each day in that time frame. I signed my mom up too, and created a group so people from my fitness studio can sign up. I like the idea of it being running, walking, or biking – running all those days in a row doesn’t work for me (my body can handle it, but it makes me no longer enjoy running when it feels like a chore).
  • Oh, Khali. You do you.

Link to Random Thoughts Thursday 151

Luckily, Mondays are quiet

By , October 18, 2017 7:05 am

I was in the office on the first day of my detail and wore a white blouse I had bought the previous weekend. Nothing like wearing something new on your first day with a new team, to give yourself a confidence boost, right?

Yeah, until halfway through the day, when you look in the mirror and realize the blouse is basically see-through in the back. And not that much better in the front.


Luckily, it was a Monday, and Mondays are quiet in my office – my branch and team weren’t even in that day. Phew. (But a few other people were!)

And I definitely remembered to wear something under the shirt today.

I’m also trying something new today – one of those bun maker do-dads for my hair. I always wear my hair back, usually in some messy bun/knot thing. At least this looks less crazy than usual!

I’m already in the fourth week of my detail! It’s flying by and the dread of going back to my old position* is creeping in just a little bit, but I’m trying to ignore it and enjoy what I’m doing now.

The work I did before was design and external client based, and the work I’m doing now is data and internal client based, which suits my interests** much better. I am also the team leader in this detail, overseeing four people.

I’d been feeling stagnant in my old position for years, and more recently, was really disliking some of the new work we did (which I was vocal about)***. A few times, I’d mentioned to my boss that I was itching to learn something new, and had planned to ask if I could go on a detail about a month after my teammate came back from maternity leave. But, my boss ended up offering me this detail (to the first team I would have asked about!) before I even asked! I immediately said yes, and was so excited about it (and busy with my old position and getting ready for the new one) that I didn’t even take the time to be nervous about the fact that I was going to be on a new team, and in my first time in a leadership position.

I felt happy at work, that day, for the first time in a looooooong time. And it felt so good.****

There’s been a learning curve (duh) on the new team, and there’s been stress, but overall, my mood is much better. And I feel like I’m fitting in with my new branch and team well, and connecting with people.

So I am going to enjoy it now for what it is! When I go back to my old position, I can be grateful I got to do something different for a while.

*I am on a four month loan to another team. When it’s over, I have to go back to my old team. For me to stay on the team I am detailing in, my detail has to be extended. And to be permanently placed on the new team, the job position has to become open, and I have to compete for it against other applicants.
**So what if I am good at what I was doing before if I didn’t enjoy it at all?!
***And there’s more to it that I’ll leave off here.
****Even though I was anxious that this detail wouldn’t happen – I had tried to do two before this one that were both canceled!!!

Don’t be a pine cone

By , October 17, 2017 6:07 pm

Ahh, pine cones.

They were littered over parts of the trail tonight and I laughed as I ran around them. I cannot see a pine cone without thinking about a silly incident from fifteen years ago.

I was at a gathering, and someone decided to bring pine cones for a craft. When they asked me and the group I was with if we wanted to do their craft and we said no thanks, they got p-i-s-s-e-d and argued with us. For quite some time. And wouldn’t drop it. It was such an odd thing.

One person in the group finally agreed to do the craft and we all went home with the pine cone creation, even though we didn’t all participate (I still have mine, ha).

To this day, I still don’t understand why people get so mad when others don’t want to do their activity. Is it a control thing? Are they mad we don’t appreciate their effort? Do they think we’re rude a-holes? What’s the dealio?!

In the pine cone incident, it wasn’t like we were saying no to a chore or our job. I just don’t like crafts, generally (then, or now). You can’t expect people to do what you want to do, and get super mad when they don’t. That’s a trait to grow out of, ideally, when you’re young. (But, hey, this is the same person who gets mad if they suggest a game and no one wants to play, so they leave the gathering. So there’s that.)

So yeah. Don’t be a stiff, prickly pine cone. Ha! And yes, know when to be polite and say yes to things from time to time too. Eyeroll. Ha ha ha.

Training Week 417

By , October 15, 2017 5:34 pm

Highlight of the Week: Starting to see the leaves change colors (<— so basic)!!!

