Dallas Marathon 2015 Race Report

By , December 16, 2015 5:35 am

Dallas may be the marathon for me – I’ve run it two years in a row, and set a new personal record (PR) each time!


Last year, I ran it with Gina as her first full, and we finished in 4:20:36! This year, I ran part of it with Steve and the rest solo, and finished in 3:55:34 – a 25 minute PR!

Me running the Dallas Marathon seems spontaneous, but I had been training with it in mind since we booked tickets to go to Dallas marathon weekend in late July. My plan was to train like I was running Dallas, then decide a couple of weeks before whether I wanted to run it, depending on how my training was going (and how the weather was looking, somewhat).

Then things got complicated with selling our townhome and I wasn’t sure if we’d get to go to Dallas at all (our close date is this Friday, the 18th, and making the Dallas trip meant moving to the rental a weekend early). But I kept training like I was running Dallas. Why not? Ha ha.

When we secured a rental and committed to moving in to it and being able to travel to Dallas, I signed up for the race 13 days out. Then spent a week packing and moving – nice taper!

But I felt ready and confident for the race. My pace had dropped on easy runs. I’d recently PR’d the 5K and 10K. I was able to do fast finish long runs. I hit “dream” marathon race pace on midweek long runs (sometimes faster). I was excited to see if I could PR. I wanted to do something for myself, despite how hectic our lives had been with moving.

I felt weird telling people I was hoping to run a 4:00 marathon when they asked me my goal, though. It sounded so fast! I knew I’d be happy with a PR (really, the marathon is the only distance I run with a PR in mind – I will run any other distance for fun, but the marathon is so long, I want to be for a time goal, for now), but was really dreaming of going sub 4:00.

So… long intro, per usual. On to the race.

Gina’s husband, Steve, was running the half marathon, and hoping to go sub 2:00, so it made sense for us to run together until the half split. And we mostly did.

It rained during the night before the race and sprinkled a bit race morning. When we said goodbye to Steven, Gina and Luca to walk to our corral, I was still wearing arm sleeves, gloves and a garbage bag. Then I got in to my corral and thought “WTF am I doing?” and took it all off. Ha. It was 53°F with 89% humidity and 5 mph winds when we started.

Steve and I were in corral B, which was slated to start at 8:20, but we actually crossed the start line at 8:09.


Ha ha – everyone started running well before the official start line and I told Steve and his running club friend Jasson that I wasn’t starting to run until I absolutely had to. Then, us walking was captured on the broadcast of the race. Ha!


My loose plan was to have two slower miles (hopefully around 9:20), then dial it in to 9:05s and see if I could hold on and maybe have a fast finish and come in under 4:00? Maybe…?

Steve and I ran our first mile in 9:09. Oops. Jasson ran with us for a bit. Second mile was 9:12. That’s better! In the second mile we were already off by a tenth of a mile on our Garmins, so I was really hoping I’d bank time later. I’d hate to not hit 4:00 because I can’t run tangents!

This race is a bit crowded until the half split around mile 9. Steve and I did a bit of weaving, but tried not to do much. Interestingly… we also had to duck under a DART train gate that was down. I was impressed that I did that so smoothly.

I felt hot at the start, because of my backpack, but never again after that. Sigh. The backpack. In preparation for the race, I thought WAY too much about whether or not I’d use it. I couldn’t get over how much extra weight it adds, even after reminding myself that I PR’d with it on last year, and that I am lighter (in weight) now. There is actually no way I could carry everything I need for a marathon without it, so I don’t know why I even considered running without it – probably because I thought being lighter would give me an advantage. But not when I am dehydrated – the water bladder was completely empty when I finished.

Back to the race. It was the same course as last year – starts downtown, goes through swank neighborhoods, commercial areas, neighborhoods, around White Rock Lake, on a paved trail, then back through neighborhoods and downtown.

Steve and I were trucking along. Mile 3 at 9:00, the next three miles began with a pace with an 8 (an 8! at a marathon!) then mile 7 was at 9:00 again.

We saw Steven, Gina and Luca between mile 6 and 7.

