Training Week 420

By , November 5, 2017 5:49 pm

Highlight of the Week: Doing my speedwork on Thursday (and not putting off until the weekend)!

Monday | October 30, 2017: 4 m run (incl. 3 hill repeats) + teaching strength class
Loc: hood, Temp: 47°/48°, Time: 43:47, Pace: 10:56 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: annoyed with cars – what’s new?
Strength: Airex pads and plates, Difficulty: easy, Felt: decent

Tuesday | October 31, 2017: rest
Wednesday | November 1, 2017: 3 m run
Loc: Lakefront Trail, Temp: 42°/44°, Time: 30:32, Pace: 10:10 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: great
Thursday | November 2, 2017: 5 m run (incl. 6×400) + 5 m ride
Loc: hood, Temp: 47°/48°, Time: 53:30, Pace: 10:41 avg, Difficulty: easy/medium, Felt: like I could do exactly six repeats, ha
Indoor Ride Time: 19:46, Pace: 15.2 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: tired legs

Friday | November 3, 2017: teaching strength class + 1,008 yd swim + 4 m run
Strength: two dumbbells and BOSU, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, but creaky in one hip
Loc: FitNation, Time: 22:12, Pace: 2:12 min/100 yd, Difficulty: easy, Felt: great
Loc: VP Woods, Temp: 43°/42°, Time: 43:31, Pace: 10:53 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, annoyed with all the “rock” stops

Saturday | November 4, 2017: teaching fitness boxing + 4 m run
Strength: whole body, gloves, and pads, Difficulty: easy (mostly observing), Felt: good
Loc: hood, Temp: 44°/45°, Time: 43:30, Pace: 10:52 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Sunday | November 5, 2017: 12 m run
Loc: Lake Andrea/outlet mall loop, Temp: 46°/47°, Time: 2:20:10, Pace: 11:41 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: great


  • I renewed my yearly swim pass this week, so I need to make sure I go to the pool at least thirty-eight times by October 31st next year, to make it worth the cost (versus paying a drop in fee)!
  • The temperature was in the high 40s with low winds Thursday so I headed out for a run in shorts and a tank and quickly realized I should have worn gloves too. Oops. I won’t make that mistake again – my hands were cold (for hours!) until I made a mug of cider and held it just to warm them up.
  • I did all my weekly runs during lunch break this week. I like that a lot better than running after work. After work I just want to be laaaaazy.
  • Boy, I woke up feeling sore Saturday (and Sunday) from the BOSU workout we did in strength class Friday morning! I like it when that happens – it means I worked something I haven’t in a while.
  • Yay, I actually did a long run this week! And really enjoyed it. Sunday morning is a quiet time for runs and I enjoy not having to think about too much traffic.
  • Monthly recap time. In October I ran 102.9 miles (24 runs), cycled 40 miles (4 indoor rides) and swam 2,520 yards (3 swims). My coldest run was 34°F and my warmest was 80°F. I taught 9 strength classes, and 2 fitness boxing class. I did 1 strength training session at home.

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4 Responses to “Training Week 420”

  1. Kathy says:

    That’s quite th temperature difference between runs! At least it’s bright for your lunchtime runs and you get to see some sun.

    • kilax says:

      It is! I wonder if I will see that much of a difference this month. So far all of my runs have been withing an 8 degree range.

      Yeah, I feel grateful I can run in the daylight a lunch time during the work week!

  2. Chaitali says:

    I love that photo from your Thursday run, so pretty!

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