Insanity is…

By , March 18, 2013 8:04 am

… to do the same thing over and over and expect different results… right?!

That is so me. 

With my hair. 


I hate taking care of it. So I don’t. It gets really long, and looks really bad. I wear it up most of the time so I don’t care. But then I notice it looks bad in a photo on the rare occasion I do wear it down… so I get it cut. 

And they have to cut off 3 inches. 

And for some reason, after not caring about my hair all. year. long. I’m upset. That it’s so short. 


My natural wavy hair…

At least it looks longer when I straightened it. 


Ha ha ha.

So, maybe, instead of doing this to myself year after year, I should actually take care of my hair?! Nah. I will continue on the insanity track!

What do you keep doing over and over, expecting different results? Any plans to change?

The lady who cut my hair was funny. I was telling her how much I love ALDI, and she was saying how she does too, but her husband thinks the produce is bad there and doesn’t want her to shop there. So she still does, and cooks for her husband using ALDI produce, but tells him it’s from Whole Foods. And then he tells her how much he loves the dish. Ha ha ha. 

47 Responses to “Insanity is…”

  1. Riyanti says:

    The Aldi story is a riot! I missed the hair care genre too. Actually, I’d rather have the ten minutes to sleep. I think I do that with eating/lossing weight. I am surprised nothing’s changing but I haven’t changed anything. Duh.

  2. kelsey says:

    I HATE doing my hair. I think I’m 50/50 with doing it and not doing it. I think more often then not it gets thrown into a ponytail or really really grossly messy bun..

  3. Kandi says:

    Hair is so annoying. My idea of fixing my hair is putting a product in it while it’s still wet and running a wide toothed comb through it. I usually wear mine down because I have a lot of flyaway hairs when my hair is in a ponytail and I hate that look for work.
    I don’t think yours looks too short though.

  4. Anne says:

    I don’t think you’re actually looking for hair care advice but… have you tried any products to work with the natural waviness? That’d probably be easier/quicker than straightening it when you’re not wearing it up.

    And I’m a little insane with my hair too. Sometimes I wish I could wear it up more, but then after like a week of it in a nub of a ponytail, I cut it short again because I’m annoyed with it.

    • kilax says:

      I haven’t! Do you have any ideas? A few years ago I had a haircut where I could wash it at night, put mousse in it, sleep on it, and it was ready to go in the am.

      Your hair always looks so cute to me 🙂

  5. abbi says:

    I don’t take care of my hair at all and it’s always a mess so I just wear it up all the time. All of your recent Aldi talk it making me want to try it. We have one and I’ve never been to it!

  6. hahaha! The Aldi story!! My dad had no idea my mom made him taco’s with ground turkey until after she passed away. LOL!

    Have you thought of highlights for your hair? I chopped my hair in December, and I am pissed about it still. My idea to do it and I cried when doing it to. blah.

    • kilax says:

      I have thought about highlights. And I have also thought about what a pita they would be to maintain. I am okay with plain brown hair 🙂

  7. Maggie says:

    That Aldi story is pretty hilarious! I’m sure my mom did the same stuff to us as kids. In fact, I know she would buy us clothes from the resale stores and wrap them up in Marshall Fields boxes for Christmas.

    I try to be really good about haircuts. I almost always wear my hair down, and I’m letting it grow long right now, so I have to stay on top of trims (I try to stick to 10-ish weeks between trims) if I want it to look decent, since I don’t really style it, other than my bangs I guess (if blow drying and then rolling it out with a round brush counts as styling).

  8. I’m so bad about taking care of my hair. I grow it out and then chop it off, grow it out and then chop it off. I never ever get “maintenance trims” or whatever. Oh well, considering the most I do to “style” my hair is blow dry it it’s not a big deal!

  9. Rachel says:

    Aww I think your hair is pretty! It’s definetly not as bad as you are making it out to be! 🙂 I have a natural wave too, so I know that can be frustrating.

    I used to be terrible at getting trims when I had long hair, but now that I have it shorter I am going in every couple months. I guess having an actual ‘hairstyle’ makes me a little more accountable!

