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Random Thoughts Thursday 176

By , April 19, 2018 8:26 am
  • Thank you for the supportive comments on my last post! My week has actually gotten worse (ha!) but I am feeling okay!
  • Data and Khaleesi finished their roundworm medication, and to make sure it worked, we had to take in poop samples to the vet to be tested. The cats have two litter boxes, but while Khali only uses one, Data uses both. Sigh. So to make sure I knew whose poop I was scooping, I was super diligent about cleaning the litter boxes every time they were used, and watching to see who did what. I felt like the Poop Police. I didn’t think that was going to work, but I got a sample I know is from both of them! I was so excited and proud of myself. Ha. It’s the small (smell?) things, right? (Still waiting to hear back from the vet on the results.) Update: the vet called and said they’re both healthy and clear of worms!

  • I finished First Ladies of Running, and am now reading The Salt Line (which I picked up at the free library in the train station), a dystopian novel set in the future, where the world is segmented in to safe “zones” away from killer ticks. Ha, great description! The story is about some people who pay to go on an adventure outside of the safe zones. The book is an uncorrected advance proof copy, and says to check the final copy before reviewing or quoting it. Interesting – I wonder if much changed!

  • Runner’s World is still pushing advice to swish a sports drink and spit it out in their latest issue. Sigh. This time though, it’s not to avoid calories, but to get you mentally going for a run, OR if you don’t like the taste of it, but want to trick your brain in to thinking more carbs are on the way. WHY DOES THIS DUMB TIP MAKE ME SO ANGRY EACH TIME I SEE IT?!
  • I bought one of the new Starbucks mugs! I wanted to get the Iowa one, and finally found a location that was not sold out (even though they said that they were at first, then decided to check while we waited for our chai lattes, and found some)! We tried to buy them in Iowa two weekends ago but every Starbucks we checked (about six of them) didn’t have any! Nuts!

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One of those weeks

By , April 17, 2018 7:48 am

I was a ball of nerves listening to the Boston Marathon yesterday. I attributed the nerves to DUH, my overall wish for an American to win and for my friends running it to survive the horrible weather, but also, that I was listening to it, and didn’t have any visuals.

After Desi won (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I went on a run, feeling strong and happy, expecting all my nerves to go away.

They didn’t.

I guess it was more than the race, after all.

It’s just one of those weeks.

  • I’m in the office today, specifically for a meeting for a client to yell at me. Yay!
  • A family member is not doing well.
  • I’m nervous about catching a flight on time on Friday.

One of those weeks where the walk to the office makes me feel especially anxious. TOO MANY PEOPLE.

These are normal every day things that people deal with, yeah, every day, but it’s just one of those weeks where my anxiety is high and says “RUN TO THE KITCHEN AND STUFF YOUR FACE TO DEAL!” Ugh.

I tried that method yesterday and it did not help. Ha. Today I am on to journaling (here) and reaching out to my snis and friends for support. I imagine THAT will work much better!!!

What month is it anyway?

By , April 16, 2018 6:25 am

For a while, I haven’t kept straight what the month or date is (somehow I’ve been fine on day of week, though). I’m not sure why that’s happening, BUT THIS BIZARRO WEATHER SURE DOESN’T HELP (says almost everyone in the US this weekend)! Crazy winds, and rain, then freezing rain, and snow. Wheeeeeeeeee! It’s April, right?!

Our pond is VERY high. Luckily, when it gets high, it floods in the woods, and not toward the house!

It was a perfect weekend for horrible weather though – we didn’t have a lot planned, and we both have slight colds, so a reason to stay home and relax was welcomed.


But! Friday night I had plans, and yay, felt well enough to go out! I took Bobbi out for an early birthday celebration. We hit up HuHot, and saw Ready Player One in 3D.

