Frosty Footrace 2012 5K Race Report

By , February 26, 2012 6:14 pm

Today was the Round Lake Frosty Footrace 5K – the 5K I have been training for for 12 weeks with Britt. Britt came out to watch me run the race and run my warm-up with me. She was very in tune with my goal and we had good plans – run the first mile easy at 7:30, then 7:25 for the second and 7:15-7:10 for the last mile. 

I’ll cut to the chase – I did not make my goal or even PR. My finish time was 24:00, which got me 1st place in my age group and a new course record (1 minute off my time from last year).

There is a lot more I could say about what I did wrong, but I know what I need to work on. I think I am also realizing this hilly course (paired with 20 mph winds from the south) is not one to try to PR on. Oops. 

I feel disappointed I did not make my goal, but only because I felt like I was wasting Britt’s time having her coach me and come all the way out to watch me race! Of course, she did not feel that way AT ALL and told me so. It was just my initial gut feeling. 

So, maybe I will try the 5K again. Although, while I was running, I told myself I never would. Ha ha. 

HUGE thanks to Britt, Erin and Steven for being awesome spectators and standing in the cold and wind to watch me race! And of course, thanks to Britt for being an amazing, inspiring, encouraging coach!

Erin, me and Britt

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and well wishes on the race!

After the race we ate pizza and chatted at our house for a few hours. I like that part of racing!

47 Responses to “Frosty Footrace 2012 5K Race Report”

  1. Laura says:

    Congratulations Kim!! That is so awesome that you placed FIRST in your age group. I understand being disappointed that you didnt meet your goal but you can always try for it on another 5K race this year. It sounds like it was a tough course with lots of wind. You did awesome and Im so proud of you.

    • kilax says:

      Thanks Laura! I am sure I will try again, even though I was telling myself I wouldn’t during the race. Ha ha.

  2. RunningLaur says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t get your PR, but it does sound like you’ve trained incredibly well. Being able to follow through with something like this (focusing on what you want to focus on and not what you feel pressure to from other people, especially during a stressful time) is something that I truly admire. To me, you totally won something great from the last 12 weeks and I’m very proud of you!!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks Lauren! You are right! I should not discount the fact that I stuck to my training for 12 weeks!

  3. Losing Lindy says:

    you look super strong! Sorry you didn’t get it this time, but you did take a lot of time off since last year!

  4. Kandi says:

    Congrats it may not have been your goal time but it is still speedy.

  5. Riyanti says:

    Wow! Amazing! You have gotten so fast. I’m in awe. Very proud you and all your repeated successes.

  6. J says:

    Congrats on first in your AG!! You need to find a flat and fast course and try to PR!! I avoid hilly courses for 5ks because I just hate the hills while trying to run fast! Don’t give up on that 5k PR! You will get it!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks J! I think I will just run this one for fun next year – it’s dumb to try to PR on a hilly course. (On a windy day, when part of the run is in the snow)

  7. bobbi says:

    I am so sorry you didn’t PR today, but I don’t think it is any way a reflection of LACK of training. I think you nailed it – hilly course and a really windy day. I know you’ve got this in you 🙂

    Congrats again on first place – you are SO FAST! I’m still bummed that I didn’t get to hang with you today (was sufferring from FB FOMO all afternoon, haha!), but now maybe I can be there when you DO PR!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks Bobbi! I think you would have had fun at the race, with all the GRC peeps. Are you going to run a 5K before Grandma’s?

  8. Kelly says:

    Damn, that’s still really speedy!

  9. Erin says:

    Those twelve weeks were not wasted. You never know what race day will bring but you know that your training made you stronger and smarter. You learn something from every race and I hope this makes you want to keep trying to achieve your goal and not give up and walk away!

  10. Michel says:

    Congratulations on everything today!! You trained so hard and you did wonderfully! The wind was a total bitch to run in today. You’ll get it one day soon!

  11. abbi says:

    Too bad you didn’t get your PR but I’d say you still did really well on a hilly course!

  12. Stephany says:

    Great job, Kim! It’s always hard not to meet a goal but you did amazing anyway!

  13. Wow, that’s a great time and awesome to win first place in your age group!!! However, racing against yourself and not winning is the worst, so don’t give up and keep going! You’ll get there soon enough. 🙂

  14. carol says:

    You smoked it! Don’t let what you didn’t do steal your thunder from what you did do!

  15. Bethany says:

    Great job! You may not have beat your PR but you still ran a race longer than I’ll likely ever run! 😉 Good going!

  16. Pete B says:

    The wind was tough today. Congrats on first place!

