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By , February 9, 2016 5:31 am

We were in the middle of moving in on Saturday and a neighbor came over to say hi! How nice!


The problem with this neighbor though, is that they weren’t accompanied by a human! Ha ha.

When I called their owner to tell them where they were, they weren’t concerned that the dog, Denali, wasn’t home and just told me “Yeah, they roam x street, y street, z street…” (Denali doesn’t actually live on our street.)

So that was all fun and games on Saturday, then Denali showed up again Sunday night. And Data saw him/her.


Then again yesterday morning.


And now I see Data walking around the house, sometimes (not all the time) on high alert, looking for Denali. So far, when Denali shows up, and Data sees him/her, Data gets tense, and bats at the window and hisses.

Maybe Denali will lose interest in our house. Maybe Data and Denali will learn to be friends.

But I don’t think I want someone’s dog randomly roaming my yard (even though Denali is very nice). It’s creepy when Denali just shows up at the window. (I know, get curtains – but that is the nice part about living in the country – I didn’t think I needed many – ha!).

And cleaning up Denali’s poop isn’t that much fun either.

We’ll give it a few more days before I call the neighbor again. Hopefully I don’t have to call animal control. Eek!

36 Responses to “Meet Denali”

  1. Erin says:

    As a dog lover this makes me super sad that they just let Denali wander! Also, yes, that’s rude to let him just show up in your yard. They probably got so used to no one being in that house and it didn’t matter.

    • kilax says:

      And I think Denali is used to coming to our house and hanging out too – yesterday he took a nap on the back porch on top of the snow.

  2. Anne says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Erin – I can’t believe they just let that beautiful dog roam all the time! And especially in the winter! I hate to think Denali is outside all day in this kind of weather.

    I’d definitely let the owners know that it’s a little weird having a dog show up randomly. If Denali still continues to visit (and peep in your windows!), hopefully Data will get used to it and not be on alert all the time! What you described is pretty much how Jude’s cat “friend” used to act when he’d look through the door at her.

    • kilax says:

      Yeah, it’s horrible. I don’t get the feeling that the owners treat him the way most people would a dog. 🙁

      And I do think Data needs to get used to the wildlife! But I was just hoping he could acclimate to the house a bit first. HA!

      • Anne says:

        Yeah, it’s a lot of new things all at once!

        That makes me so sad that they don’t care what their dog is doing all day 🙁 He seems like a pretty cool dog too, so I’d be worried about someone stealing him!

  3. Lesley says:

    It sounds like Denali was cozy with the previous occupants. I’d hate to call animal control too, but my main concern would be Denali’s safety. If the neighbor is so blaze about it, then maybe they shouldn’t be dog owners.

  4. Chaitali says:

    The dog is beautiful but it’s definitely uncomfortable that he wanders around to yr house on his own :(. I hope that Data can relax a bit soon. Both my cats had a weird moment hissing out the window yesterday but I couldn’t see what they were hissing at. For some reason, your blog hasn’t been showing up in bloglovin for me recently :(. I’m going to have to try to figure out why.

    • kilax says:

      Oh man! I wonder what was going on with your cats yesterday!

      Oh! Sorry! I don’t know anything about that. I use Feedly (where it shows up each day). Hmm. I will see if I can find anything out.

  5. Shelley B says:

    Wow, Denali is huge! We have random cats who decide to hang around our backyard at times, and while I don’t mind it, I do mind that my own dumb cats and dog get all worked up about it – I could do without the parking and yowling, if you know what I mean.

  6. Xaarlin says:

    I would totally call animal control. You have no idea if the dog is up to date on its shots or what it’s temperament is. It’s sad that it’s left outside like that.

  7. Kandi says:

    This is so sad and inconsiderate to me! I don’t exactly live in the country but even if I did I wouldn’t want a neighbor’s dog on my property that often. My dogs would go crazy if a dog was outside the door/window! I would also be annoyed about the poop issue. I always clean up after my dogs but then again, I’m always with them when they are outside!