We weren’t looking for 3D tickets, but the show time that worked was in 3D so that’s what we did. I usually don’t care for 3D, but am actually glad we saw this in 3D – it was well done and added a lot to the experience! Now, I just need to find a BuzzFeed article that explains ALL the pop culture references in the movie that I missed (probably a lot).

We had a fun evening and it was great to catch up. I say this EVERY TIME I spend one-on-one time with a girlfriend, but we don’t see each other that often, and it’s a real treat when we do. It’s like a long, intense (in a good way, ha) therapy session!

And… I didn’t do much else the rest of the weekend, but you can keep reading if you want!


On Saturday morning I did my long run at the track and skipped an outdoor charity event I wanted to attend, but was worried it would make my cold worse. Ugh.

We did however, venture out later in the day for groceries, and it was still miserable, with sideways rain from high winds. That, paired with Aldi being out of a few crucial items, and my cold, made me a bit moody. Ugh.


All night Saturday, we listened to freezing rain hit the house. I woke up worried the roads would be treacherous and I’d have to cancel fitness boxing, but the roads were okay! Phew!

After class I got a pedicure, in case it’s warm in Texas this upcoming weekend, and anyone has to witness seeing my exposed toes. Ha.

We had lunch then took naps! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Then I ran on the treadmill. And took a bath. And helped make dinner. And did some chores.

Truly lazy day. Okay, weekend, whatever! I need them AT LEAST once a month!

Random Thoughts Thursday 175

By , April 12, 2018 12:29 pm
  • I know you guys are DYING to see which Grease OPI nail polish color I got! I went with “You’re The Shade That I Want.” I think I am going to get “Tell Me About It Stud” on my toes. (Don’t worry, I will NOT be sharing a photo of my toes, ha!)

  • I finished Immortal Life and am now reading First Ladies of Running. I felt like I was on the wire to Immortal Life the day before it was due! Oopsie! First Ladies of Running is a much faster read. I want to read Deena Kastor’s new book, but doubt I will be able to get it from the library any time soon!

  • I was looking at the race director’s Facebook page for some information the day after the race, and came across the post that announced cash prizes, and it showed that I liked it! Huh, so why was I so surprised when I won a cash prize? That would be because of the part of the post I highlighted in yellow. I did more than 15 to 17 minutes of work, ha! Anyway, thanks, Ermin!

  • We have so much (fun stuff!) going on in May and June… eek. I am already feeling a bit overwhelmed, and making sure I am planning out quiet time, too! Summer will be here and over before we know it!

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The rest of the weekend (family & food)!

By , April 9, 2018 12:42 pm

The 5K I did this weekend was in my hometown, so I got to see my parents, my brothers and their families, my grandma, my aunt, AND! my snister and her family because they came up from Kansas City for the weekend! Woo hoo!

We rented a house with Snis and her family (it was our first time doing that in our hometown), and it worked out well!

Us with Snis and fam


We got in around 6:00 pm on Friday and hung at the rental house with Snis, Will, William, and Mom and Dad. Christina (Snis) gave me this beautiful painting she had done of Snow. I’m looking forward to finding the purrfect spot to hang it.

Artwork by dimdi

She gave it to me at the same time I got a text from Bobbi, who was checking in on the cats for us, saying how strange it was not to see Snow at the house. Aww, sad face. It IS strange and we miss him so much. I still get choked up about him being gone, from time to time. Mostly now though, it’s just stories and me saying I miss him. I’ll really love having this painting of him to remind me of him each day. It’s such a thoughtful gesture from Christina and her family.

On Friday we began our culinary tour for the weekend, ha! Half of us got Thai food, and half of us got pizza. And Christina and I enjoyed vegan cupcakes Dad had picked up for us during the day!

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream from Scratch Cupcakery


Saturday was the race, but more importantly, it was my sister-in-law Alyssa’s birthday! I was pumped we were going to be in town to celebrate with her! After the race, we all hung out at Grandma’s and the kids did an Easter egg hunt, then we went out for lunch. Ha, again, it was a half and half split of pizza and Asian food (half went to The Other Place, and half went to HuHot).

