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Random Thoughts Thursday 141

By , July 20, 2017 11:58 am
  • Has anyone had luck with ShoeKicker lately? I haven’t received any price alerts in a long time, and the other day I found shoes on Amazon for cheaper than listed on ShoeKicker. Hmm.
  • I was pumped for the season premiere of Game of Thrones last Thursday, then found the episode to be slow and a bit disappointing. Oh well! That is more likely to happen when something gets way too hyped up. It was fun to look forward to! And I laughed that Khaleesi slept through the entire episode in her cube then popped her head out when her namesake showed up at the end of the show. Ha ha ha!

  • It’s always funny to me on social media when something is trending (like the new episode of Game of Thrones) and people post about how they don’t care about it and are annoyed that everyone is talking about it. Well, guess what? Now you are, too. Yes, it’s annoying when everyone seems to be talking about the same thing (thing being hobby or interest), but we don’t have to be negative and say how we don’t like that thing.
  • It bums me out when I’m riding my bike and greet another cyclist and they don’t wave/nod/say hello back. It feels so unnatural to me not to acknowledge someone else (related: I ran yesterday in the city and had to hold back from saying hello to everyone).
  • Work is making me nuts and I am looking forward to a short break from it in August! (I’d love to write about all the things making me nuts, but I think that’s highly inappropriate to do in a public forum… so it stays offline.)

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No outlet!

By , July 15, 2017 11:10 am

Apparently people don’t know what this means…

We live on a dead-end road (as seen above) that runs west from a main road. The roads north and south of us that run east/west are both closed to the west because of flooding from a local river.

The road north of us…

The road south of us…

So there are A LOT more people on the main road, trying to figure out where the hell to go, which is resulting in lots of cars FLYING down our street, only to get pissed off when they realize it goes no where.

Sigh. Calm down people. People live on this street. People run and bike on this street!!! (ha)

I hope the roads are clear soon, for everyone’s safety. And sanity.

Random Thoughts Thursday 140

By , July 13, 2017 6:36 am
  • The county I live in has been pounded with rain over the last week (particularly Tuesday night) and there are lots of roads under water, and flooding in businesses and people’s homes. At least two cities (that I saw) have declared a state of local emergency. It’s horrible, and I feel so bad for the people dealing with property damage. I hope we get a break from the rain for awhile (it was supposed to rain last night AGAIN, but luckily, it didn’t!).

Rain we got at our house this week

  • Luckily, we didn’t have any issues at our house. We did get a lot of rain, and our power went out early Wednesday morning (12:30 am), but the generator kept the sump pumps running (for over twelve hours until the power came back). Steven and I both had interesting commutes, with all the flooding. The route I take to work had an intersection under water, and Steven had to completely reroute the way he normally goes (the town his warehouse is in is one of the towns that declared a state of emergency).
  • I’ve actually had stuff I wanted to write about this week, but I’ve been in training all day since Tuesday and haven’t made the time to post. I signed up for this leadership class at work and was hoping I’d learn some new skills and concepts, but so far, it’s been stuff I already know (ladder of inference, Myers Briggs, etc) and mostly activities I’ve done before (GAH, if I have to build a “tower” with my team again, my head will explode), The teacher is engaging and I like the people I am in class with, so there’s that! Maybe today is the day I will learn something new!
  • I had to turn off the screen on my Garmin app that shows how many steps I do per day and if I was reaching my “goal.” Seeing it made me kind of nuts about it, when it’s something I don’t care about. I turned it off and immediately stopped thinking about it.
  • Snow (our outdoor cat) is extremely lovey dovey and I like to spend time holding and petting him each day, but the mosquitoes have been SO horrible that I get eaten up when I go outside to see him. Snow is afraid of coming inside, but I’ve been bringing him in for little bouts so I can pet him and not get bit (by mosquitoes, ha). Last night I brought Snow in, and Steven got him all buttered petting him while he ate. After that, he was chill (for Snow) and stayed in the house for quite some time! When I opened the door to offer for him to go back outside, he didn’t bolt straight for it, but casually walked outside. Winning!

  • Who else is excited for the Game of Thrones season premiere on Sunday? I hope our HBO app doesn’t crash!!! (That’s been an issue in the past with so many people trying to stream it live – I hope they’ve figured that out.)

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Random Thoughts Thursday 139

By , June 29, 2017 6:21 am
  • Our power went out last night! Why am I excited? Because our generator kicked on right away, and we were able to keep watching Game of Thrones during the storm (and more importantly, our sump pumps keep running). The generator ran for an hour and a half, then the power came back on.
  • Khali was freaked out during the storm. She wanted Data to comfort her, but all he wanted to do was give her side-eye.

