By , November 6, 2017 12:54 pm

Thanks, Data, for doing your tribal meow, on repeat, from another room on a different floor, while I was on the phone with my boss this morning.

I was about to mute the call to yell at him to shut up when my boss goes “is that a cat?”

Sigh. Yes, a cat who wants to play, and should play with his sister instead of making those horrible noises.

“I love cats!” she said.


I’d really like to make a good impression on the person (her!) who might ask to extend my detail… maybe I should tell her two of the cats have Game of Thrones names – I know she’s a fan. Ha!

13 Responses to “Officemates”

  1. Anne says:

    Awww Data was probably just jealous that you weren’t talking to him 🙁

    Heidi is usually passed out during my calls (except my 5pm one last week, when she was dancing around barking at me because, hello, even she knows that’s too late to be on a call), so it’s possible my co-workers can hear her snoring. Jude used to think I was talking to him when I was on the phone so he’d whine and bark at me all the time LOL

    • kilax says:


      Ha! That would be funny if you could hear Heidi snoring! Ha ha ha ha. Aww Jude! I can see an animal thinking that!

  2. Jen2 says:

    Do eeet!!

  3. Christina says:

    He was just singing the song of his peoples… Duhhh.

    Dexter likes to sing the song of her peoples the second William falls asleep for a nap. She’s like “MEEEEEEEEEEEEEERAAAAAAAAAAH”

  4. What an inconsiderate coworker! You should report him to HR if this behavior continues – you shouldn’t have to work in a hostile environment like that! Unless, of course, his presence leads to you getting assigned to your detail longer – then I guess his misbehavior can go unreported 😛

    • kilax says:

      Ha ha ha! I should report him! We always joke that he’s the boss of Steven, but Steven and I don’t work for the same company, so I think it would be okay to complain about Data – he is not a good shared office space mate. Ha ha.

  5. Mica says:

    Wow, Data’s voice carries that much? From another room AND another floor? And then over the phone too?

    I’m glad your boss was cool with it!

  6. Shelley B says:

    I have to put Paco in his crate if I’m going to have an important phone call. Never fails, the mail/UPS/trash truck will go by otherwise, and Paco will have to sound the alarm!

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