Random Thoughts Thursday 140

By , July 13, 2017 6:36 am
  • The county I live in has been pounded with rain over the last week (particularly Tuesday night) and there are lots of roads under water, and flooding in businesses and people’s homes. At least two cities (that I saw) have declared a state of local emergency. It’s horrible, and I feel so bad for the people dealing with property damage. I hope we get a break from the rain for awhile (it was supposed to rain last night AGAIN, but luckily, it didn’t!).

Rain we got at our house this week

  • Luckily, we didn’t have any issues at our house. We did get a lot of rain, and our power went out early Wednesday morning (12:30 am), but the generator kept the sump pumps running (for over twelve hours until the power came back). Steven and I both had interesting commutes, with all the flooding. The route I take to work had an intersection under water, and Steven had to completely reroute the way he normally goes (the town his warehouse is in is one of the towns that declared a state of emergency).
  • I’ve actually had stuff I wanted to write about this week, but I’ve been in training all day since Tuesday and haven’t made the time to post. I signed up for this leadership class at work and was hoping I’d learn some new skills and concepts, but so far, it’s been stuff I already know (ladder of inference, Myers Briggs, etc) and mostly activities I’ve done before (GAH, if I have to build a “tower” with my team again, my head will explode), The teacher is engaging and I like the people I am in class with, so there’s that! Maybe today is the day I will learn something new!
  • I had to turn off the screen on my Garmin app that shows how many steps I do per day and if I was reaching my “goal.” Seeing it made me kind of nuts about it, when it’s something I don’t care about. I turned it off and immediately stopped thinking about it.
  • Snow (our outdoor cat) is extremely lovey dovey and I like to spend time holding and petting him each day, but the mosquitoes have been SO horrible that I get eaten up when I go outside to see him. Snow is afraid of coming inside, but I’ve been bringing him in for little bouts so I can pet him and not get bit (by mosquitoes, ha). Last night I brought Snow in, and Steven got him all buttered petting him while he ate. After that, he was chill (for Snow) and stayed in the house for quite some time! When I opened the door to offer for him to go back outside, he didn’t bolt straight for it, but casually walked outside. Winning!

  • Who else is excited for the Game of Thrones season premiere on Sunday? I hope our HBO app doesn’t crash!!! (That’s been an issue in the past with so many people trying to stream it live – I hope they’ve figured that out.)

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14 Responses to “Random Thoughts Thursday 140”

  1. Karen Bayne says:

    Wendy sent us a pic and she could kayak on her street, that is a crazy amount of rain.
    I like to see my steps reminds to get up and leave my desk lol
    I think Snow will be in the house before long!

    • kilax says:

      Yeah 🙁 So many suburbs are looking like that.

      The step encouragement is helpful for a lot of people!!!

      I think he will be too 😉

  2. Mica says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize that you were getting so much rain. I’m so glad your sump pumps survived and kept working. It seems like they’re always the weak point!

    I’m glad Snow is coming around to spending time inside (especially because of your current mosquito situation). What does Data do when he’s inside?

    YESSSS, GOT! I’m excited! Have you caught up on what happened last season? I’m gonna’ need a recap.

    • kilax says:

      I am glad they are too, and that we didn’t get storms like this last year!

      Data was pretty “whatever” about it. They had a face to face yesterday and Data just walked away.

      I am! We rewatched it all and finished it two weeks ago. Catch up, stat!

  3. Pete B says:

    Yeah, I had the same deal with the step counter. I had never cared about steps before, but then I bought a Garmin GPS watch that happens to also track them. For a few weeks I was focused on making sure I met my “goal” (whatever that is), but luckily I lost interest. Now I only check it for fun – mostly on days that I ran lots of miles like post-marathon to see the super high number!

    • kilax says:

      Yeah – that is where I am now, too! Days I run and walk a lot I will check it out! Otherwise, I know it’s gonna be low if I am working at home!

  4. Kiersten Pfeifer says:

    We are having our first rainy day in so long here and I am actually excited for it. When it is sunny I feel like I should be out doing something every second. But if it is rainy, I feel justified in being a little lazy.

  5. Alyssa says:

    I heard Burlington, WI got 9 inches of rain on Tuesday night! 9 inches! I don’t know how many we got but it was enough. There was still water on the roads on my way to work this morning. Yuck! It can stop any time!

    • kilax says:

      Man, nine inches is just INSANE. How is that even possible? I hope it’s dry for enough time for the roads to clear and so on.

      The Des Plaines River is supposed to crest Saturday, and my husband said it’s already up and on to the road at 173!

  6. I’m so glad you posted! I’ve been thinking about you guys for the past couple of days and hoped your sump pump was doing its job! The pictures and videos I’ve seen from the north suburbs are just BONKERS. I saw one on NBC yesterday of a semi that was almost completely submerged underneath a railroad viaduct. The viaduct had that sign on it that bridges do so trucks know how high the bridge is, and the clearance on that one was over 14 feet! It legitimately looked like the railroad tracks were meant to go over a river, not 14 feet above a road! Totally wild. I’m really, really glad you guys are ok and that your house didn’t sustain any damage!

    • kilax says:

      Thank you for thinking of us! I appreciate it!

      The pictures and stories are just shocking to me. It blows my mind what rain can do 🙁 And how areas like that viaduct can get so much of the water.

  7. Shelley B says:

    Wowzers, that is a scary lot of rain! Glad your generator kept the power on and the sump pump going – good planning on your part, I have to say! Hope whatever disturbance is causing this will go away.

    Love that Snow was OK inside! Maybe he’ll finally end up seeing the good life – or at the very least, become an indoor/outdoor cat (after all he does have a sweet condo that he probably doesn’t want to give up). YES I am excited for GoT on Sunday!!! Of course I will spend a good part of the show going “wait, who was that??” because my memory is bad, but I can’t wait!

    • kilax says:

      It is! I feel like it came out of nowhere. I wonder if the meteorologists even expected it! I am SO grateful we got that generator this year! Our house would have flooded last year if this happened cause the sump pumps wouldn’t have run without power and they wouldn’t last that long on battery.

      I have a feeling he might become indoor/outdoor. He definitely won’t want to give up that condo!!!

      Yay! Watching it will be a fun way to end the weekend, right? We decided to rewatch all six seasons so we’re fresh 🙂

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