There was a basket for us!

We came back to Grandma’s and had MOAR cupcakes!!!!

Christina, Alyssa, and me

And hung out together for a lot of the day.

Christina taught me a dance move I’ve been wanting to learn

We finished the night by going out for drinks (and bar food!) for Alyssa’s birthday, at a bar my uncle owns in town. Another aunt of mine was there working, so we got to see her too, yay!


On Sunday I ran with Dad,

William still doesn’t know what to think of my running outfits

then we packed up to go home! We stopped by Grandma’s and a few of us went out for Mexican food,

then we hit the road. My hometown was supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow, and the storm started while we were at lunch, so we wanted get ahead of it. We did, thankfully, but staying ahead of the storm meant we had to cancel meeting up with my other grandma. Bummer. Maybe next time I try to meet up with her in April there won’t be a snow storm?!?!!??!?!?!?!??!?! WTF.

The drive home is about five hours. We stopped at Aldi and I used the new Aldi keychain (that holds a quarter) my snis gave me. Love it!

Then we got home, I got a few cat cuddles, then immediately unpacked and did laundry, because I love that part of returning home.

So yeah, that was my weekend. Lots of driving, hanging out, and eating (and a little bit of running) – exactly what I expect from a weekend with the fam! And while we didn’t do much, I was worn out when we got back, so I am glad I took a half day today and could chill in the morning!

I could have used a million more William cuddles this weekend!!!

Random Thoughts Thursday 174

By , April 5, 2018 5:53 am

Christina had sent this pic of me listening to the Grease album a few days before I saw the new colors! Ha! 

  • I saw those colors when I was at the salon getting at touch-up on my 5K nails. I hope it’s not an omen that one peeled so early!!! Eek! (At this rate, it seems I’ll have gloves on for the race anyway – my mom said it’s supposed to be really cold there.)
  • I finished reading The French Girl, and started reading Immortal LifeImmortal Life is a sci-fi novel set in the future, about a 127 year old man who is transferring his consciousness to a younger host, because his original body is so decayed, and he wants to live forever. It’s interesting, but the writing style is difficult for me to read – long descriptions with lots of “fancy” (read: “I’m going to show off my vocabulary”) words. Eh. I will keep at it, and keep using my app.

  • I confirmed at my local Starbucks Tuesday that they are phasing out the “You Are Here” mugs. But the “Been There” mugs sign says they will have a mug for all fifty states (and some destinations) so that’s cool – Iowa never had one before, and now it will! Woot!

  • And now for some super random ish:
    • I like it when an e-commerce site uses Amazon Pay and I don’t have to re-enter all my info to order – I just log in to my Amazon account and the site grabs it from there. It’s especially convenient when I am ordering from my phone. This will probably bite me in the a$$, as I bet Amazon Pay gives those sites more info than they need. But man, it’s so convenient.
    • I’ve recently started adding raisins to my salads (ha, after Steven’s been suggesting it for a year) and WHOA does it make a world of difference! Yum! (A few people suggested cranberries, when I told them I like raisins. I tried them and didn’t care for them as much. Shrug.)
    • I bought this eucalyptus mint soap to try and the scent of it takes me and Steven back to when we first moved in to our home, two years ago. Neither of us remembers why we had this scent at the house before though (it’s not one of the usual scents we use), and it’s making me crazy that I can’t recall (since one of my jobs at home is sentiment/scent manager). But at the same time, each time I use it, I’m like “aww, we’ve lived here two years!”

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They’re getting rid of the ONE thing I collect!

By , April 3, 2018 6:23 am


My snister text me and Mom these pics on Saturday, which say that Starbucks is getting rid of the “You Are Here” mug collection to introduce the new “Been There” series.