151213DallasMarathon5 151213DallasMarathon11

Always have to share a janky foot pic!


This is actually the only time we’d both see them until the finish. I was doing my annoying pacer/coach thing to Steve – “Remember to smile when you see them! Look like you’re having fun!” “Shoulders back!” “Pump those arms.” “Don’t be a b*tch!” Ha!

But saying that stuff to Steve was a nice distraction for me the first 8+ miles. I really wanted him to hit his sub 2:00 goal. And he was on pace!

Ugh. Then you know what happened. He needed a potty break. I felt like I needed one too. And we didn’t see porta potties ANYWHERE. Which made me feel bad, because before the race I told a lady they had them every 2-3 miles on the race. I remembered SO wrong. They are few and far between!

Steve stopped to go at mile 8.4 and I told him to text me when he finished his half. Then I continued on the full course on my own.

A little after we split, I got texts from Bobbi and Rachel who were both tracking me, telling me I was doing awesome and to keep it up. That pumped me up!

Then I saw the MOST HILARIOUS THING EVER on course that made me chuckle for awhile. A guy dropped his tape. As in, he was running WITH A TAPE PLAYER and went to flip sides and dropped it. Yes. I saw this. Ha.

After the half split, around mile 10/11 you run toward a neighborhood that has a gradual incline, and I remembered from the year before that we come back down that road… 11 miles later. Yikes, here we go!

I felt the inclines a lot more this year. Dallas isn’t very hilly, but I definitely had to push it to keep an even pace on the uphills.


So, on that incline, I was thinking “Gah, it will be so nice to run down this in 11 miles!” and “Why is the 4:00 hour pace group taking up the whole road?!” I passed them and never saw them again, despite finally stopping to use a porta pottie at mile 13 (9:08, one of my slower miles… and oops, forgot to lock the porta pottie door… can you guess what happened?!).

I knew we were coming up on White Rock Lake, which is an out and back portion, and where I rudely told Gina last year that I felt bored. Ha ha. But, oddly, I was feeling great. Most of my miles were around 8:47. I had turned on my music at mile 11 to pump me up, and it was working. I spent the out and back looking for people from Gina’s running club, and saw someone and cheered hello!

At White Rock Lake, I texted Gina for a Steve finish update. She let me know he finished at 2:01:30ish (a PR!!!) but that the bathroom break set him back. Darnit! From running with him, I know he has a sub 2:00 in his near future. Gina also text me to tell me I was doing awesome and she was proud of me. That made me feel great!

Then, it was time for the out and back turn. I knew we were supposed to be getting a wind from the SW, which is basically the direction the rest of the race is in after you turn. My weather app recorded a 10 mph wind at the finish, but man, it must have been gusting near the lake. I looked forward to getting on the tree lined paved trail – I hoped it would offer some protection from the wind.

It did! And I kept that sub 9:00 pace until mile 20! I had a 4:00 pace band on and couldn’t believe I had a few minutes banked. I was shocked. I told myself not to get cocky and to stay consistent (in my mind I was doing math like “You could run 10:00s for the last 6 and still come in sub 4:00.” No, Kim. No.). But damn miles 20 (9:10), 21 (9:28) and 22 (9:05)… I tried to eat my second honey stinger waffle and it became mush in my mouth that I couldn’t swallow. I walked through a water stop and tried to drink it down. Nope. Ditched it.

But I knew I needed to keep eating – not eating in the end of marathons has been detrimental to me in the past. I figured out last year I have to eat every 30 minutes AND drink vitamin water every other 30. Yeah, I eat and drink a lot. It works for me. I didn’t bonk my two marathons last year, and I didn’t bonk this one.

So in mile 21, we pass a CLIF booth and I get another gel. Cause you know, I dropped two on course between miles 11-13 and didn’t notice it. Then I drop another two after I got one at the booth, and stopped to pick them up. THEN DROPPED THEM AGAIN! Grr, I was getting so mad. I only went back to pick up one that time.


Trying to smile for the on-race photographers – figured I might buy some of the photos since Steven wasn’t on course that much (I did)!