  • I’ve mentioned this before but I am going to be more specific this time (and could definitely dedicate a whole post to this rant). What is with people one-upping each other on Facebook when someone else posts an athletic achievement? I constantly see people posting a specific distance they ran/biked/swam and instead of (some, not all) commenters simply liking it or saying “good for you” they just comment with how they did more that day. Sigh. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW YOU WORKED OUT MORE! I also see similar stuff when people post what time of day they worked out (“I worked out earlier than that,” etc.). Sigh. I guess some people don’t care about sharing what they do, until they can use it look like they are doing more than someone else? And this is (part of) why I don’t post or do much on Facebook.
  • At the same time, I also don’t get people who lie about their athletic achievements on social media. The truth is out there, and the internets will find it. Ha ha.
  • THIS IS NOT SPONSORED! Steven bought some OxiClean to work on a stain and holy schnit, this stuff is the bomb. My running hydration vest was so stinky I thought I was going to have to throw it out and get a new one, but I soaked it in OxiClean and hot water and it doesn’t smell anymore! It also got the smell out of some other items. I had tried other methods (vinegar, soaking in detergent, sports wash) and they’d never worked – I am really excited this does!

  • ALSO NOT SPONSORED. We bought a handheld vacuum to clean up cat hair and other small messes and so far I really like it! I will post the brand/model after we use it some more.
  • I send my mom and snis pics during my runs and my snister said (about the one below) “that looks like it should be a Dell desktop background.” Ha! Now I will have to try to send them more “desktop background” worthy pictures.

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Random Thoughts Thursday 138

By , June 22, 2017 6:14 am
  • Our generator was installed in May (which means now we’ll never lose power)! On Saturday, Steven planted emerald green arborvitae trees to block it from view from the front yard. We’ll let the trees grow as high as the wing wall over the next several years, then trim them to that height.

  • After the generator was installed in May, Steven built out framing to hold in the pea gravel around it and the air conditioners. It looks so nice compared to how it was before!

  • I love that our yard is filled with perennials we don’t have to think about planting each spring!

  • In early June, we hung up some maps, which makes me very happy (I love maps). I hope we hang up more of our prints this year. They make the house feel more “ours.”

  • A year ago, we were flying to Alaska for Nick and Alyssa’s wedding! We haven’t done a “big” trip since then. I am hoping we can go on a trip for our ten year anniversary this year!
  • I’m having a hard time finishing Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time. It’s too cheesy for me. Steven listened to it in one day and has already moved on to a new book! I need to decide if I am finishing it or giving up on it so I can re-join Book Club for Two.
  • My bike is fixed and I am picking it up today! I better ride it before the race Sunday!

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Random Thoughts Thursday 137

By , June 15, 2017 6:22 am
  • I made it to a 1,000 day streak in DuoLingo (in Spanish)! And… that means nothing other than that. I finished the app so long ago that I’ve just been repeating the lessons over and over. If I really want to improve, I should practice speaking with someone in Spanish!

  • I forgot to mention in my training recap that a few students said really nice things about me to my mom when she was at Fitness Boxing. That made me feel good!
  • We had a great time with my parents! They arrived on Friday (my mom’s birthday!) and stayed until Tuesday am. We ate (cooked and went out), played games, did projects, worked out, went to the beach, went to NeoCon, and hung out. It was a fun visit and a treat to have them visit for so long!

“Usie” in front of someone else’s car

  • I am so tired after their visit, though! I woke up early (to workout) and stayed up late (to have fun!) every day they were here. And I wasn’t sleeping well because Khali played most of the night after hiding all day long (that has nothing to do with my parents – Khali still has her stray cat instincts to hide from people she doesn’t know!). I finally got (more than!) eight hours of sleep last night!

Just chillin’ with my slippers

  • The whole purpose of my parent’s visit was that my mom wanted to go to NeoCon (National Exposition of Contract Furnishings) – a huge design trade show at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. I go for work each year, and generally don’t enjoy it (crowded, sales-y, overwhelming, etc.). It was completely different with my mom. I loved experiencing it through her excited, fresh eyes! And she LOVED it and is already talking about coming back for it next year! I’ll write a separate post about our NeoCon day!

Us and the Merchandise Mart

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Things I’m excited about in June!

By , June 2, 2017 8:27 am
  • Lap swims outside – I did my first one this morning with Anne! It was refreshing to swim outside!

  • Meeting Rachel for a run
  • Finishing some spring cleaning I started last weekend – it will feel good to have it done!
  • [Broken Record] Outdoor rides! Weather permitting, I have three planned for the month.
  • Lots of Fitness Boxing classes
  • My parent’s visit next weekend!
  • An Olympic Triathlon relay with friends! (And the massage I will get before it!)
  • Eating outside… until it gets too muggy and gross
  • Maybe meeting my fave coworker’s baby?!?! (he was born last week!)
  • Fresh peaches
  • Staying home for the month – this will be the first month of the year without any overnight travel (personal travel… there may be work travel).