Ha. I kind of collect the “You Are Here” Starbucks mugs. I like to buy one when I travel to a new city/state. The new mugs are the same size, so they’d “fit” with the ones I have, but the designs are a completely different style! Of course, change is hard, and I like the old ones better.

But… do I need any more mugs? No. Not. At. All. I had to clear mugs out from in front of my Starbucks ones to take the picture above, and I have lots of mugs in storage in the basement, AND a few “You Are Here” mugs that are still in the box, because they are from cities/states I haven’t visited yet (I don’t use them until I’ve been there). Then there’s the fact that I don’t drink coffee, and only use mugs for hot drinks in the cold season, which is ending soon…

So, this is a good thing.

But I am trying to decide if now is the time to buy the Illinois, Chicago, and Wisconsin “You Are Here” mugs before they are gone…

NO! NO MORE MUGS!!! Hee hee.

*Not counting the Star Wars Hallmark ornaments I used to collect much more seriously.
*Also not counting race bibs or medals.

Things I do: exercise, errands, nap, and EAT (donuts)!

By , April 2, 2018 6:23 am

Thanks for reading these long arse weekend recaps! I enjoy writing them and appreciate you reading them!

There was no reason for last week to feel as long as it did. I was glad when it was finally Friday night!


We kicked the weekend off by going out for MOD Pizza. MOD’s a build-your-own-pizza place (think Subway or Chipotle style) with unlimited toppings! And they have vegan cheese!

MOD’s one of the very few places I like to get pizza out. I prefer Steven’s homemade pizza, or no pizza at all – I’m actually not a much of a pizza fan! But MOD… drool.

We ran an errand after dinner and picked up Pitch Perfect 3 to watch. It was silly, but entertained us a lot more than other movies we’ve rented lately!


On Saturday I got my run in before the wicked winds hit (25 mph winds with 40 mph gusts, no thanks), did an indoor bike ride, then taught a fitness boxing class. The class had an egg hunt theme – I put the workouts on little slips of paper in the eggs, and the students “hunted” for them to find out what workout we’d do!

It was fun for me since I had no idea what order the workout would be in. It ended up being a high intensity class, and the students liked it, yay!

I handed out goodie bags too. I had goodie bags for twelve, but I had two cancellations an hour before class, and three no-shows. I typically have a cancellation (and sometimes a no show) for every single class I teach, but when it’s a big number like that, it makes me a bit frustrated/disappointed. Oh well. That meant I had leftover goodie bags for my boss’s kids!

I ran errands after teaching – Aldi and Walmart pickup. This pickup did not go as well as the last one. It  took a long time, and the employee seemed overworked and was rude to me (about being there “early,” when I had received a notification my order was ready…?!). Hopefully the next time I try it, it goes better. I did have a good reality check NOT to be too upset about this FREE service while I was there, when I saw another customer who’d been waiting since before I arrived, leave, in her car, without her pickup, with her window down, screaming at the employee. Eek.

After food prep for the week, and lunch, we ran MOAR errands – Target and Kohl. Why so many errands on Saturday? Because I’ve been burned before, leaving shopping for Sunday, only to have everything closed because it’s Easter.

I wonder if everyone else had the same idea, or it was just normal Saturday shopping, but GAH there were too many people out and it made me anxious and stabby. Sigh. I needed more of this on Saturday:

and less people.

Happily, Saturday night was quiet. We made tacos, watched The Beguiled, and I read a bit before bed.


When we saw on Holey Moley Doughnuts’s social media page that they were going to be open on Easter, we knew it was a sign we had to go. Three months after making it a goal to get there, we finally did!

It was overwhelming when I got there, and saw they had THIRTEEN (not an April Fool’s joke!!!) different vegan donuts I could try. AHHH!!!!!

We got seven flavors (including one we’d had before and knew we like). Clockwise from top left: chocolate cake with vanilla glaze, cinnamon sugar (have had before), banana bread, s’mores, raspberry, samoa, and apple fritter (under chocolate cake with vanilla glaze).