Mentally, I was struggling for the last 6. But I was getting pissed seeing those three splits in the 9:00s. When we got back to that slight downhill, I tried to pick it up. Mile 23 was 8:56. Mile 24 in 8:55. Mile 25 9:08, grr (stopped to walk and drink Vitamin water). At one point in the last mile, someone told me they could see the final mile marker coming up, and I was like “NO! I DON’T BELIEVE YOU! WHERE?!” Ha ha. She pointed it out, and that gave me a boost (she also asked if I was going for sub 4:00 and when I said yes, she said “we totally have this!”). I knew Steven, Gina, Steve and Luca were waiting for me right at the finish, and I wanted to finish strong.


I should note, that in the last few miles, I was really digging deep mentally. I was getting super encouraging texts from Bobbi (they show up on my watch) and that helped SO MUCH. Kelly told me to run for her sanity (she is injured) and I thought of her. I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I might come in sub 4:00!” and almost started crying, but kept it together and told myself to finish strong for myself and the people rooting for me.


Mile 26 8:40 pace, and the last .4 miles (oops, bad tangent-ing) 7:50 pace. Ha!

I was SO freaking pumped up when I saw my family and when I got to the finish.




I love how me and this dude are in sync. Ha!

I definitely yelled “F*CK YEAH!!!!” and “YES!” and did lots of fist pumps and so on after I crossed the finish line. I got lots of high fives, ha ha!



Then Bobbi text me my unofficial time – 3:55:34. Holy cow! WAY under goal! I was so stoked!!! I couldn’t believe I came that far under goal!

Right away, my glutes were sore. I shuffled my way to bag check. Then shuffled my way to the changing tent and changed and made lots of scary noises while doing so. Then shuffled my way through a line trying to get out of there to get to Steven. A volunteer said to me “That’s the worst limp I’ve seen today!” (jokingly). I told him it was a 25 minute PR. “Holy cow, that’s awesome!” Damn right. Ha ha.

I got to Steven and we hung out a bit until Gina, Steve and Luca joined us (after watching a friend finish after me). Family photo time!!!


Gosh, I was so happy (and still am) and so out of it (not anymore, ha ha)! Steven and I made the sloooooooooooow walk back to the car, and Gina, Steve and Luca joined us shortly after a quick stop to see friends/use the loo.

Then Red Robin to celebrate! Obviously! And Gina gave me the most amazing marathon gift (I am pretty sure I’ll be wearing it every day, forever, ha ha):


The day after, my quads were a bit sore (probably from the downhills). A shakeout run helped. And meeting Meb really inspired me to want to do something BIG again!


I have to give a huge thanks to Steve for letting me crash on his half marathon PR attempt. And to Gina for dealing with me while I was up in the air about the race, then not knowing if we’d even be able to come. Best bestie ever. Errr.

And a huge thanks to them for spectating, especially with a crummy, rainy start to the morning! Steven had more of a whirlwind Dallas trip than I did – we weren’t sure both of us could go – he ended up going back Sunday night, and I appreciate that he got up early Sunday to cheer me on. It really meant a lot to me that he was there, and obviously, my bestie and otra familia, too.

Hmm, Dallas 2016? HA!

A few other notes, since this isn’t long enough:

  • I did take water on course, despite having my pack. The water was in plastic cups. Um, wth, Dallas Marathon?! You can’t pinch those! Annoying! Ha! A stellar event otherwise (except needing more porta potties).
  • We thought the expo seemed a bit smaller this year. That’s okay though.
  • When the official race app came out and there was a cool Pegasus logo I told Gina I wanted to get a shirt like that at the expo. I didn’t have to – the race shirt had it. Yay!


  • I think I might actually get my medal engraved with my finish time!


  • I love that they give you a feedbag at the finish with everything you need – it’s so nice to not have to try to carry food and drink in your hands after.


  • My splits were hella even, for me! Woot! Gina and Steven said the Dallas Marathon app (where I got this screenshot) did a great job of tracking people and predicting their finish.


