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Random Thoughts Thursday 97

By , April 28, 2016 6:29 am
  • Grrr. I haven’t updated on the bathroom work in awhile because work was mostly on hold while we waited for custom order bullnose (rounded) trim tile to come in. The tile finally came in. And… it was wrong. So we aren’t using it – we’ll do a metal trim piece instead. All that waiting for NOTHING. Ugh. The contractor is working on it again, and I HOPE it will be finished today* – I have house guests that arrive tonight!!!


This tile photo is pre-grout, so it will look different finished

  • Lame. My work announced a steps contest yesterday, but only “walking” steps count. No running. Boooo!!! Ha.
  • Sigh. They also had an announcement where they called the Chase Corporate Challenge a “marathon,” then immediately, a “5K.” It’s actually a 3.5 mile race. So… neither of those. Ha ha. Yeah, that would only bother runners.
  • Odd. I ran on the Chicago Lakefront Path during lunch break yesterday. Every time I run it, I am surprised how few people make eye contact, nod, or say hello to people going the opposite way. It feels so odd to me not to!


  • Oops. It was windy during my run yesterday, so I ran in to the wind for the start, with the wind at my back on the return. I wonder if I am going to regret doing this on race day – I almost always try to run in to the wind first, but it’s not like you can control that at a race! Maybe I should have done more of a purposeful mix to work on mental training (believe me though, I had plenty of runs that were all windy, or where the wind shifted to in my face on the way back, or there was no way avoiding it on the way back, etc.).
  • Aww. Dad’s kitten pics are getting cuter and cuter!



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*highly unlikely

Training Week 340

By , April 24, 2016 9:20 pm

Highlight of the Week: Running while Steven rode his bike with me!


Monday | April 18, 2016: 10.5 m run + 10 m ride + teaching strength class
Loc: to VP woods, Temp: 51°/65°, Time: 1:40:58, Pace: 9:37 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Indoor Ride Time: 41:25, Pace: 14.5 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, sore sit bones!
Strength: sand bags, body bars and slam balls, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good/hot

Tuesday | April 19, 2016: 5.3 m run (w/xaarlin)
Loc: Chicago Lakefront Trail, Temp: 46°, Time: 51:10, Pace: 9:39 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: great
Wednesday | April 20, 2016: 6.2 m run (incl. 4×400, 2×800, 1×1600)
Loc: hood, Temp: 53°/56°, Time: 51:39, Pace: 8:20 avg, Difficulty: medium, Felt: good, held back by wind
Thursday | April 21, 2016: 20 mins strength + 10 m ride + 4.7 m run (w/Steven on bike!)
Indoor Ride Time: 39:55, Pace: 15.0 mph avg, Difficulty: easy/medium, Felt: good, shaky from strength training
Loc: Lake Andrea, Temp: 64°/67°, Time: 41:17, Pace: 8:47 avg, Difficulty: easy/medium, Felt: stronger as the run went on

Friday | April 22, 2016: teaching strength class
Strength: sand bags and slam balls, Difficulty: medium, Felt: good
Saturday | April 23, 2016: 6.3 m run
Loc: hood, Temp: 40°/40°, Time: 56:27, Pace: 8:58 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: lazy
Sunday | April 24, 2016: 8 m run (w/Steve & Gina (on bike))
Loc: McKinney, Temp: 60°/66°, Time: 1:10:38, Pace: 8:49 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good


  • Blah, I felt lazy this week. The warmer weather does that to me! Looks like my mileage is already starting its summer decrease… quite a bit early. And it didn’t help that I skipped my long run this week. I had plans to do it Friday but my schedule was out of my control and by the time I could go, I was in such a bad mood I knew a windy run would make it worse. YES, sometimes running DOES make things worse. For me, anyway.
  • The good news is, my left knee (that was bugging me a bit last week) feels fine now. Awesome!
  • I ran an easy (just under) sub 9:00 pace in warmer/more humid (for me) conditions in Texas Sunday morning, which gives me hope that Wisconsin won’t feel super horrible if it’s warm. However… I am starting to really not care about the race, so who knows if I’ll even go for a PR! This happens to me each year with the race – I lose interest. Yet each year I think it will be different. Hmm… that’s dumb.
  • Let’s end on a high note – Gina got in to the Chicago Marathon! Yay! I am excited she gets to experience it! This will be my first time going down for the race (to spectate) since I ran it in 2010!

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Fun ride ahead!

By , April 20, 2016 6:26 am

While discussing RAGBRAI with Gina yesterday, I noticed something very interesting about the Day 7 course


Image from here

Do you see it?


