Our first Oscars party!

By , March 5, 2014 6:18 am

As you guys know, Steven and I really enjoy seeing movies, and we’re so happy we’ve found local friends who like to discuss them and see them as well! So this year, we hosted an Oscars party for our movie buddies!

We went with a “going to the Oscars” theme, so we set up a red carpet, had a photo op back drop, schwag “bags” (really, popcorn buckets with goodies in them), and even did Oscar awards (from the Lake County Academy Association) during the commercial breaks.




Of course, we had a spread of food to keep us going during the loooooong Oscars! We started with veggies and three kinds of homemade hummus, and chips with three kinds of dip! Later we served homemade breadsticks (NOMZ) and four homemade thin crust pizzas (“meat” lovers, veggie, cheese and taco). And of course… dessert! Oscar themed cookies by Maria’s Oven (Maria is a local friend) and my homemade chocolate chip ones.



Hee hee, and you guys remember Steven’s costume? We suggested people dress up as a character or came in their “red carpet” best. I did NOT expect doing my hair and makeup to take that long, GEEEESH. I was trying to look like Amy Adam’s character in American Hustle and I had to improvise a way for my boobs not to fall out of my dress. Originally, I was going to wear a cami under my dress, but eh, if you got it, use it.


Chris came as Jennifer Lawrence’s character from that movie, so we were able to have a (giggle?) fight over our man. Ha ha.



Ha ha, as you can tell we had a fun time taking pictures!


The night was a blast, and it really meant a lot to me that our friends wanted to participate with us.

And I really like the actual show – I only got a little snoozy during some of the songs and tributes. Ellen cracks me up. I need to watch her talk show sometime.

We all filled out ballots for the actual Oscars and ended up doing a pool as well. Chris took away the winnings… Steven and I were in second. I refused to vote for Gravity for more than two categories. Heh heh heh, I know my friends in real life are sick of hearing me say I thought Gravity sucked but I haven’t ranted about it on here yet! And yes, the special effects and editing and blah blah was good. But the movie was so boring to me. Emphasis – to me. Lesson learned – stick with your gut reaction when seeing a preview – don’t go by what the critics say is “good.”

Which is funny to say, since I am talking about having a party to watch awards be given by an academy’s opinion on things. I actually don’t tend to favor many of the movies that go up for Oscars. I am definitely more of an action/sci-fi movie fan. But I still enjoy watching the show! And definitely had a blast watching it with friends! It would be fun to do it again, especially since it was a joint effort of planning and work between me and Steven, and we enjoyed the process!

I have to thank my family and friends who inquired about the planning and then after the party to see how things went. They were so thoughtful! My mom was so in to hearing about it. She is so cute. She told me last week that she was trying to get a surprise for me – she had emailed the Ellen DeGeneres Show to see if they would send a stand-up cut out of Ellen to my house for the party! Ha ha, my mom was disappointed they never got back to her, but I thought it was so awesome she asked!

42 Responses to “Our first Oscars party!”

  1. Gina says:

    The party sounded like a blast! I wish I was there to enjoy all those fun details and awards. And the food! And those cookies!!! I’m happy you guys had a great time!

  2. Michele says:

    That looks like so much fun!!!!

    I LOVE Ellen!! I watch her show every chance I get!

    I love all the cute outfits…but I have to say…Steven stole the show!! Hahahaha

    • kilax says:

      I want to watch her show sometime! I wonder if my tv has it on On Demand πŸ™‚

      He did. He really did. For the pics, we had to keep remembering to pull his shirt out for his “belly.” Did you see that film?!

      • Michele says:

        You would absolutely LOVE Ellen!! Like seriously!!

        I haven’t seen that movie yet!! We wanted to see it in the theater, but kept putting it off! Now I’ll just wait for Redbox I suppose!!

  3. bobbi says:

    We had so much fun!! Thanks for going all out and putting so much effort into all the details πŸ™‚

    And I will come over to your house for pizza ANYtime.

    • kilax says:

      I am happy you did! Thanks for coming! πŸ™‚

      So which type of pizza is your fave? Not toppings, but thin, pan, deep, breadsticks. BREADSTICKS…. NOMZZZZZ

      • bobbi says:

        I love the breadsticks. Could eat a whole pan by myself. And I love the deep dish.

        But to be fair, I loved ALL THE PIZZA. Pretty easy to please πŸ™‚

  4. Anne says:

    Hahahaha, of course Steven would win for best hair.

    Your party looks like so much fun! You got into the Oscars theme so much more than I would have (which is why I didn’t ask about planning – when you said “Oscars Party,” I just assumed you’d all watch TV and eat stuff, since that’s pretty much all I would do). I especially love the award statute cookies!

    Ellen is on when I’m at the gym occasionally – I definitely prefer her to a lot of the crap that’s on daytime TV.

    • kilax says:

      Thank you! It was so easy to plan, with the cool stuff at Party City and on Amazon πŸ™‚ Check out Maria’s Oven! She is so good! And they tasted good!

      Ha ha, when Steven and I work from home and turn on the tv during lunch break we change it as QUICKLY as possible if it’s on a station with soap operas!