  10. Kiersten says:

    Oh so many things. Running the same moderate effort 6 mile run all the time and expecting to get faster and eating junk and expecting to lose weight to name two of them.

  11. Erin says:

    I’m really bad about getting my hair cut on a regular basis, too. The only way I can manage that is to schedule my next appointment when I’m still there for my current appointment. Which I hardly ever do.

    I do wonder, though, if I worked from home as much as you if I would eventually stop doing my hair. I feel gross if I don’t shower and deal with it, though, so I think I would still do my hair on a regular basis. Especially since it’s so much easier to do now that I wear it curly. Should I teach you how to do that? It seriously only takes me like 10 minutes.

  12. denise says:

    I think you’re beautiful either way. Your skin is flawless! My issue is time management. I keep hitting the snooze button, doing an awful job of estimating how much time it will take me to get ready and out the door. Absolute insanity! See, we all have something to work on 🙂

  13. Xaarlin says:

    I think you’re too hard on yourself- why not put a smidgen of mousse in your hair to bring out the curls? (Coming from the person who gets her hair cut 1 time a year and wears a bun or pony tail 98.6% of the time)

    You’re not a lone. 🙂

  14. LOL, I had a coworker who was scared of ALDI. I would make stuff for work, then tell her what all came from ALDI.

  15. J says:

    I used to not get my hair cut a lot but now I try to because I wear it down almost every day for work. Sometimes I get fed up with blow drying and straightening it every day but before the guys used to make fun of my hair and now they don’t so I know I must look half decent every day. If I don’t straightening and just let it dry sometimes it gets really wavy and crazy and frizzy. no good.

  16. I wish I could be patient enough to let me hair grow out as long as yours (or longer!) I desperately want long hair but always get impatient and cut it to shoulder length time and time again lol!

  17. I always tell the hairdresser two things when I go in, I will not do anything more complicated than blow drying, and it needs to be long enough that I can put it in a ponytail. Usually that works out pretty well for me.
    Also, I like your hair that length. I think it looks awesome. 🙂

  18. diane says:

    I’m pretty stringent about getting my hair cut because it is SO THICK and once it starts to grow it drives me bananas and grows more outward than down. Poof!
    I was just telling Paul I am thinking about getting a keratin straightening treatment for the summer. My boss gets one every summer. Supposedly it causes cancer, but I figure since everything causes cancer anyway, I might as well pick something that makes my life easier. Hee hee.

  19. I’m also awful at doing my hair! Some (most) mornings I rock the wet hair on the train look. Ugh.

  20. Michele says:

    I think your hair is cute!! Wavy or straight!

    I have to fix mine every day, or else I’d scare people. Like for real. It typically looks like I stuck my finger in an electric socket before I flat iron it. Scary!

  21. Melie says:

    haha! Confess. My sister put you up to this post, right? My hair type is exactly like yours, only much much longer at this point in time. I hate taking care of my hair. And even if I didn’t, I am completely useless at it, so it wouldn’t make any difference either way. And now I need to do exactly what you did and go to the hairdresser’s. And I really don’t want to. This is my insanity that I don’t want to change 🙂

  22. Meghan says:

    I love you with straight hair! So pretty!

    I hate mine with a passion. I never do anything new with it. Headbands all the way!

  23. Christina says:

    You should start pinning hairdo’s on Pinterest! I usually wear mine straight or curled, but every now and then I try something from my Pinterest board!

  24. I have my cosmetology license and care WAY too much about my hair. I hardly ever wear make up and only get my nails done for special occasions, but my hair usually looks good. Right now it is too long though and after my friends wedding, I plan to cut it pretty short again. I hate it short but because my hair is thin, it looks better that way!

  25. Mica says:

    I always do the same thing with my hair, too–long with layers. It’s really hard to break out of any style rut, I think. Have you ever tried changing the way you part it? That’s apparently a great way to change things up without the commitment of a major cut.

  26. martymankins says:

    As I’ve commented before, I like the longer straighter hair on you.

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