How about now?!

Um, the course goes through a winery town? Whut, whut?!?!

This will make for an interesting end to the ride! Muah ha ha. I actually rode my bike once after having a drink (and burger and fries) and guess what? It was a horrible thing. But that was 30 miles on crushed limestone on a mountain bike (after already riding 30 miles). This will be 10.8 miles on roads on a road bike (after having ridden around 40 miles). Hmmm.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, did you notice I said “discussing RAGBRAI with Gina”? She signed up! YAY! Dad, Will, Julie, Gina and I are all signed up for Day 7!

During my bike ride with Efit on Sunday I was thinking about how much I enjoy RABGRAI, and I’m stoked Gina gets to experience it for the first time this year! It will be fun to plan out the details when it gets closer. It’s just over three months away! (<— how is summer just around the corner?! Eeek!)

Too slow

By , April 19, 2016 4:20 am

Quick witted, I am not.

I was running loops in a preserve recently and passed a guy who was walking. We said hello.

Eventually, I passed him again and he said something to me. I couldn’t hear him and asked him to repeat himself.

“I saw your twin out here, too!”

Quick, Kim, think! What is he talking about?

Oh! He must have seen someone who looks like me, wearing shorts and a tank, and a hydration pack.

“I’ll have to look for her!”

And I run on. A few seconds pass and it hits me – duh, he was referring to seeing me the first time. To me lapping him. He was making a joke.

Gawd, I am so slow to get some jokes. Ugh.

So I had a mile or so to work on a response when I saw him the next time. “We must be triplets!”

Of course, I never saw him again. Sigh.

And unfortunately, I can’t blame this on runner brain. I am like this most of the time. Sigh, again.

The deer returned yesterday and Steven took real photos of them! Awwwwwww.


I need to come up with a bird (also: squirrel, duck, deer, and so on) seed budget. They clean me out pretty fast!

Training Week 339

By , April 17, 2016 6:33 pm

Highlight of the Week: My first outdoor ride of the year on my road bike!


Monday | April 11, 2016: 10 m ride + 6.8 m run + teaching strength class
Indoor Ride Time: 39:12, Pace: 15.3 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good for the legs
Loc: VP Loop, Temp: 48°/49°, Time: 58:07, Pace: 8:33 avg, Difficulty: easy-ish, Felt: tired, pissed at the wind/at work
Strength: kettlebells and boxing pads, Difficulty: easy, Felt: okay, definitely going to feel it in the legs!

Tuesday | April 12, 2016: rest
Wednesday | April 13, 2016: 3 m run
Loc: hood, Temp: 42°/43°, Time: 25:20, Pace: 8:26 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, but stomach upset from eating crappy
Thursday | April 14, 2016: 5 m run + 10 m run
Loc: hood, Temp: 46°/47°, Time: 43:22, Pace: 8:40 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: DPRT/Kilbourne loop, Temp: 50°/52°, Time: 1:28:44, Pace: 8:52, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, annoyed with bugs on trail

Friday | April 15, 2016: teaching strength class
Strength: sand bags and slam balls, Difficulty: medium, Felt: good
Saturday | April 16, 2016: 14 m run
Loc: to Lake Andrea and back, Temp: 40°/50°, Time: 2:10:35, Pace: 9:19 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, until the last 1.5 miles – HUNGRY!
Sunday | April 17, 2016: 37.4 m ride (Efit) + 20 mins strength + 3 m run (incl. 5×1:00)
Loc: Bristol, Temp: 38°/65°, Time: 2:51:02, Pace: 13.1 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: hood, Temp: 67°/67°, Time: 25:29, Pace: 8:28 avg, Difficulty: mostly easy, Felt: good