Monday | October 9, 2017: 10.2 m run + teaching strength class
Loc: DPRT/Kilbourne Loop, Temp: 57°/68°, Time: 1:58:44, Pace: 11:39 avg, Difficulty: medium/hard, Felt: a little tired, a lot fried by the sun
Strength: body bars, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Tuesday | October 10, 2017: 3 m run
Loc: Lake Andrea, Temp: 57°/58°, Time: 30:45, Pace: 10:15 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: great
Wednesday | October 11, 2017: rest
Thursday | October 12, 2017: 4.5 m run
Loc: VP Woods, Temp: 58°/58°, Time: 50:12, Pace: 11:12 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: fine
Friday | October 13, 2017: teaching strength class + 504 yd swim + 3 m run
Strength: body bars, Difficulty: medium, Felt: fine, just sore in the shoulders right away!
Loc: FitNation, Time: 11:09, Pace: 2:13 min/100 yd, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: hood, Temp: 63°/63°, Time: 31:36, Pace: 10:31, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Saturday | October 14, 2017: 4.5 m run (incl. 4×800)
Loc: Lake Andrea, Temp: 62°/62°, Time: 47:20, Pace: 10:31 avg, Difficulty: easy-ish, Felt: good, body tired at first
Sunday | October 15, 2017: 10 m ride + 20 mins strength
Indoor Ride Time: 37:16, Pace: 16.1 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good


  • Gosh, one bad night of sleep Monday night and I felt off most of the week (and wanted to nap instead of work out most days, ha). I hope that doesn’t happen again!
  • Bobbi drove by where I was working out on Saturday and text me that she saw me and was waving to me from her car. That made me smile! I love that we live so close to her and her family and “run” in to each other.

Link to Training Week 416

Random Thoughts Thursday 151

By , October 12, 2017 6:34 am
  • I forgot to mention, during Anne’s visit, Khali actually came out from under the bed and hung out with us in the living room! Anne is the first guest that she’s done this around. Khali normally hides the entire time we have guests over. It was a big deal for me and Steven – it gave us hope! Now, if only Anne would tell us her secret!

  • In other Khali news, look at this handiwork she’s done on our new sliding door frames. Sigh.

  • Muah ha ha, the MBP bracelet was not in my possession very long – I had a few things to send my snister, so I slipped it in the package. Ha!
  • I met my coworker/friend Carolyn’s baby, Liam, last Friday! What a cutie! He’s so smiley and sweet! I’m so glad we got to meet!!!

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The version of me in your head

By , October 10, 2017 6:24 am

When I switched from a private sector job to government job nine years ago, quite a few people were opinionated about whether or not I’d like it. I’d be getting “too far away from design work” (in my field of architecture) in the new position. I wouldn’t get to be creative anymore. And so on.

Funny – I’m not very creative and that isn’t the type of design work I enjoy, but did people care? No. They just cared about warning me.

Thankfully, only a couple people had similar reactions to the detail* I’m on at work now. But, I still got those comments (one in person and one behind my back).

At first I thought this kind of reaction was related to my degree in architecture – that people really couldn’t wrap their heads around someone with an architecture degree NOT getting licensed and NOT designing space. Even people with other design degrees sometimes didn’t get it.

But I finally realized –  major DUH moment – this is just a people thing. Sure, people have preconceived notions of what someone with an architecture degree does with their career, but people have preconceived notions about EVERYONE, no matter their career/whatever, based on the version of them they’ve built in their mind. Especially now, with social media.

It’s human nature – we take what we know about someone, from spending time with them in person (or worse, from their social media presence), then evaluate their decisions based on those “facts” and our morals/beliefs/ideals. We wonder why they’d do something we’d never choose to do. We create a version of them in our minds that’s partially them, but mostly us, and man, do we question that version.

It’s natural! The problem is when you’re a dick about this natural thing and bring it up in rude ways. Or often, bring it up at all. Or spend waaaaaay too much time pondering other people’s choices.

I don’t expect people to stop doing this! It would just be nice if they mostly kept their version of me to themselves. Or instead of saying “you’re really not going to like that,” asked “what do you think you’ll like about the new position?” Big wish, I know.