We didn’t try: blood orange, chai, maple pecan, passionfruit coconut, peanut butter, or grasshopper.

These are all cake donuts, and the flavors are phenomenal. We both liked samoa the best, and couldn’t get over how the banana bread donut tasted just like banana bread. Yum.

I like these a lot, but they sit a bit heavy (um, could that be because I ate about three of them…?! nah), which just reminds me yeast donuts are my favorite! Which is why they only have 3.5 drooling faces below.

State Date Name Flavor(s) Rating (0-4) Photo
Kansas 1/15/18 Mud Pie Cake Chocolate Frosted
Illinois 2/7/18 Do-Rite Chai Maple
Illinois 2/17/18 Holcomb Hollow Lemon Vanilla
Ohio 3/23/18 Holey Toledough Blackberry Hibiscus & Cinnamon Roll
Wisconsin 4/1/18 Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar, Banana Bread, S’mores, Raspberry, Samoa, and Apple Fritter  

The rest of my Sunday was just as amazing as the morning. I took a nap when we got home (less than six hours of sleep both weekend nights had me yawning and rubbing my eyes all morning), we ate lunch and played with the cats with the toy the Easter Bunny left them,

Ha, I had to include this one first cause it makes us laugh so hard!

Data played a little, but mostly watched

then I did my donut fueled long run, and we made our Easter dinner!

Now, to recover from the weekend…

(I usually don’t mention what Steven is up to during the weekends when I am exercising and doing errands without him. This weekend he was working and installing a security camera at the house. He’s usually working a bit, and doing some sort of project!)

Things I’m excited about in April!

By , March 31, 2018 12:49 pm

Who else is having a hard time processing that April begins tomorrow? And who is planning on playing an April Fool’s joke?! (not me!)

Here’s my list of what I am looking forward to in April!

  • Cooking a fun (read: indulgent) meal with Steven on Easter
  • Getting a pre-race massage
  • Running the Fools 5K!
  • Seeing my family!
  • Taking Bobbi out for her birthday!
  • ALL the April birthday celebrations (there’s a lot of them!)
  • A trip to Texas to see Gina & fam, and maybe eating a vegan donut there?!
  • Anne running the half marathon she’s been training for!
  • My monthly run date with Rachel
  • Finishing one last month of “focused” training (now, for the half marathon)
  • Maybe riding my bike outside?
  • Starting to see leaves, flowers, plants, and baby animals outside!

What’s on your list?

Random Thoughts Thursday 173

By , March 29, 2018 6:25 am
  • It came to my attention yesterday when chatting with some coworkers, that my experience of searching for a hidden Easter basket, left by the Easter Bunny, may be a bit of an anomaly. Most people I talked to said their basket was left out in plain sight! The Easter Bunny always hid ours. How about you (if you got one)? Poll below!

Where did the Easter Bunny put your Easter basket?

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Last year’s basket

  • I finished Hanna Who Fell from the Sky. Man, the whole second half of the book, I was just dying to know whether or not she was going to leave that horrible town! It definitely kept my interest! There was an interesting story at the end, from the author, about writing the book. He got the idea for it back in 2004 and wrote out a draft. Many years later, he got a concussion and couldn’t speak or read for almost a year. When he finally could again, he would work on the book, for an hour or so each day, as much as his head could handle, until he finished it (it was published in late 2017). The author is fully recovered now. And he was so inspired by Hanna’s character, he named his daughter Hanna – well before the book was published!
  • Now I’m reading The French Girl. Yep, definitely addicted to going to the library. I love having something to read. It feels like such an indulgent treat!

  • I feel like I’ve just been going through the motions at work for some time, and subsequently, that feeling is leaking over to the rest of life. Blah. My silly 5K training is giving me something to focus on and work toward outside of work, but I need more than that. I’m working on it!

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