Friday Question #91

By , December 4, 2009 5:54 am

Would you rather live somewhere where the you see significant changes in the seasons throughout the year, or where it pretty much stays the same? What is your ideal daily temperature?

I’m back and forth on this. And my answer definitely varies depending on during which season you ask me! I enjoy the snow, and don’t mind the colder temperatures, but four+ months of it gets to be a bit too much for me! Ideally, I think I would like some place where each day has a decent amount of daylight, the temperature is usually above 70° (although that’s not ideal for running) and it’s not humid. Maybe we’ll get there someday. It would be great to live somewhere where I could exercise outside everyday of the year.

Ah, snow.

This morning, while I was getting ready to leave, Steven sleepily asked if it snowed. I looked outside and sure enough, it had! Good thing he asked me – I would have been pressed for time if I hadn’t known about the snow. I asked him how he knew it was going to snow (he usually doesn’t keep track of the weather) and he said he could “sense evil.” Ha ha.

So I went outside and found this

Snowy Car

which meant I had to wear these


and do this.

scraping snow off car

Yes, I could live without snow. And also, without the hidden layer of ice underneath the snow. Very tricky, mother nature.

My car has a “snow” switch (and AWD) which I think splits the power between the front and rear of the car (Steven, help)? I turned it on for shits and giggles this morning. I only slipped once on my way to the train station. Hooray! Snow!

30 Responses to “Friday Question #91”

  1. SoMi's Nilsa says:

    Oh wow, you guys got a lot more snow than we did in the city. We only got a dusting … though, I still put the coat on the dog this morning to go for our pre-dawn walk. That girl literally shivers when it’s cold if we don’t!
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Replayed =-.

  2. Amy says:

    No snow here yet, we don’t get that much in Belgium, mostly rain. I do not miss those long cold Illinois winters at all! I’m hoping we can retire somewhere temperate someday, where there is sunshine and a nice temperature everyday. OR, if we are really lucky, split our time between someplace warm in the winter and someplace up north in the summer. We’ll see, we’re not that far yet! So for now, I’ll just have to put up with the rain, bah!
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Interested? =-.

  3. I do like the change in temperature, and I do like the snow . . . however – for someone as clumsy as me, winter means a lot of injuries from slips and falls 🙁
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Smoothie Time Nah Nah Nah =-.

  4. YaY snow! 😀 My ideal place would have four seasons but winter can be the shortest, I don’t mind. 🙂 I love cold and the fall, so my ideal year-round weather would be early fall like. Where it’s still warm during the day but not dog-hot, and then comfy cool in the evenings. Plenty of sunshine! I too want to be able to run outside all year long (although I do that here but the winter can be a bit rough).
    .-= Author’s last blog post… December 3rd, 2009: Bean Envy =-.

  5. ShutupandRun says:

    I LOVE the change of seaons and I love snow, so Colorado is the perfect place for me to live. I also like to run in the cold. We have no humidity, tons of sunshine and a decent amount of snow, but not too much (Denver doesn’t get that much, it’s the mountains that get blasted). Some day I’d love to have a winter place in Costa Rica. Still LOVE the beach and miss it.
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Frozen Snot and Other Observations =-.

  6. Hilly says:

    I love this question because I fully believe one’s answer depends on the climate they are totally tired of. 😉

    I have lived in temperate climates for ten years and am so tired of it. This morning int is rainy and cold and I’m disco dancing because of it! That being said, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself in snow.

    So uh yeah, I guess I don’t know the answer to that either, haha.
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Desperately Seeking: A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing… =-.

  7. J says:

    I like having the 4 distinct seasons but at times each season gets on my nerves and I am ready for the next one. I am ready for the snow but I know once February comes around and its freezing outside I will want spring!
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Three Things Thursday! =-.