  • Ha ha, people were trying to dodge all the puddles and I would run (stomp) right through them. This made Steve laugh. I did that for the entire race.
  • I talked to a few people on course after Steve and I parted ways but wasn’t as chatty as in other races since I had my tunes.
  • Seeing other people struggle made me feel bad mentally (and feel bad for them). This is horrible but after seeing if they were okay, I’d look away. SO HORRIBLE!
  • My fingers got swollen toward the end. And I took an electrolyte tab each time I ate! My face was super salty after.
  • I accidentally stopped my watch for 15 seconds at the first water stop! Thankfully I noticed it and started it again!
  • The roads weren’t as slick this year.
  • I was so happy it was raining for part of the race. I love running in the rain. I will take that over sun ANY DAY. I am happy it wasn’t a downpour though. That would have slowed me down.
  • I had the most awesome Saturday of carbloading EVER!!!



151213DallasMarathon20 151213DallasMarathon21

  • We wrote on the Dallas Marathon sign again. It worked, again! I saw it on course around mile 20(?).

151213DallasMarathon17 151213DallasMarathon16151213DallasMarathon18

  • When I was feeling like I was slowing down at the end, I reminded myself that I AM FAST (for me). I PR’d in the 5K and 10K, that I could do this. It helped.
  • I hardly chafed, except in one spot, which was my own fault.
  • My shoulders feel tight after the race. I’ve scheduled a post race massage for next Monday!
  • Someone asked me on Facebook what training plan I followed for this race. None, really. I write out my long runs, get in speed once a week, ride my bike once a week, and strength train. The big thing is that I lost 25 pounds since mid September. When I weigh less, I run faster.

66 Responses to “Dallas Marathon 2015 Race Report”

  1. Congratulations Kim! That is such an amazing feat and I’m so proud! You go girl!!!

  2. bobbi says:

    I don’t think I could be as happy about this race even if I’d run it myself! I walked into the living room after you finished grinning like an idiot with tears and John was looking at me like I was crazy. But dude! You’ve finally figured out your marathon! You haven’t bonked in 3!!! SUB 4!!!!!

    Totally laughing about the dude with the tape. SO FUNNY!

    I love that pic of you as the I in BIG. And that might be the cutest race shirt ever!

    Congrats again – you are my hero! 🙂

    • kilax says:

      You are the sweetest! Thanks for always being in my corner! :-* It means the world to me to have such supportive friends!!!

      I CANNOT believe I saw someone running with a tape player! Another guy and I were laughing about it, and he goes “think he has those goofy black foam headphones too?!” I was like “I hope so!!!”

  3. Karen says:

    You FREAKIN’ROCK!! Loved every minute of reading this 🙂 I am really happy it worked out so well for you. A PR, Meb, you should get that medal engraved.
    Congrats to Steve too! It is nice you had someone to run with for awhile:)
    I am kind of awed you were working that hard and still read texts on your phone LOL I couldn’t even pull mine out at Richmond lol

    • kilax says:

      Thank you!!! And thank you for reading it all, ha! It’s sooooo long!

      It was so nice to run with Steve! I think I would have been in a much different mental space, if I hadn’t!

      Ha! I read the texts on my watch! But I did pull my phone out to respond to them. I can run and text… I am not proud of it lol.

  4. Erin says:

    Way to tackle that race! That is so awesome that you ran a sub-4 marathon. That is a huge accomplishment so no wonder you have a huge grin on your face in the photos 🙂

    Great job!

    Question: you said you eat every 30 minutes. Do you have a schedule of what you eat? It is just GUs and waffles? I’m curious because sometimes I wonder if eating more would help me, too.

    • kilax says:

      Thank you!!! 🙂

      I do have a schedule. It’s CLIF gels and waffles. At 30 minutes a gel, at 60 minutes a gel, at 90 minutes a waffle, and repeat. I try to go every other with caffeinated and non caffeinated gels, too! Experiment! I hope you figure out what works for you! And congrats on your HM PR!

  5. Joanna says:

    You did so great!! And you look so fit!! Keep up the great work girl!