What’s on your list?

Random Thoughts Thursday 136

By , June 1, 2017 6:22 am
  • I’m having a hard time getting in to the Starbucks book after reading the Rockefeller one. The Rockefeller book required so much concentration. The Starbucks one does not and I find my mind wandering more!
  • I hate the phrasing “we apologize for any inconvenience.” Just say “we apologize for the inconvenience,” because if you are saying the first phrase, there probably was one.
  • I love getting my teeth cleaned. I love the process and the way they feel after! I had a cleaning on Tuesday and elected to get the fluoride treatment… which completely ruins that fresh, clean teeth feeling, by making your teeth all tacky. Wah.
  • My mom and Steven and I had a fun discussion about our interpretation of yesterday’s quote. What do you think it means?

  • I’ve been busting my butt at work with special requests, and the recipients aren’t acknowledging them. It makes me feel extremely frustrated. I’d LOVE a thank you, but ANY response would be great. I suppose I will receive one in a few weeks when they finally look at my work and decide they want something else done.

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Random Thoughts Thursday 135

By , May 25, 2017 7:25 am
  • We finished the Rockefeller book! I will eventually post the long list of words I had to look up. There are only a few I recall without looking at my list: sobriquet, scion, and platitudinous, and only one I am using daily: scuttlebutt.
  • Next up in the “book club for two” rotation is Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time and if we like that, Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul.
  • Last weekend was our quick trip to Dallas! We had a great time with our otra familia, and got super pumped planning our next trip together (a week long summer vacation)! The Dallas trip almost didn’t happen though – our flight out of Milwaukee was canceled and there weren’t any other options out of there. Luckily American Airlines hooked me up with flights at the same times out of Chicago and back. American Airlines was so helpful and pleasant! I was stressing the eff out and they calmed me down. (Well, that, and a quick run.)

  • I mentioned I tried a spin style class at Gina’s gym on Saturday. What I didn’t mention is that a lady was sitting on the bike I reserved when I got there. You use an app to reserve a seat in advance, then all your bike data from class is linked to your account. Cool, right? Gina politely told the lady the seats are reserved and that if she sat there, all her hard work would be credited to someone else (me). The lady responded with “I’ll make your friend look good.” Ha. Ha ha ha. The lady had major beef with getting off the bike and finding another open one, even though there were other options, and we were helping her by looking at the app and telling her what was available. When we told her about the app (because Gina didn’t also didn’t know about it when she started taking the classes, and wanted to be helpful!) she said “I just work out, I don’t use computers.” OMG. It was so funny… but not really. She finally got off. She was probably annoyed she had to set up a new bike, and that I wanted to sit by my friend that I traveled 1,000 miles to see, but… sorry? I really did want to see my stats! Geesh.
  • I finally signed up for the Saturday RABGRAI ride yesterday. I am not sure what took me so long. I saw my dad this week and we discussed signing up, and when we looked at the website, we saw there is a June 1 registration deadline! Eek! I would have been so mad if I missed it. Dad and Gina signed up too!
  • Two of our kitties aren’t feeling well. Data has some strange eye booger leakage going on (I have a picture but I’ll spare ya) and Snow has a cut on his chin. Data is seeing the vet tomorrow, and I will ask them what to do about Snow. These kids. They just can’t stay out of trouble.

Data & Khali

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Random Thoughts Thursday 134

By , May 18, 2017 6:23 am
  • It would be inappropriate (and boring) to talk about the stuff at work that makes me nuts, but a lot of times, I make a list of it and imagine posting about it here. Ha. Doing that, along with venting with coworkers, helps!

Awesome picture, right?!

  • More vagueposting – it feels ironic, that as someone who shares personal information on the internet, there are people out there I don’t want knowing mundane information about my life. It’s not because of knowledge reasons, but what they do with the information – hold it against me, overreact, or gossip about it. It’s hard for me to NOT share things, but I know it’s better off in the long run, with certain people. Ugh. (Most of it’s harmless, just annoying. Example – somehow other people have information I only told YOU, that I would have liked to share with them myself.)
  • On to the mundane! Steven and I are always looking for a show to watch during our lunch breaks. We watched Parks and Recreation, then tried to watch Extant, then watched Big Little Lies. Now we’ve decided to rewatch Game of Thrones. We’re catching a lot more watching it the second time, which is fun! Sometimes Khaleesi watches the TV when her namesake is on, which always makes me laugh. I haven’t grabbed a photo of that, but here she is watching The Secret Life of Pets:

  • My parents are visiting in June and this will be their FIRST trip to our “new” home without an entire weekend of labor involved (they’ve been here twice but once was for the move and the other time was to help with the second floor attic work). I am looking forward to them being here with the house put together and having more “free” time… along with a few projects, of course. Ha ha.

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