  17. Courtney says:

    First, you have no reason to be disappointed in yourself at all!! I think you did fantastic!! Just think all you have learned over the past 12 weeks!! Britt sounds like she did an amazing job coaching you!!! Congratulations on 1st in your age group!!! And- YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!! I think you should try it again (if you want too, just maybe not on a hilly course)! I really do hope you’re not bummed or disappointed, you rock- one day I hope to be half the runner you are!!! =^..^=

    • kilax says:

      Aww, thanks Courtney! I am not too bummed. Just kind of meh about it. But I will get back in the groove soon! Have you been able to run lately?

  18. Jen says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t PR! You look super strong and I know you have it in you! You just need the right conditions! Have you thought about using a pacer?

    • kilax says:

      Thanks. I used a pacer last year and it worked well. I might have to, but I would like to learn to do it on my own 🙂

  19. You did awesome! I know you didn’t reach your goal, but you still should be super proud of yourself!

  20. shelley says:

    Congrats speedy girl!!!

  21. Ah! Good job! And a course pr? That’s awesome!

  22. gina says:

    Oh Kim! You are my IDOL! Running that fast for 3.1 miles is amazing! You look fantastic and so strong! I love that you got a course pr and placed first in your age group!! You worked so hard and did great! Your goal PR is just around the corner, I can smell it (or is that you?)!

  23. First in your age group is awesome!! Congratulations. 🙂
    And you may not have gotten a PR, thats still really freaking fast. People think that 5k is an easy distance, but its so not. You did amazing.

  24. You are so speedy! Congrats on 1st 🙂

  25. I’m sorry you didn’t get your PR, but it sounds like it was quite a challenging course! At least you know if you did this well with a hard course, you can do that much better on a flat/non-windy course! I’m sure you’ll get your 5k goal this year… there are plenty of weeks left to go 🙂

  26. Hey don’t be so hard on yourself!!! Like I said yesterday, we win some and we lose some. Goals wouldn’t be fun if we hit them 100% of the time, then they’d just be a given where we wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn and grow from them. I think that you did wonderful, and while I didn’t want to say it yesterday…that wind was a bitch. But you finished, you set a new PB on the course, and you have grown so much in the past few months. You future ahead is bright, don’t let one race bring you down because there are a million more to get out there and try.

    And you didn’t let me down, it was my pleasure to spend the day with you being part of your support crew. You looked mighty strong, and those pics are awesome! They captured you mid air!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks Britt! You always make me feel better. Especially now that I know you thought the wind was a bitch. LOL. I was trying so hard to push through it, but that open part of the course by the lake was just killer!

      Forward on, rigth?! 🙂

  27. Kristina says:

    Nice age group place! That is awesome, especially considering the wind and the hills.
    I think you were pretty brave to take it on, knowing that it would be a challenge.
    From the photos – you look awesome!

  28. Pam says:

    Wind can suck it.

  29. Sounds like you did a great job, and at least from what I can tell, you nailed your training right on the spot. It wasn’t quite the right day or course, but you were strong and improved. You have (rightly so!) very high expectations of yourself!

  30. Melie says:

    I might be easily impressed (photos of running in the snow, in shorts nonetheless, tend to do that to me) but this sounds like a really fast race to me! You worked on your goals and you improved so much since last year so that should count for something right? Next time you will get your time goal too 🙂

  31. Nichole says:

    Don’t you for two secs every doubt your performance. YOU DID AMAZING!!

    Those pictures are absolutely amazing!! Love the running with the snow in the background, looks unreal.

    ENJOY basking in your big race!!

  32. I think Britt was secretly pleased you didn’t PR, so she can continue to be your coach – clearly she enjoys it! =)

  33. Emily says:

    Congratulations! You did an amazing job and you should be so proud of yourself! There are dozens of factors that go into races which impact our performances – weather, altitude, course, crowdedness, nutrition, hydration, gear, etc., etc. So it’s hard to compare our races or times on a purely even basis. Therefore, I think it’s helpful to look at how the population of race participants did overall, thus first place in your AG is AWESOME!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!

  34. Kelsey says:

    girlfriend awesome job! and get out of here with running in a tank with SNOW ON THE GROUND.

  35. Marcia says:

    The weather did not exactly lend itself to a PR but 24:00 is still super speedy and woot for the AG win!

  36. Amy says:

    Kim, 24:00 is still an awesome time! I hope you feel happier about your race – you should be proud of yourself for being able to do so well! And wow – a tank top while there is snow on the ground? I am in awe!

  37. Kayla says:

    I’m just starting to catch up on blogs and saw this one! So sorry it wasn’t the day for you to PR or reach your goal, but congrats on a GREAT time and 1st in your AG! Awesome!

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