  6. Jen2 says:

    Fantastic race report! So inspiring. I love your honesty and all of the pictures! I’m so happy for you and proud to call you my friend!! 25 pounds in less than three months?!!! That’s amazing! I must talk to you about how you did that. I’m happy you got to go to Dallas and do your race. I think having that to look forward to helped your sanity during all of this moving stuff. I’m sorry I didn’t know I could track you OR that you liked getting texts while running. I totally would have been cheering you on as I was thinking about you anyway!! Like Bobbi, I love the “Big” picture!!

    • kilax says:

      Thank you! 🙂 It was nice to keep the running part of myself during all the crazy house stuff, but I definitely felt like I shouldn’t have been running sometimes, even though Steven was 100% supportive. I told him and the rest of the fam after the race it was nice to run and not think about packing or unpacking 🙂

      That’s okay that you didn’t know! I didn’t even know about tracking until Bobbi told me she signed up. That Rachel was tracking me was a surprise 🙂

      And re: the weight loss, how I did it is all in my weekly training recaps 🙂

  7. Kiersten says:

    You look so happy in those finish line photos that it made me tear up a little. A 25 minute PR is incredible!

  8. Congrats again Kim! That is so awesome!! I am so in love with that race shirt. If I’d have known the Dallas Marathon had those shirts I might have seriously considered doing this race just for that, LOL.

    I have to admit being a little surprised that you seemed to feel like a sub-4:00 was a stretch goal for you, given your insanely fast 5K and 10K times. I think you can blow your 3:55 out of the water and I’m excited to see what the coming year brings for you! So happy for you and all the success you’ve had this year!!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks. Ha! They had a cool shirt last year, too – of the skyline.

      I hadn’t done a sub 2:00 half in awhile, and since my PR was well over 4:00, I didn’t know if it was feasible. Anything can happen in a marathon, ha! I am happy with 3:55 and don’t have it in my mind to chase it next year, despite writing “Dallas 2016.” Ha ha! We’ll see what happens, you never know!

  9. Lesley says:

    Your shirt and medal designs are SO much better than when I ran in 2012. The shirt and design were awful so I used it as a throw away shirt. I want Pegasus!

  10. Chaitali says:

    Congrats on the huge PR! I love the joy on your face in these photos 🙂 The tape player thing is funny. I didn’t think anyone used those things anymore. I mean, at least get a discman!

  11. Alice says:

    Ha, you know how I said I get emotional watching people finish races? I got emotional just READING about this race for you! That is such an amazing time! I’m so happy for you! And emotional haha! 😉

  12. Such a huge or. Actually squeeled out loud when I saw the FB post cause I was so happy for you.
    Also laughing at the tape player. I think the last time I had one I was probably 8…he was taking retro to a whole other level!! Well done for keeping mentally strong I think that’s so much of the battle. Proud of you!!

    • kilax says:

      Aww, thank you for being so excited for me!!! 🙂

      They are from SO LONG AGO!!!! I wish I would have seen who dropped it. Maybe he was dressed retro to be funny? Ha!!

      Thanks! 🙂

  13. Teach me your ways!! You are officially my marathon inspiration. I want to break four hours! (I only need to take…53 minutes off my time to do that. Haha.) Seriously, CONGRATULATIONS. You look so, so, so happy and I would too if I were in your position! Way to go 😀

  14. Heather says:

    You are freaking amazing!! I have been waiting for this report and it did not disappoint. You look SO incredibly strong and soooo happy and I am just totally amazed. That is an amazing freaking pr- you ROCK!

  15. Anne says:

    HUGE Congratulations to you!!!! We were running errands and getting ready for our trip Sunday morning so I wasn’t tracking you, so I was so happy to see your PR text!

    I’m so proud of you for crushing your goal! It sounds like you had such a perfect race. I’m so glad you decided to run and were able to make the trip with everything else going on!

    • kilax says:

      Thank you for thinking of me Sunday morning! (Or did I mean “Thank you for thinking of me Sunday morning?” ?, ha).

      And thanks! I am really glad we made it too. It was so nice to just sit around and be lazy a bit!!!

  16. Alyssa says:

    Wow congrats! This was so fun to read! (Really because it is not fun to read about when people bonk! Because I can feel their frustration!)

