No more cookies please

By , November 24, 2008 1:17 pm

When I went to bed last night, feeling like I was going to throw up from sugar overload, I said, “I don’t want to bake, see or eat another cookie EVER again.”

But when I woke up this morning with a splitting sugar-induced headache, and went downstairs to feed Data, I almost ate one of the cookies sitting out on the counter.

What is that about?

We ended up making 7 different sweets this weekend – caramel popcorn, frosted sugar cookies, caramels, kringla, snickerdoodles, fruitcake and no-bake cookies (we also had toffee and crispix mix to put in all of the gift baskets).

<image: All the cookies we made>

My favorite treat we made – Sugar Cookie Reindeer!

<image: All the cookies we made>

All the sweets we made

<image: All the cookies we made>

Some of the wrapped gift baskets

We had a few issues though. And that made the day a lot more stressful. The first batch of caramels took over an hour to make and turned out too hard. The fruitcake wouldn’t bake, so that ended up being a waste. The kringla got burnt because the temperature was too high on the recipe – only half the batch turned out.

Ugh. At the end of the day, I think all of us were thinking, “Why did we want to do all this?” We still had a ton of fun, but it was too much work. My back has hurt all weekend from standing on my feet so much. And I am dead tired. Oh well. That’s why I took the day off – to catch on rest.

We talked about getting together again next year around this time – but not doing all the baking. Ha!

And now…

… so forget everything I wrote on Saturday about being in control of my eating. Yeah, I was on Saturday, but yesterday was like a free for all with the cookies and sweets we made. I don’t know WHY I thought I would be able to resist. I tried for awhile, but that didn’t really amount to anything.

I am sick of thinking about it and writing about it, but it really helps. So bear with me.

I loved Diane’s comment on my post on Saturday:

Try not to worry too much about gaining weight. I mean, I think it is sort of inevitable that we are all going to do that this week, and that lots of sugar and comfort foods will bloat us up a bit. But real substantial weight gain happens over a long period of time. Get back to your routine as soon as you can and you will be fine!

I felt a lot better after I read that. Because it’s true. I AM going to eat more during the holidays. If I didn’t, I would feel deprived. And all I need to do is get back to my routine as soon as possible.

I realized that there are at least two patterns to my overeating – my crazy, “out-of-control” binges where I stuff my face with whatever is in the house for a short amount of time (like 30 minutes), and the all-day free for alls where I pick and eat at things all day long – never getting uncomfortably full, but always eating, eating, eating.

I’m actually excited that I am learning what is bringing on these beahaviors. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with them to begin with. I think we all have problems though. It’s just… being human. Or… American. Or something.

20 Responses to “No more cookies please”

  1. Denise says:

    Wow!!! That’s alot of treats. You all look so cute in your aprons! The reindeer cookies turned out great. Your lovely assistant(2nd pic) does a good job “showing” the display of goodies. Diane’s comment’s are so true. Also important to pay attention to how much you eat and not so much of what you eat. Portion control is very important. You’re doing an awesome job fighting your “demons”. You have already taken contol of the eating slowly, the exercise & the portion demons. Keep up the good work and if you fall of the train track, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again. You are stronger than you think! : ) (Your Grandma looks like she did when we were kids, she looks so young!) I love the pic of all 4 of you.

  2. Alice says:

    those reindeer cookies are freaking ADORABLE. so! cute! are they upside-down bells?

  3. kilax says:

    Denise – We didn’t get to the Almond cookies. πŸ™ They were the last ones we were going to make… at 9:00 o’clock πŸ™ Christina is so funny! I made her pose for that one. Doesn’t Grandma look great?! I hope I look that great when I am her age! I think I might have to get up off the train wreck of this weekend. Ha ha.

    Alice – Oh my gosh! You figured our reindeer out! They were supposed to be this recipe, but I was lazy and wanted to use my own dough, so I asked my sis if there were any cookie cutters we could use. Ha ha! I love the way they turned out!

  4. marissa says:

    Can you send some of those delicious treats my way?! They look amazing!

    it’s so true: WE ALL eat more over the holidays. So eat, and enjoy, and work it off after. Why deprive or torture yourself? You’ll feel miserable that way too! So just work it off after! (That’s my plan too!)

