Moving, again

By , August 4, 2016 6:15 am

But just down to our first floor/basement. Demolishing the second floor ceiling requires removing EVERYTHING from the second floor, hence, why our basement looks like a consignment shop:


Thank goodness we have a basement at all, to put all this stuff in!

So here’s the (condensed, I left some things off) plan:

move furniture off second floor
remove ceiling fans, can light trim kits
remove ceiling
remove can lights, ducts & vents, insulation
vacuum attic, clean soiled spots
remove screws/nails/glue from bottom of joists

repair electrical wiring
install 3-way switch for master bedroom fan (it’s never worked)
install new ducts, vents & duct insulation

install new can lights
install new joist in basement

all the stuff that didn’t get done and a few other extra projects

That’s a lot to do – wish us luck! We will have some extra hands on and off throughout the project, thankfully!

12 Responses to “Moving, again”

  1. Wow…I feel tired just looking at that list but I imagine it’ll be piece of mind to have everything redone (espec electrical stuff). Just got done with my move, never again ha ha!

    • kilax says:

      Yes, it will be! And hopefully, it won’t smell like a barnyard anymore when it gets hot upstairs.

      Isn’t moving horrible? LOL. The only way to make it tolerable is to have friends help and distract from how horrible it is!

  2. Hahaha I totally panicked when I saw the title of your blog post. I was really worried about your house for a second there! Haha. But I’m glad the move is a minor one, at least in terms of distance. That’s quite the list of tasks! You guys deserve a show on HGTV for all the work you’ve put into your place 🙂

    • kilax says:

      LOL! Sorry for the mini panic. Gawd. I really cannot imagine packing everything and moving again. I think I would pay someone to do it ALL and not care if I didn’t know where things were!!!!!!

  3. Chaitali says:

    Wow, that is a lot to do! I’m sending good luck thoughts your way 🙂

  4. Shelley B says:

    That is so much work – I’m tired for you!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks! I am tired for me too. LOL. I thought I’d sleep so well last night but was all worried about missing my alarm while we slept downstairs (even though it’s on my phone!).

  5. Amy says:

    OMG – good luck this weekend – hope all goes smoothly!

  6. Mica says:

    I know you did a ton of work over the weekend, but seeing your plan written out like that…wow. Did everything go according to your plan?

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