  8. Steven could sense evil… omg that cracked me up!!!! Your car rocks!!!! I would like to live 2 places- one in the winter and one in the summer, cause you know I would hate to just pick one place to have to live! We have had a chance for snow twie this week but luckily nothing!!! I don’t mind it so much if I can stay inside but most of us Texans aren’t too good at driving on snow and ice… lol
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Happy Thanksgiving =-.

  9. Etta says:

    UGH I want snow! I’m jealous. Of course, I have a garage, so as long as the snow occurs while I’m home, I’m good to go. I hate scraping. Anyway, back to the question… I love having four seasons. I love getting to experience all four of them. I don’t like when you’re in one season and it decides to behave like it’s another, though.
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Pictures From Home =-.

  10. Erin says:

    If winter like this only lasted 4-6 weeks I’d be perfectly happy with four seasons. I just get so tired of cold and snow in, you know, March. Blech. Although, I don’t think I’d mind living somewhere that rarely got below freezing.

    We only had a light dusting of snow on our deck this morning. Not even enough to cover all the wood. I broke out my super-warm boots and hat anyway, though.
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Decisions, Decisions =-.

  11. My goal is to live on the coast in California, right around the bay area. 61 in the winter, 76 in the summer. Perfect. I grew up in Seattle, so that would be okay too…lots of rain 9 months of the year, but absolutely gorgeous summers.

    I believe snow to be the embodiment of all that is evil so I totally love Steven’s comment! It’s 26 here today and I fear the white stuff is coming. NOOO!
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Help me love it =-.

  12. We are supposed to get a “wintry mix” tonight and in the morning of the 10K, so I will say, I usually love our weather in the south. Typically, I can exercise outside most of the time.

    I couldn’t do the 4 months.
    .-= Author’s last blog post… it’s OK to be fat and work out… =-.

  13. Kristie Lynn says:

    I would take the seasons any day. Yes, I hate the long winter, but fall and spring are just so gorgeous! And the first day with snow… well, I love how everyone’s eyes light up – even though they have seen it every year 🙂
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Say tomorrow and then she’ll describe some old communion cups and someone’s coat =-.

  14. Mica says:

    Harrison really wants to live in Southern California,but I have effectively nixed that option. I like seasons, though perhaps not the seasons of central Illinois. Richmond was nice–cold enough in the winter to feel Christmassy and a definite summer. Not being cold on Christmas would just depress me!
    .-= Author’s last blog post… The return of winter whining =-.

  15. *lynne* says:

    Well I’ve literally gone from one to another: in Malaysia it’s pretty much hot and humid all year ’round, except when tropical thunderstorms are hurling barrels of rain at ya. Then I come to Illinois (whether Urbana, Chicago or now Springfield!) where I certainly get to experience all four seasons. … personally I’d like to experience all four– serves as a good reminder that time marches on no matter what we do. However, I’d like to not experience the extremes… how about a winter that only cools down to the 50s? And summers that rarely heat up more than 80s? Where in the US would I need to go for that kind of weather? 🙂
    .-= Author’s last blog post… 28 days to 2010: Foody Friday Lamb Shanks! =-.

  16. i heart your car. Trying to talk my Steve into it.

    I would want the type of weather where I don’t have to wear a jacket ever. So pretty much San Diego. Although I would miss the fall crispness….so….not sure. : (

  17. I wrote my answer as a separate post. Revolves around needing sunshine.

    But I forgot to mention if I live somewhere with snow, I need indoor parking!!!
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Twenty-Five days of free Christmas music downloads at =-.

  18. Seals says:

    My wife and I have had enough of the seasons here in Missouri. We’d love to move to California one of these days but who knows. For now, we’re stuck with the beauty of winter [roll eyes].
    .-= Author’s last blog post… The New Boyfriend =-.

  19. Amanda says:

    Hmmm…living in AR where I grew up we had more true seasons which I really loved. We usually got a couple of light snows every year, had a gorgeous fall and spring, and a hot and humid summer. Living in Charleston, SC there really isn’t as much of a fall. There’s no pretty leaves, and no snow in winter. I have to say my favorites are the hot days of summer:)
    .-= Author’s last blog post… 3 Things Thursday =-.