  • This was a good week for my body to tell me it wanted some rest, because I was already feeling kind of lazy! I rested on Tuesday because I had run the previous six days and my body felt tired. Then on Thursday, I felt some twinges in my left knee during my runs, so I rested Friday. I felt the twinges (they come around mile 2.5 and last a few minutes) on Saturday, too. I think my left leg is OVER running on the camber of the road and it’s time to hit up the trails and get off the shoulders. Hopefully that helps! I’m going to pay attention to it and cut back (cry!!!!) if I need to. If not, the next two weeks will be high mileage then I’ll take a few days easy before the Wisconsin Half.
  • It got hot here this weekend. High in the low 70s both weekend days. BLAH. Not ready for that, running-wise…
  • … it was GORGEOUS for cycling though! We had an Efit cycling event on Sunday that we had planned way back at the beginning of the year to be our kick off session of intervals (and then a bonus ride after). I can’t believe how much we lucked out with the weather – especially after last week, ha! It was such a treat to get my bike off the trainer and ride outside. My bike rides so smoothly and I love it.
  • I started thinking a bit about my pace for the Wisconsin Half. If the weather is right (and I feel right – questionable – my stomach’s been odd for weeks) I’ll be going for a PR. My previous PR is just under 8:30 pace, and I’ve had several easy 10 milers at 8:30 or under pace, so I could definitely try for faster than that!
  • Xaarlin ran a fantastic (7+ minute!) Boston Marathon qualifying time at the Carmel Marathon yesterday and it just made my day! I was elated to see all her hard work result in her reaching a dream she’s been chasing for several years! Congrats, xaarlin!!!

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Running with cats

By , April 16, 2016 5:35 am

On Monday I had a really graceful (<— sarcasm) encounter with a stick during my run.

Everyone who’s ever interacted with a cat while going down stairs (or really, tried to walk anywhere, around a cat) will be able to relate. You know how they are always where you need to put your foot, then between your legs, tripping you up? That is how this stick was. It appeared out of nowhere, and got caught between my feet. It dug in to my left foot, then hit my right one, tripping me forward. Like running with cats.

Of course, this happened while I was running on the shoulder of the road, with cars watching me. Awesome.

I caught myself and didn’t fall (yay!) but felt like a doofus, and was all twisted up, from correcting my fall.

Then when I got to the studio to teach that night, I ran in to a box really hard and immediately bruised my leg. GAH. What a day.

Surprisingly, the bruise from the stick didn’t show up until Friday though. Odd.


Believe me, you don’t want to see my toenails. I keep them VERY short.

Sigh. Such a klutz.

I hope today’s run is without incident!

Since writing about needing someone to run with me in Alaska so I don’t get mauled by a bear, I’ve come across two articles (one in Competitor and one in Bicycling) about what to do if I see a bear. Now I’m all set! Ha ha.



Need more gaiters!

By , April 15, 2016 4:12 am



Ha ha. Steven’s response.

But, OMG, so many rocks in our shoes ALL THE TIME. Construction in the house, having a crushed stone driveway, running on trails (for me)… we can’t escape it!

We needz MOAR gaiters!!!


Because it would totally be normal to just wear them all the time, right?! Ha. I at least need another pair for running. And they’re already on my birthday wishlist (yeah, even though my birthday is in July, I add things to my wishlist throughout the year)!

We actually will need water gaiters (well, waders) soon. Our pond is a mess and we’d like to clean it out!


Aww, sniff, sniff, where are you, Betty?!


By , April 12, 2016 6:22 am

Ideally, this is what our fridge and counter will look like in the upcoming weeks before the Wisconsin Half Marathon…



Okay, ideally, they look like this ALL the time.

And actually, ideally, they don’t look quite like this… they look picked over, because I am eating this stuff, instead of other carby snacks!

Ahh, if only I had the same discipline in eating, that I do with working out. Baby steps!

Training Week 338

By , April 10, 2016 3:46 pm

Highlight of the Week: Mixing things up at Fitness Boxing!


*Accidentally had the formula messed up for this calculation since… oops, maybe the beginning of the year? It just should have been a higher number. All fixed now!

Monday | April 4, 2016: 15 m ride + 8 m run + teaching strength class
Indoor Ride Time: 55:37, Pace: 16.2 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: VP Woods Loop, Temp: 32°/31°, Time: 1:09:38, Pace: 8:42 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, but tired
Strength: kettlebells and boxing pads, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Tuesday | April 5, 2016: rest
Wednesday | April 6, 2016: 6 m run
Loc: hood, Temp: 39°/39°, Time: 50:41, Pace: 8:27 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, pushed around by the wind
Thursday | April 7, 2016: 6.3 m run + 5 m ride + 10 mins strength
Loc: hood, Temp: 35°/34°, Time: 54:38, Pace: 8:40 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: pissed at the f*cking trains
Indoor Ride Time: 20:23, Pace: 14.7 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: pissed off about work

Friday | April 8, 2016: teaching strength class + 10.2 m run (incl. 8×800)
Strength: kettlebells and boxing pads, Difficulty: esay, Felt: good
Loc: DPRT/Kilbourne Loop, Temp: 33°/37°, Time: 1:28:47, Pace: 8:42, Difficulty: hard, Felt: like I wanted to throw up my lunch, pissed at the wind

