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Even though our veterinarian is fantastic, I was anxious about Khaleesi (Khali) getting spayed today. I’m nervous when they put them under to operate!

But, the vet technicians and assistants made me feel at ease – they called and sent text updates (with pictures!) throughout the day to let me know how things were going. Khali came home late this afternoon.

We’re supposed to monitor her activity for fourteen days to make sure she doesn’t jump or play too much! Ha! We’ll give her a few days inside* and see how that goes. I completely emptied out the downstairs bathroom so it’s all hers.

She found a comfy spot right away…

And I’ve been in here, monitoring her since she got back. I’ve learned she is a snorer! She’s being completely sweet and purring (and snoring) A LOT. I wonder if she’ll even want to go back outside… (I am guessing yes – she loves killing things).

Fingers crossed recovery goes well!

(Gah, I had the weirdest déjà vu writing this post. Does that ever happen to you?)

*Edited to add: I am happy it’s so oddly warm outside right now, so that Snow is not too cold, sleeping outside, without his sister’s body heat!

19 Responses to “Phew”

  1. Kathy says:

    Yes to the dejavu, I find it weird. Glad she is doing good. Is she on pain meds? If she is enjoy the snuggles before they wear off 😃

    • kilax says:

      It was really weird! Certain details of the post (like the fourteen days) I felt like I’d thought of before.

      She is on pain meds. We have something to give her today and the next two days. I hope she stays cuddly without them! Ha ha.

  2. DeAnne says:

    I’m so happy she found you!

  3. Amy says:

    She looks comfy in the sink! And so lucky to have found you!

  4. Staci says:

    awww…she looks happy in the sink for sure. I always love how the vet tells you to keep them from jumping and playing. It is so hard with both cats and dogs to actually do that. 🙂

  5. Chaitali says:

    She definitely looks comfy in the sink! Good luck with trying to keep her from being too active. We have to take Shelby in for some dental work next week and I’m always nervous about the anesthesia too.

  6. Shelley B says:

    Awww! You are such a good cat mom. She looks very happy. My first cat was a sink lover and that picture brought back good memories. RIP Lucy (1987).

  7. Mica says:

    I’m glad her surgery went okay and that she has a nice place to recover. Has Data seemed agitated by her presence in the house?

    • kilax says:

      Data is mostly chill about it! We even let her walk around today. She is very generous with the kisses. Data tolerates it, then walks away.

  8. Maggie says:

    OMG snuggled up in the sink <3 So cute.

  9. martymankins says:

    Hope the recovery goes well for Khali. Going through all that is never easy. And it looks like she’s all good being by herself in a comfy place.

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