    Your splits look so even! I’m impressed. When you saw paces in the 8’s early in the race were you worried? Or were you like “I feel great, I got this!”

    • kilax says:

      Thank you! I am happy you enjoyed it! Ha ha, and I know what you mean about feeling people’s frustration in the bonk report – I think that is kind of how I was on the course when I saw people struggling – I felt for them too much and had to look away! ha ha)

      Thanks!!! When I saw the 8s in the beginning I was slightly concerned it was too soon for them (I was hoping to have those more in the last half). But I reminded myself I had those medium distance training runs with mid/high 8 averages and that I could do it. To have miles with an 8 in them in the last 6 though, just blows my mind!

  17. Shelley B says:

    OMG, you make me want to run that race! I love your attitude, and your race recaps are the best! Big congrats on that freaking awesome PR!!! Great race pictures, too – you look fantastic. 🙂

    I’m laughing that you were concerned about the weight of the water/backpack, when some dude was carrying a tape player with probably four AA batteries in it.

    Oh, and what electrolyte tabs do you use? I am a very salty sweater, and get those swollen fingers/salty face thing too.

  18. Tiina says:

    Speedy mama! Huge congrats! Also, you look so strong in all of your race pics! #racegoals

  19. Xaarlin says:

    Huuuuuuuge congrats again to you! I’m so ridiculously proud of you! Your splits were so even- your race was so well executed. I LOVE how every single photo of you has a big freaking grin on your face 🙂 I’m just so freaking happy for you. 🙂 seems like Dallas is full of PR magic! So… Run Boston 2018 with me? You’ve got plenty of time to chop some more minutes off. 😉

    • kilax says:

      Thank you!!!!! 🙂 It means a lot that you are proud of me!

      Ha! I have no interest in Boston and running that fast! 😮 Never say never, though!

  20. Michelle says:

    Best. Recap. EVAHH!!!!! Bobbi gave me some highlights when I had lunch with her on Monday, and I couldn’t wait to read your recap. GREAT job!!!!!!!

  21. Kandi says:

    Congrats on an amazing PR! I loved everything about this recap. You even made me tear up at the end seeing all the smiling pictures and thinking back to the finish of my own marathon. Amazing job! Also, I know you’re not fishing for compliments or anything but you look amazing. You have muscles popping out everywhere! All your strength training is definitely paying off.

  22. Margaret says:

    Wow! Amazing job! That must have been so exciting! And that finish line picture is fantastic!

  23. ROCK ON, KIM!!!! You are a BEAST!!! I am SO happy for you!!! On top of you CRUSHING your PR goal, you ran such a smart race! Even splits, almost no chafing, solid fueling/hydration, strong mentality, and a super-impressive kick in the final miles!!! You look so powerful and confident in all of your pictures, too – the muscle definition in your arms is amazing!!! You must be on Cloud 9. What a FANTASTIC way to close out the year!!!

    I believe if you PR on a course, you must return the next year to run that course again. No doubt about it. =)

    • kilax says:

      Thank you for your super kind words! 🙂 This is a great way to close out 2015, and I feel so lucky I got to do it!

      Ha ha! Do you stop running the course when the PRs stop, then? 😉

  24. HoHo Runs says:

    You look incredible! I’m so proud of you and for you. That is a HUGE PR! I can’t believe someone was running with a Walkman! Ha Ha. I love the BIG picture.

  25. amy says:

    Wow! Congratulations!!!!

  26. Marcia says:

    Huge congrats to you! That was a race of a lifetime! Way to pull it all together and BRING IT! Omg the tape! I can’t even imagine. Hilarious!

    • kilax says:

      Thank you! 🙂 It really was! I feel lucky to have had a race like this.

      Sooooo funny. I think I need to do that at a race to be funny, in the future. HA!