  5. The reindeer cookies are really cute! Almost too cute to eat. Almost.

  6. kilax says:

    marissa – Thanks? What’s your address? πŸ˜› just kidding. We managed to find recipients for all of these. I am going to eat and enjoy! What’s the point of depriving myself?!?

    Gina (Mannyed) – Almost! Hee hee!

  7. sizzle says:

    That’s a lot of baking! No wonder you are so tired. I would have a hard time not eating any of it. Not because I was hungry. Sweets are usually not because of a hunger- for me it has more to do with some emotional soothing. But Diane is right so listen to her!


    P.S. You can really tell you’ve dropped weight in your photos.

  8. de says:

    okay, you guys all look so cute and I LOVE your Grandma!!! and your Mom, and where are the donk bites?

  9. Dave2 says:

    Ooh! Ooh! Reindeer cookies with pretzel antlers… GENIUS!

  10. kilax says:

    sizzle – The funny thing is, I hardly ever crave sweets anymore! I just had to eat these! Thank you for your kind comment πŸ™‚ Not to sound conceited, but seeing these photos did make me realize I shouldn’t be so stressed about it, just conscious of it.

    de – Thanks! The donk bites did not happen πŸ™

    Dave2 – I KNOW!!! I love them! I wish I could make YOU one!

  11. teeni says:

    Those reindeer cookies are adorable! I may have to steal that idea using the pretzels for antlers! How cute. All the cookies look wonderful. I love those stacking cooling trays! They are awesome!

    Diane’s comment is very logical! I also think if you allow yourself some goodies during this time rather than trying not to have any at all, that you will be more successful and less apt to binge on them.

  12. kilax says:

    teeni – Let me know if you make the cookies! I had to go buy more stacking cooling trays. My faves are the ones from pampered chef. You are right about the goodies – I am just going to make sure I am really eating the goodies that I like and taste good!

  13. Courtney Ilax says:

    Hey kim thanks for the cookies .. maybe next year I could maybe come up with you girls :). Though the one cookie i didn’t see it the peanut butter cookie witht he chocloate kiss in the center. It’s all good. U just know wha to get me for christmas a whole box of those πŸ˜‰ .. .. But the raindeer sugar cookie was good to have after work on monday night THANKS A BUNCH

  14. martymankins says:

    Whenever I think about sugar overload, I think of that Beavis and Butthead episode where Beavis got into Stuart’s cupboard and started eating candy, soda and anything with sugar. Then he walked about with his shirt over his head saying, “I am Cornholio!”

    Although, it’s hard to pass up good cookies.

  15. E says:

    Sounds like Diane’s been taking lessons from my general philosophy of worrying less about trends in the short-term than those in the long-term (OK, I know she has!). πŸ™‚ Good advice!

    (BTW, it could just be the cold weather making you hungry. I eat more as the temperature drops too. I think it’s a left-over Cro-Magnon instinct telling us to fatten-up for winter!)

  16. kilax says:

    Courtney Ilax – You’re welcome! It would have been a lot of fun with you there. We got a bit goofy πŸ˜‰ Can you imagine that? Hey… if that is all you want for Christmas… I will make sure you get at least one πŸ˜‰ And a box of carrot cake cupcakes for your husband?

    martymankins – Ha ha. A blast from the past. Sadly, I remember that. πŸ˜‰

    E – It’s good advice! πŸ˜€ I’ve been mentally blaming it on the cold weather. It just feels… wrong to eat more.

  17. the reindeer cookies are too cute!!!! and you look SO good in all your pics that you guys took over the weekend!!! i’ve already (for lack of a better way to say it) given in to the fact that at thanksgiving and christmas i’m going to eat way more than normal… but, i think that if i can keep my eating under control the rest of the holiday season (yes, from thanksgiving to christmas) i’ll be ok… i would hate to feel deprived of something though- lol… and just think how boring (and stressfree) life would be if we didn’t have any problems! lol

  18. kilax says:

    CourtneyInControl – That is what makes us rebel – feeling deprived, and like things are off limits! I am usually pretty good about having things in moderation, but it is SO HARD during the holidays! πŸ™

  19. Felicia says:

    Ok-OH MY GOSH-when you said you would be baking I didn’t realize it would be for a small army LOL πŸ™‚

    They all look quite delish!!!

  20. kilax says:

    Felicia – I thought it seemed like a lot too, but they were all gobbled up right away!

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