Saturday | April 9, 2016: 7.2 m run + teaching fitness boxing + 2.5 m run (w/Anne)
Loc: VP Woods Loop, Temp: 21°/24°, Time: 1:04:43, Pace: 8:59 avg, Difficulty: medium, Felt: unstable (icy)
Strength: Boxing and body weight moves, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: Grayslake, Temp: 28°/30°, Time: 31:59, Pace: 12:47 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Sunday | April 10, 2016: 10 m run (incl. 6×1:00)
Loc: home to Bobbi’s, Temp: 39°/42°, Time: 1:31:04, Pace: 9:06 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good minus sore legs, then thirsty/about to bonk


  • My stomach has been getting upset during and after quite a few runs lately. I’m not sure if it’s the pace, my diet, getting over a cold, or maybe my body getting used to the new water I am drinking (out of the well). I’m definitely going to pay attention to it, and see what I can figure out. I think it may be because I was drinking our well water. I stopped drinking it and will see if I feel better now!
  • This was a comical running week, due to the weather, trains and my own stupidity:
    • Thursday (train, weather & my stupidity) – I tried to run a 6 mile route during my lunch break and had to stop for a train at a, hmmm … let’s call it “not official” crossing. Then the train stopped completely, and I stood there for five minutes feeling like an idiot while I got hailed/snowed on. I eventually turned around and crossed the tracks at a different spot – and saw that the train was STILL stopped where I was trying to cross before. Ugh.
    • Friday (weather)  – Speedwork day! Also, snow and 20-29 mph wind day. I did as much of the speedwork with the wind at my back (cheater!) but I had to run in to it for a few miles to get home and it SUUUUUCKED. Okay, file this under “my own stupidity,” too, but this run made it clear to me – I am NOT going for a PR at the Wisconsin Half if the winds are horrible. It’s not worth it to me.
    • Saturday (weather) – What’s this? THE SUN?! Oh, what else is this? Black ice everywhere?! WTF! I think I hardly used my winter running stabilizer muscles this year so I shouldn’t complain but… that run worked them.
    • Sunday (weather & my stupidity) – I woke up with a headache from feeling dehydrated. This should have been a clue to me to guzzle water! My plan was to run north from my house, stop at a rest stop and fill up my handheld and run south home – until I saw the winds were coming from the south. Hey! I learned from Friday – run into the wind to start. So I did that, and brought my handheld and told myself I’d be fine – I’ve run 12 miles plenty of times lately without filling it up. Sigh. I should have worn my backpack, like last week. I ran out of water and was SO thirsty and starting to feel out of it/feel like I was going to bonk. And was soaking wet because it rained for all of my run. I cut the run short and ran to Bobbi’s for water and a ride home. Yay, Bobbi!
    • But, eh, every week can’t be amazing! How odd this week was makes me laugh!
  • Fitness boxing was a lot of fun this week and I’m sad it’s the only time I can teach it this month! I do have three classes on the calendar for May though, yay!

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Random Thoughts Thursday 94

By , April 7, 2016 6:38 am
  • I had a great time seeing my mom last Friday and Saturday night but MAN staying out late (her conference was an hour drive (one way) away) wrecked me for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I am an early riser and am not used to that! Totally worth it, though.

160402momandKim 160402momandSteven

  • My mom met someone at her conference that lives really close to where we are going in Alaska in June. I asked that woman if she knew any runners that could run with me while I am there, since my family is convinced a bear is going to attack me when I am running (and maybe a local can help with that? ha). The lady said she does know some runners, so I friended her on Facebook and plan to make some dates for our trip!
  • We had chimney caps installed last week. Yay! I like the way they look, AND this will keep things out of the chimney. Win win. Ha.


  • Peoples visited again early (4:00 am) Saturday morning. It’s cute when he visits the balcony – he runs back and forth on the railing and Data follows him. Then he comes down on to the balcony and runs around… and Data follows him some more. Aww, besties! On Saturday night/early Sunday am, we also heard some interesting noises outside that may have been Peoples… some animal decided the bottom of the downspout needed to be taken off and dragged across the driveway. That was a creepy noise to hear in the middle of the night!



  • My second cousin has recently fallen in love with Asics shoes and tipped me off that Kohl’s had the Cumuluses for $60! What a deal! I used a 20% coupon, and with free shipping, they were just under $50 a pair. Yay! I am happy I didn’t wait for a 30% off – I checked the day after ordering them and all the size 12s were gone!


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