  20. lifestudent says:

    You guys got a lot more in your area than we did! Just a dusting here 😉

    And I may whine about it, but I love the seasons. I actually even prefer cooler temps (this summer was the best ever for me). The best thing about having the seasons change is that we can notice time, and our surroundings, and understand (and look forward to) what is coming next. We can also escape the bad time (aka WINTER) and take a little vaca to Mexico or Hawaii … and really appreciate the trip because we come from something so different. I’d never want to lose my seasons!

  21. Fatima says:

    Now that I live in Michigan, I miss the tropical climate of the Philippines 🙁
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Gambling =-.

  22. Ren says:

    I like the snow. In small doses, like the rare day we get here in Austin our the week-or-less of snow on our ski trips. I’ve never lived anywhere with extended periods of snow, so I’m not really sure how I’d like it.

    Of course, that didn’t really answer the question. I do like the variety of seasons, but I’m not sure I like it as much as I like the absolutely perfect weather we have during much of spring and fall. Would I like living somewhere with that type of weather year round? Probably. I’d just travel for hotter and colder weather. 🙂
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Christmas Lights =-.

  23. RunningLaur says:

    Hi Kim!

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I bookmarked your site right away when i saw you were my gift buddy, so that I can do some stalking and hopefully find something you’ll like!

    My email is

    Can’t wait to catch up on your blog. Oh and as for seasons? Having spent 5 years needing to trudge through the snow and slush for classes every day was enough to make me somewhere that I’d never have to see snow again! My fiance and I are on the same page – somewhere warm and snow free for the rest of our lives if at all possible 🙂

  24. Erica says:

    oh man! No question about it- I’d rather it stay the same and on the warmer side all year (hence why I moved to Charleston, SC). That snow is making me shiver! But cute boots 😉
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Winner & Shopping =-.

  25. Shannon says:

    Hi Kim! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad to have found yours now 🙂

    I live in Boston and definitely like having 4 seasons. But I was in New Hampshire for 2 years and that kind of winter was too much for me.

    We are having really weird weather this week. It was 65 in Boston yesterday! And tomorrow it’s supposed to snow! Go figure!

  26. kaylen says:

    I just bought my first snow shovel in about a decade!! (haven’t needed one when living in an apartment)
    I also bought ice-salt type stuff and a car scraper!! I’m ready!!!
    Not happy about having to deal with snow….but I’m ready if I must.
    .-= Author’s last blog post… Babies and Dumpsters Don’t Mix =-.

  27. Hmmm…. before your pics, I was thinking back to how much fun seasons could be (short stint in Ohio as a kid), but then I saw your morning in photos. STOP!

    I’ll stay in Orlando, thank you very much! Though it IS beautiful (from afar or for a visit OR…. if you can use public transit). Thanks for sharing the snow with us!!


  28. kapgar says:

    I want to live some place where I can program the weather. I love the near 65 degrees year round that San Francisco has, but I would want a couple days of snow in the winter (especially Christmas) and a few other random weather bursts here and there. But it must be determined by me. No surprises.
    .-= Author’s last blog post… What do we have in common… =-.

  29. diane says:

    I’ll say one thing about this weather. It gives me a great excuse to stay in my fuzzy pj pants and equally fuzzy socks all day. 🙂
    Not having a car gives me a totally different snow & cold experience, so it doesn’t bother me quite as much. But I could go the rest of my life without that dingy gray crap in late January.

  30. martymankins says:

    Having grown up in Southern California, and having lived in Utah for over 20 years, I’d much prefer a more consistent climate and temperature.

    Like you, I like the snow, but not 4+ months of it. I really don’t like the cold temps and I get tired of them quickly.

    As I get older, I long for nice warm days. Even in the mid to high 80’s is fine with me.
    .-= Author’s last blog post… I’m Thankful… =-.

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