Training Week 78

By , April 17, 2011 5:12 am

My next races are the Provena Illinois 5K on April 29th and the Christie Clinic Illinois Half Marathon on April 30th. This is the week of the Trolley Run (4M) on April 17th.

Day 540 | April 11, 2011: cross + yoga

During lunch I rode the bike in the gym…

Bike Time: 45:00 | Distance: 8.16 | Set on “Manual,” Resistance Level 6.0

… and in the evening I met Lauren for another hot yoga class at Om on the Range!

We took a 60 minute vinyasa class. It felt so good to stretch out after my race on Saturday! And we did two new moves I had never done before – eagle pose and camel pose. I felt great when class was done… I better be careful I don’t get addicted to hot yoga!

Day 541 | April 12, 2011: 5.5 m run (hills?) + strength class

Steven rode his bike with me while I ran on the new trail being built behind our house. These signs are new:

Hmm. Anyway, this trail is the perfect width for someone to ride their bike with you while you run, but damn, is it hilly. What do you think of my exaggerated hill elevation profile? Ha ha.

I was running a bit slow. And with all the wind and the full sun, I just felt BLAH! My upper outer shins were whining on both legs. WAH. Wah wah.

Distance: 5.5 | Start Temp: 48° | End Temp: 54° | Time: 53:31 | Avg Pace: 9:44 | 1: 9:58 | 2: 9:23 | 3: 9:36 | 4: 10:26 | 5: 9:33 | 6: 4:32

In the evening, I went to my strength class. We used bodybars (set up in stations again) and medicine balls in between doing the bodybar stations. I was so tired and worn out at the end of class. Okay, okay, and during class. The bodybars are the easy part. It’s the moves we do with those damn medicine balls that wear me out!

Sweaty much?!

Day 542 | April 13, 2011: 5.20 m run/1.2 m walk

Yay – it’s staying lighter later, which means we can go to the forest preserves after I get off work! Steven picked me up from the train and we went to the Rollins Savanna to do a 30 minute run/5 minute walk interval twice (with warm-up and cool-down).

I love running in the savanna. There are always a zillion deer out, and you just feel like you are running in the middle of nowhere… it’s kind of an escape.

Except for all of those damn annoying bugs that show up at sundown. No me gusta!

Day 543 | April 14, 2011: rest

Day 544 | April 15, 2011: 19 m run

Here is what every runner does not want to see when checking the weather before a long run:

Wind, wind, and… more wind! At least it was an okay temperature and not raining!

I started my run in Grayslake and ran 3.5 miles to meet up with two other women from the Grayslake Running Club. We ran 12 hilly and windy miles together, on a crushed limestone trail I had never been on before. I love exploring new (to me) trails.

I was so happy to have people to run with. I think that was the only thing keeping my pace around 9:30 (and keeping me sane). The wind was kind of annoying.

After we finished (their 12, my 15.5) I ran the 3.5 back to the car. I felt kind of lonely, so I called my sister during the last 1.5 miles. Thanks Christina! (And thankfully, I have a wireless headset that works as an MP3 player and bluetooth headset!)

I held it together pretty good for this long run, only starting to feel blah in the last mile or so. I’ve come quite a way since I tried to run this far (well, 18 miles, compared to 19) for the first time last September. Check out the difference in pace in the side by side watch shots below:

I just hope I can keep that pace up as I train over the summer!

Run stats: I wore my lavender Asics Cumulus 12s.  I wore capris, a short sleeved tech tee, a windbreaker, and gloves. I took GUs at 4.5, 8.5 and 12.5 miles . I drank 32 ounces of water.

Distance: 19.0 | Start Temp: 39° | End Temp: 45° | Time: 3:01:40 | Avg Pace: 9:33 | 1: 9:29 | 2: 9:21 | 3: 9:37 | 4: 9:38 | 5: 9:27 | 6: 9:19 | 7: 9:19 | 8: 9:26 | 9: 9:34 | 10: 9:12 | 11: 9:25 | 12: 9:18 | 13: 9:47 | 14: 9:52 | 15: 9:35 | 16: 9:46 | 17: 9:32 | 18: 9:45 | 19: 10:06

Day 545 | April 16, 2011: rest

Day 546 | April 17, 2011: Trolley Run (4 miles)

I am doing the Trolley Run today in Kansas City with Steven and his dad and brother!

Week Summary: 33.70 miles

16 Responses to “Training Week 78”

  1. Your 19 miles in wind is SO impressive to me!

  2. Kierstan says:

    Nice runs! Especially the windy one! I did 16 in the wind yesterday and it was tough – but good training for a possibly windy marathon in the flatlands of North Dakota!

    • kilax says:

      How is your training going? Are you feeling good?

      Running in the wind is definitely good training. You never know what could happen on marathon day! Yours is 5/21, right?

  3. Did I know you were running at the Christie Clinic event?!! I apologize if I spaced out on that! That’s so exciting! Yoga has been good to us — I’m heading back there today!

    • kilax says:

      I am not sure if you knew! I am doing the half and the 5K. Maybe I will see you on the course before you take off?

      I need some more hot yoga!!!

  4. Erin says:

    I am so impressed at how your speed has returned! You are doing great. Fingers crossed your legs get their act together.

    And I totally agree with you about hot yoga. I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks! I actually noticed this morning that running slower (11:30ish pace) hurts my legs so I think that might be what is causing it! I think I will ride my bike with Steven while he runs from now on. 😉

  5. Kristina says:

    You’ve got some good miles under your belt! Nicely done.
    I love being able to run on trails – it’s so nice, even if it is hilly.
    How are you feeling about the half-marathon coming up?

    • kilax says:

      Trails are the best! I’ve missed them all winter (they have been covered in snow).

      I am feeling good about the half. I am hoping to stick with my friend who wants to run a sub 2:00. It should be fun!

      How has your foot been?

  6. Kayla says:

    Way to brave the wind! I chickened out and didn’t go out that day. Oops. Thats awesome that your speed has improved so much since September! that gives me hope 😉

  7. Victoria says:

    Wow, that time comparison is SO awesome. Hope your race went well!

  8. J says:

    Great week Kim! I can’t believe you ran 19 miles! That is awesome! And you really improved your pace since last September! I think you are training great and definitely getting stronger and faster!

  9. Anne says:

    Wow! That difference in pace and time is really impressive! YOu’ve definitely come a long way girl 🙂 Your training is going extremely well…keep it up!

  10. Kandi says:

    Very awesome week. The comparison with last Sept. is incredible!

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