Friday Question #143

By , January 7, 2011 5:19 am

What do you use for your alarm clock – an actual alarm clock or your phone (or maybe the sun, your kids, your pet, other)?

On the days I have to go to work or get up for a run, I use my phone. On other days, Data wakes me up.* Too early.

I have been using my cell phone as an alarm clock since college (2002). But I still kept my old alarm clock around:

The last time my sister, Christina, visited, she noticed that I was still using this alarm clock from middle school… and thought that was pretty sad. So she got me a schweet new alarm clock for the holiday!

(the red light is not always on)

Now, I think I WILL use an alarm clock!

Notice the other Star Wars stuff on my book stand?

We have Darth Tater (Spud Trooper is on the dresser), an R2D2 Pez**,

and even my memory board is Star Wars themed (Christina made it for me – I love it).

Yes, I am a big dork.

*Yesterday was a work at home day for me, and Data woke me up at 5:00 am. Thanks Data. The bonus of working at home is that I get to sleep in until 6:30!
**My Uncle Tom gave this to me the last Christmas I saw him, in 2005, before he unexpectedly passed away. I like to keep it where I can see it each day.

23 Responses to “Friday Question #143”

  1. Jen says:

    I use a Shake Awake: in an effort to not wake up my husband. I also have a regular alarm that goes off 5 minutes later in case the first one doesn’t work. In addition, my watch beeps a little while later in case the first 2 don’t work. Can you say a little OCD? I check the first 2 alarms at least 3 times every night. Check, check, check, check, check….

  2. kapgar says:

    I use a regular ol’ alarm clock so long as I don’t have to wake up at some funky time. Resetting my alarm clock is such a pain that if I need a different time, I use my iPhone. I’d love to use the sun, but I’m awake wellllll before it is. And Katie and I have been trying to find the LEGO Stormtrooper clock for my desk at work. No such luck. I’ve seen Vader, Yoda, and Anakin in stores, but no Stormtrooper.

    • kilax says:

      I hadn’t seen any of the clocks and was quite surprised to receive this one. I hope you find the Stormtrooper!

  3. Megan says:

    I’m pretty much a cell phone user for the alarm as well, but I keep a stand-by on the night stand. For days when I need to be on the road super early, I make sure to set my phone very far away, just so my feet hit the ground!

  4. Kandi says:

    I have a basic alarm clock but it’s awesome because it sets itself!! and it has two alarms (but I only really use one). I can set it for M-F so I don’t have to remember to turn it off on weekends. When I work from home I use my cell phone to wake me up a bit later.
    I wake up to the radio because I can’t stand to be startled awake by beeping… though I found out by accident that my awesome alarm clock eases into the beeping so it wouldn’t actually startle me.
    Which do you prefer? Do you mind (or need) loud noises to wake up?

    • kilax says:

      Steven’s alarm clock eases in to the beeping too, and does radio and has a bunch of random settings.

      Since I use my phone, I set it on a little jingle and don’t mind. I don’t need loud noises to wake me up though. If I need to wake up, it’s like my body almost knows and is prepared and ready to naturally wake up around that time.

  5. bobbi says:

    My husband uses a clock radio type alarm clock, but I use my phone…

  6. Erin says:

    I love your new alarm clock! How fun!

    I, too, had been using an alarm clock I’d had since at least junior high until a few weeks ago. It was just a regular clock radio alarm clock. Jason replaced it with one that has a light on it that slowly comes on starting 30 minutes before the actual alarm goes off.

    I use my phone when I’m traveling because it’s usually easier than trying to figure out how the hotel room alarm clock works.

  7. Shannon says:

    Would you believe I’ve never seen Star Wars?!

    My alarm clock is now a ten and a half pound bundle of joy… A cranky bundle of joy in the mornings 🙂

    • kilax says:

      I do believe it. A lot of people haven’t! Does Dave like Star Wars? If he does, maybe he knows if you would like it 🙂 (the original ones)

      Ha ha. I was wondering if anyone with that sort of alarm clock would respond!

  8. Christina says:

    I use my alarm clock but only as the radio as the alarm because the buzzer freaks me out. But I tend to be woken up by my hubs since he gets up earlier than i do. so when he wakes up so do the dogs and they get all jumpy.

  9. dad says:

    35 year old alarm clock, although it usually only has to go off about 1 day in 5, I seem to have a built in alarm.

    • kilax says:

      Old man alert! 😛

      I seem to wake up around the same time every day now too. Especially because Data thinks I need to be up by 5 am everyday!

  10. k8 says:

    Regular alarm clock. And on days when I am nervous I won’t wake up, I set my phone, too. Otherwise, I try not to keep my phone by my bed. I am such a light sleeper. Even if someone texts me and it’s on vibrate, I’ll wake up.

  11. Pauline says:

    I am so getting that Vader alarm clock for my brother for his birthday in March! He is obsessed with everything Star Wars!

  12. We use phones. Two of them actually, just in case. We weren’t even bitten by the iPhone-clock-apocalypse of 2011 because we have the recurring alarms set.

  13. Melissa says:

    I use a regular alarm clock if I have to get up at a “normal” time for work or a run or morning activity or whatever. However, if I have to get up super early (meeting, flight, etc) for something that I am really paranoid about missing, I will set by my alarm and 2 different alarms on my phone. (I have had my regular alarm clock not go off before…and it was set correctly…and it made me dangerously close to being late for a meeting that I was in charge of, hence the double setting of alarms now) Unfortunately, the clock/cell phone combination has been in use way too much in recent days

  14. gina says:

    I’ve been using my alarm clock since hmm…middle school at least! My new alarm clock will come sometime in April, haha!

  15. Sana says:

    I totally use my cell phone when I need to get up for something. But when I have no plans I wake up whenever my body does.

  16. Christina says:

    I use my old cell phone!! I only have to charge it once or twice a month now that that’s its only purpose!!

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