Cat tales

By , March 17, 2017 12:00 pm

Or should it be “tails”? Ha ha ha.

  • Khali still lives inside. Could she go back outside? Yeah, she’s probably fully recovered now. Do I want her to go back outside? No, I love having her little fluffy butt inside. Would Snow immediately try to have relations with her if she went out? Yep. We’ve let her out a few times and witnessed this.

Khali & Data

Khali & Snow during a sweet, non R-rated moment

  • Steven has been working on an AMAZING cat house and finished it last weekend! I need to do a full post on it, but here’s a sneak peek picture of it. And Snow started using it right away, yay!

  • I forgot what it’s like to live with a cat who eats human food. Data doesn’t. Khali does. We forgot about this, and Steven left half an enchilada on the counter Tuesday night. Hmm, guess who took a bite out of it and had salsa verde on her whiskers? And guess who pulled an eggroll out of the takeout bag last night? Ha. Also: we need to start cooking more at home again. Also: yum, the Chinese food leftovers are going to be awesome at lunch today.

  • Gah, Data had an epic barf accident on Tuesday. I heard him starting to throw up while he was on top of a floor vent under his tower of judgement. I didn’t want him to throw up on the vent, so I moved the tower and he freaked the hell out and ran in to the kitchen… barfing as he ran. His total barf trajectory was almost the complete length of the dining room. It was horrible to clean up, but also somewhat hilarious, so I took a photo to show Steven. Don’t worry, I won’t share it here!

11 Responses to “Cat tales”

  1. Kathy says:

    Poor Data lol! Khali has some pretty exotic tastes for a cat!

  2. Heather says:

    Cats who eat human food are hilarious. (Frustrating at times, but hilarious.) The cat we lost recently, Ian, used to steal veggie burgers and veggie bacon. We couldn’t leave it unattended. Turkey bacon or burgers made of beef or turkey? Eww. Veggie burgers? Apparently heck yes.

    Our Elliott currently obsesses over frozen waffles (but not if they’re cooked – my kids are weirdos and eat them frozen) but nothing else human.

    Cats are very strange.

    Looks like Kali is fitting right in though. Does she seem to want out or is she content? She looks pretty happy!

    • kilax says:

      Ha! Ian!!!! Khali also really likes fake meats. She hasn’t tried any real ones outside of her cat food!

      Frozen waffles?!?!?!

      She mostly wants to stay in, except when her brother comes around! She usually doesn’t try to forcefully go outside when we open the door, except one time last week!

      • Heather says:

        He was a character for sure. My husband used to joke it was because he was brain damaged but I think he was just a weirdo!

        Frozen waffles. I really don’t even know, lol! He was really aggressive about it until he hit … 2, I want to say? He still steals them if he can get away with it so my kids have learned not to put them down, but he used to sneak up and yank it out of their hands. Again – weirdo!

        That’s great! I think she found a keeper then 🙂 Sounds like a happy cat and a win/win to me!

        • kilax says:

          Have you seen Stranger Things? Ha ha, the waffles makes me think of that. Do the kids think it’s a riot when he takes one?
          Total win/win! Now, to get her brother fixed…

  3. Shelley B says:

    I laughed at your cat tales (tails?), I couldn’t help it!

  4. DeAnne says:

    OMG Hillarious!!

  5. Maggie says:

    The other day, Olive’s gagging woke me up. Our bedroom is one of the few carpeted spots in our place, so I tried to dart out of bed and carry her to hardwood floors. I didn’t make it, but thankfully it was just hairball vomit so clean up wasn’t too bad.

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