      Speaking of soap operas, there was a Revenge commercial during the Oscars, saying it was coming back and would be even more “revengier”! lol

  5. You wouldn’t have had problems with your dress if you had no boobs like me. Just sayin’!

    Looks like lots of fun. Plus, there were Raisinets and I LOVE Raisinets. Therefore, I love you because you gave people Raisinets.

    • kilax says:

      Ha ha ha!

      I got those because I noticed the gal we gave that bucket to likes them! We picked out something different for everyone! Now I know what to get you πŸ™‚

  6. Michel says:

    aww! Look at you! Vavavoom!!

    I only saw one movie that won an Oscar…can you guess which one?? It’s animated. hahano. LOL

  7. Oh my gosh, what a fun gathering!!! You look FABULOUS! And those Oscar-themed cookies are CLASSIC. The rest of the food table sounds delicioso, too.

    Are you going to share the results of the Lake County Academy Awards?!?!?

  8. Kiersten says:

    THANK YOU. I was so unimpressed with Gravity that I fell asleep when we saw it in the theater.

  9. Heather says:

    This is AMAZING. So Fun!
    Ugh, Gravity was a snoozefest. So disappointing!

  10. Erin says:

    Did you use doublestick tape for your dress? I think that’s what all the celebrities do πŸ™‚

    Your party looks AMAZING! Seriously, you guys went all out. Was it a lot of work? I hope you had fun putting it all together. You should totally do more themed parties if you enjoyed it.

    • kilax says:

      I couldn’t find ours, so I pinned the top back higher – that dress is even lower, if you recall!

      Thank you. It was a lot of work! I mostly enjoyed it. I was totally pooped the next day, despite taking a bit of time off in the am to recover πŸ˜‰

  11. Diane says:

    I agree with Erin!! This is so creative and fun. πŸ™‚ I don’t like to have people over generally because it just stresses me out, but then I am happy when I feel like people had a good time!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks! πŸ™‚ What stresses you out? Keeping people entertained? Making them comfortable? Getting the house ready? I have to admit, when I wasn’t done with hair and makeup until after 4:00 and people were starting to arrive at 5:00 I was a bit panicky!

  12. Maggie says:

    Looks like an awesome party!! Love your dΓ©colletage … if you got it, flaunt it for sure! πŸ˜‰

    I loooooved Ellen as a host. I thought she was so funny and endearing and NICE. Unlike Seth McObviousJokes from last year. (I kind of hate Family Guy.)

    Also, I have learned to give myself LOTS of time to do hair and make-up. I always run out of time.

    • kilax says:


      I think Family Guy SUCKS so I didn’t even watch it last year. What a shame to miss out for that reason!!!

      • Maggie says:

        Last year wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but this year was almost refreshing in how nice the host was πŸ™‚

  13. You guys are too cute! I’ve never attended an Oscar party before… but then again, I’m also usually asleep before the last few are handed out… fail…

  14. SO fun! And you look amazing!

  15. ChezJulie says:

    Lookin’ foxy, Kim!

    I love that you did this party with the costumes and favors and everything. Those Oscar statuette cookies are the best.

  16. Amy says:

    That sounds like such a fun party! We didn’t stay up to watch it (it starts at 3 am for us) but the first thing we did in the morning was check to see if the Belgian film won, but sadly, it didn’t.

    I was also surprised Gravity won so many oscars. I enjoyed the movie but it didn’t seem like it should have won so many. And really, Best Music??? I couldn’t even remember the music from that movie, and we saw it just this weekend!

    • kilax says:

      I voted for your Belgian film since you told me about it! πŸ™‚

      Ha ha ha! I refuse to remember anything from it, but I voted for John Williams for music!

  17. Valerie says:

    What a SUPER fun event- I know it took a ton of work to plan everything, but no detail went unnoticed. So great! And craaaap- now it’s got me thinking about breadsticks. And pizza. And cookies. It’s 7am and I want some. Waa waaaa!

  18. martymankins says:

    That is so cool. I’m a big Oscar nut and this event you guys went to was awesome. I would love to do that someday. Love the photos and those Oscar statue cookies look like a lot they were a lot of work to setup.

    I’ve not seen Gravity yet, but have heard from many that it was really good. I wanted to see it in the theaters so I could experience it on the big screen.

    Steven and you were second in the actual Oscar pool? How many picks did you get right? I do my own picks each year and got 14/24 right. If I would have went with more categories with the person/movie that I wanted to win, I would have got 18/24 (glad to see Spike Jonze won for “Her”)

    • kilax says:

      Thanks! It wasn’t a TON of work to set up the stuff for the party… but I definitely had to have someone make those cookies! LOL

      I will be really curious what you think of Gravity! I should read Dave’s review of it, too. I usually think something similar to him.

      Yeah, we only got 9, I think (since I wouldn’t vote for Gravity and didn’t do all the research I wanted). You would have won, here!

  19. That looked like so much fun! I was laughing that you had “El Chapo” on the awards list.

  20. Mica says:

    Oh my gossssssh, this looks so fun!! I wish I could have come (do you love that I assume that I would have been invited!??) even though I haven’t seen any of the movies this year. I’m disappointed that “World War Z” wasn’t nominated. It was so good, right? πŸ™‚

    • kilax says:

      LOL! You totally would have been, though! Since you guys like to see movies, too! Ha! It wasn’t nominated. The best part of it was the reenactments, after!

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