  27. Pete B says:

    As Michelle said Best. Recap. EVAHH! Yes, sounds like Dallas is the marathon for you. It seems like my PRs also come in bunches – I had a string over a span of a few weeks, just like your 5k->10k->Marathon. I also get how the only PR that matters to you is your marathon PR. It’s definitely the crown jewel of PRs, but since I only run one or two marathons a year, I have to enjoy the shorter distance PRs in-between to mark my progress. How was 89% humidity for the race? Did the rain help cool you down? My marathon PR came during a rainstorm as well. It’s interesting that you wear a backpack for the whole race, despite the added weight. That said, I think it is a net positive in that you are sure to stay hydrated and have enough nutrition available. I usually carry a water bottle for the first 10 miles and then chuck it, but wish I could have someone hand me another bottle for the next 10. Glad you were able to use the porta-potty. I sometimes think I have to go but then am able to put it out of my mind completely as the race goes on, but I set my PR having to use it twice. Dude was rocking a cassette Walkman and he had a flip fail?! Hilarious. Fantastic even-splits and I simply love the F*CK YEAH!!! photo at the end. I can totally see how freaking happy you were in that shot. Also your quote at the end “when I weigh less, I run faster” hit home. I’ve concentrated on getting fitter this year and it’s paid off as well. Never say never to a BQ – you only need to PR by 20 minutes next time, and it sure sounds like you have hit upon a magic formula for getting in marathon shape. Congrats again!!!

    • kilax says:

      Thank you!

      And I didn’t mean the marathon PR is the only one that matters – I am VERY proud of my others – I just meant it’s the only race I race to PR… if that makes sense?

      The humidity was fine and the rain felt GREAT! Honestly, weather was not an issue at all. I know I am VERY lucky! Sounds like the rain works well for you, too!

      And I really wish I had a way to carry everything I “need” and not have it weigh me down. Last year I had Steven meet me with a few items, but that wouldn’t work. And you aren’t supposed to do that, anyway! I did see people hand out water bottles though – you need them at your race! 🙂

      I really hope this is the time I STAY fit. I am such a yo-yo-er! Ha!

      Thanks so much!!!! 🙂 I thought of you and how well you run, during this race, and wanted to have some good splits to show for it 🙂

      • Pete B says:

        Not having family members hand out supplies mid-race keeps everything equal for us “regular” runners, but if elites get to have their own personal aid station bottles, I think perhaps we should get something similar! 🙂 Anyway, you should definitely be proud of your splits. I’m sure it is rare when someone runs their last 5k faster than their first 5k especially while holding pace in the middle. That will be my goal for my next marathon as I tend to run my last 5k (much) slower than my first 5k.

        • kilax says:

          I like your point of view on the on course aid 😉

          And thank you! I am! I really wanted to make sure I started out slow and easy, and that helped me!!! I know you can run your last 5K faster than your first at the marathon – you are fantastic at pacing!

  28. Mica says:

    Wow, so many things to say about this post! Obviously, what an awesome race and amazing PR — you really worked hard this year and figured out what works for you, and it paid off!! Congratulations!

    Also, you crazy, running this after/in the middle of moving! I’m so glad it turned out well though!

    Why do you think you keep dropping your snacks? Were you carrying them in your hands, or were they falling out of pockets?

    Gah, I wish I’d thought to text you during the race. I didn’t realize your watch would show them! AHHHH, next time! That’s so cool you got encouraging messages from Bobbi and Gina, especially while you were in the struggle-miles.

    I really like the Dallas logo. That’s some classy sh*t!

    • kilax says:

      Thank you! I feel very lucky I was able to keep running during all the craziness – I kept telling myself it would keep me sane!

      I have an open pocket on the front of my vest and the gels were too lose in there! Oops!

      That’s totally ok that you didn’t! I appreciate you thinking of me!!! 🙂

  29. Great job on your race and your PR!!! You look AMAZING in the photos!!!

  30. Michel says:

    I already congratulated you on Facebook but this was so awesome to read the recap!! Congrats again! I kept wondering if you bq’ed after I saw your time. I will have to go back and re-read your training recaps to read about your weight loss that’s so awesome!

    • kilax says:

      Thank you! And no BQ 🙂 I’d have to run a 3:35 for that! HA!!!!!!!

      And the comment I left about my training recaps was basically that that is how I lost weight – doing those workouts (and not binge eating!) 🙂

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