  8. Poor Data, it’s stressful enough trying to acclimate to a new house without this!

    I feel so bad for that poor dog though. 🙁

    I guess I just don’t understand the whole letting your pets roam thing (in our area I hear this debate about roaming cats a lot, too). Maybe the people mean well but to me it just shows a lack of consideration for your neighbors and surroundings, not to mention that it seems dangerous for the animal too. What’s the point of having a pet if you never keep it around?

    • kilax says:

      I feel bad for both of them, too.

      And yes to all of what you said – why have a pet then? It seems so dangerous for the pet and so inconsiderate for everyone else :-/

      I don’t know anything about Bloglovin. Am I supposed to set up my blog to show up there? Or does it grab an rss like Feedly does? My posts have all been showing up in Feedly.

  9. PS, I am also having the same problem as Chaitali that your blog is not showing up in my Bloglovin feed more than once a week. Weird. I was beginning to wonder where you’ve been

    • kilax says:

      I went through all my plugins and confirmed the feed is working, and set up a bloglovin account and all the posts showed up. Please let me know if it’s still not working for you later this week! 🙁

  10. Joanna says:

    How rude! They shouldn’t just let their dog roam. I lived in the country for 15 years and we never had that. An occasional dog would get lose but not all the time!

  11. I don’t understand how people can let their dogs just wander free! Lucky he is big (visible) Boomer would be run over in a second. I have lots of experience picking up neighborhood dogs poop, my front yard isn’t fenced and it’s no fun! In fact one of the (rotating) pack of dogs my neighbors have almost bit me on my run yesterday so be careful!

  12. Pete B says:

    How about putting an outdoor speaker on the outside of your house that emits a high pitched sound that dogs can’t stand, yet humans (and cats) can’t hear? Either that or talk to your neighbors and hope they are nice and will try and keep Denali confined to their yard! 🙂

  13. Karen says:

    Wow! He is a beauty, but they shouldn’t let him roam….people, where is your common sense?
    I bet Data moving in was exciting to him. Poor Data, it is hard to adjust when you move.

  14. Stephany says:

    I’m glad the dog is calm, but this is just no okay! Dogs should not be allowed to just roam around, disrupting other people/homes, even if they are calm. (And dealing with the dog poop would be the laaaast straw for me, and this is coming from a dog owner!) Sucks that you have to deal with this! =/

  15. Alyssa says:

    I know a lot of people who let their pets wander but most of them have been in the country where the houses are pretty spread out. Matt’s family has always had dogs that they’ve let roam. Most of the time they would just hang out around the house or farm. But every once in a while they would run over to the neighbor’s. Plus lots of people have farm dogs that they don’t let inside the house, they just have shelter elsewhere.
    I don’t think I would let my dog roam around in this area at all. I know your new area is more rural but it stills seems too crowded for a dog to roam.
    I just wanted to offer a counterpoint for letting dogs roam. Not really sure where I stand on the issue, but I don’t have a dog or a lot of land. I don’t like when loose dogs chase me on my bike! haha

    • kilax says:

      I know that people let their dogs roam in the country… and we kind of live in the country now. But… I just don’t want random dogs in my yard. I am okay with other wildlife, but not dogs 🙁

      • Alyssa says:

        I definitely understand. He’s been there several times and you’ve only been there like a week! Hopefully he was just coming around a lot because it was a change to him and now his visits will taper off.

        • kilax says:

          Yeah, they have already started to taper 🙂 I get that he is curious about us! And was probably here all the time before with it not being an issue!

  16. Denali is a a beautiful day! But I cannot believe the owners let him wander off just like that. Well, at least for now he found your family and seems happy to be there. Maybe for now he just wants some company?

  17. Mica says:

    Ahh, those owners don’t seem to have a good grip on reality; he sounds like a great dog, but it’s not your responsibility to clean up after him or have him in your yard! I feel like saying something to them won’t do anything though because the owners are already clueless! Ugh!

    • kilax says:

      Yeah, I don’t think it will do anything. The more I talk to the neighbors about this, the more I find out this is just how it is. :-/

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