Like I said, very DUH. Not sure why it took me this long to make the connection. (Thank heavens I was up from 12:30 to 3:00 this morning and had this thought pop in my head, and wrote this. Gah, I am not going to be able to stay awake at Blade Runner 2049 tonight!).

*A detail is when you’re “on loan” to another team for a set amount of time. Four months, in my case.

Training Week 416

By , October 8, 2017 4:25 pm

Highlight of the Week: Runs with friends!

Monday | October 2, 2017: 3 m run + teaching strength class
Loc: hood, Temp: 76°/80°, Time: 33:39, Pace: 11:12 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: a bit sluggish, annoyed with running on gravel
Strength: Lebert Equalizers and Kettlebells, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Tuesday | October 3, 2017: 2.1 m run (w/Anne)
Loc: Lake Andrea, Temp: 67°/67°, Time: 24:21, Pace: 11:35 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: great
Wednesday | October 4, 2017: rest
Thursday | October 5, 2017: 4.5 m run
Loc: hood, Temp: 66°/66°, Time: 48:23, Pace: 10:45 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Friday | October 6, 2017: teaching strength class + 1,008 yd swim + 3 m run
Strength: body bars, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: FitNation, Time: 22:55, Pace: 2:16 min/100 yd, Difficulty: easy, Felt: relaxing
Loc: VP Woods, Temp: 64°/64°, Time: 32:30, Pace: 10:49 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Saturday | October 7, 2017: teaching fitness boxing + 6 m run (w/Jen)
Strength: boxing and cardio/core, Difficulty: easy (mostly observing), Felt: good, but annoyed with the speaker not working
Loc: VP Woods, Temp: 69°/74°, Time: 1:19:31, Pace: 13:15 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Sunday | October 8, 2017: 4.5 m run (incl. 6×400) + 10 m ride
Loc: Lake Andrea, Temp: 54°/54°, Time: 47:02, Pace: 10:27 avg, Difficulty: easy then medium, Felt: great
Indoor Ride Time: 35:20, Pace: 17.0 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, just sore butt


  • Training week 416/52 weeks in a year = 8 years in a row I’ve been tracking my weekly training on this blog! As a hobby, obviously. Ha.
  • I got to run with friends twice this week! Anne on Tuesday, and Jen on Saturday. That’s a treat for me – I don’t run with other people often.
  • I couldn’t get the speakers in the studio to work on Saturday for fitness boxing and I almost lost it. That class is VERY music based (I pick songs to pump people up) and playing my phone on speaker wasn’t going to cut it. Luckily there was a portable speaker to plug my phone in to. I need to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I think that’s the one time I’ve left that class in a bad mood. Ugh.
  • No long run this week… what are the chances I will do it on Monday, on my day off?!

Link to Training Week 415

A tale of two neighbors

By , October 6, 2017 7:53 am

There’s a guy on our street who sometimes leaves or returns to his house as I am starting or finishing a run (I’ve written about him before). Every time he sees me, he slows way down and rolls down his window to talk/shout to/at me from his car.

He means well, he does.

But every single time, he mentions my weight.

“Wow, you’ve lost weight!”

“Looking good! How much weight have you lost now?!

And this week “You’re wasting away to nothing!” Ugh. I responded with “Not really!” and he said “I am being positive!”

Yeah, yeah, you are. But the truth is, I’ve gained weight since each time you’ve seen me. I run for stress release, not to lose weight. Just, ugh, CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE? Or… could you not drive your car very slowly next to me while I run, which makes me super uncomfortable anyway? Blah.

Tale Two is much more cheerful! My next door neighbor rides his bike outside every day, year round. I knew his name, and see him often. I thought he knew mine and who I was. But apparently not!*

This week, I was leaving home to run as he was headed out. Later in my run he passed me, then turned around to say hi.

“You live next door to me? And you run?! Wow, what’s your name?!”

He was so excited to meet me!

Later this week we left at the same time for our run/ride and I got an enthusiastic, “Hi, Kim! Now don’t you pass me!” Ha ha.

*He lives with his brother and brother’s wife, whom we know, and they told me about him, and his name. Hence me knowing his but he now knowing mine.

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