What’s skincare? (& other stories)

By , November 14, 2017 8:56 pm

I was at the salon getting my eyebrows waxed and sat in the beautician’s chair after so she could show me some eyebrow makeup.

But first:

What kind of foundation do you use?

I don’t use any.

Oh! What kind of moisturizer do you use then?

Uh… none.

Do you use a lotion?

Um, not really.

What do you use to wash your face?

Sometimes soap, in the shower (but not that often).

So yeah, probably not the best audience for that $78 bottle of moisturizer (even though it felt amazing). But I would like to try something new for my brows!

Similar to Monday’s sentiment, there are probably a whole lot of things I could be doing to take better care of myself. Eek!

have been eating healthier. Yay! As a result, I have more energy (duh). But I also have a lot of work to do before some of my clothes fit again, and until I can run faster. I’ll get there. (But will I stay there? Muah ha ha. Ugh.)

Mentioning my diet reminds me of a conversation with a coworker. We were talking on the phone around lunch time and both of us were finishing up our meals. I told her I was having a peanut butter cup. She goes “I bet it’s some healthy, organic peanut butter cup!” It’s hilarious to me that people assume I eat über healthy because I am vegan.

It’s also hilarious to me that this brand of peanut butter cups actually is organic. That’s not something I shop for!

Speaking of work, I had more dreams last night about missing the train, then not being able to figure out the train schedule so that I could get on a later train to work (then somehow I ended up in a wedding dress). Is this better or worse than the dream I woke up to Monday, about a fatality I witnessed at an amusement park?

Ahh, commuting. Today’s train was late, and it was raining a bit. Whenever I commute to the office in rain/snow/bad weather, I think about a coworker who doesn’t come in anymore and how they often contact the people who do come in on days like this to say things like “the weather is so crappy this morning!” and “how was the commute?!” Annoying. And unnecessary.

14 Responses to “What’s skincare? (& other stories)”

  1. Mica says:

    It’s funny that you wrote about your chill (non-existent) skincare routine because I was just in Korean skincare store, and their regimens are SO intense here. (8-10 steps in common) Let me know if you ever want to fall down that rabbit hole!

    I’m also trying to figure out a brow routine. I sometimes get them waxed or tweeze them, but there has to be more, right? Did you end up getting any of the brow make-up?

    • kilax says:

      I was thinking about you when I wrote this because I remember you mentioning how intense the Korean skin care routine is. You are using some of the products and liking them, right?

      There is more! I did get a pencil and highlighter. I was using a gel to tint them and shape them, but I can draw on more brow with a pencil. And draw in the missing hairs! I don’t really care about the rest of my face but I feel put together when my eyebrows are done, ha ha.

  2. ChezJulie says:

    I use a tinted moisturizer, which solves two problems in one (foundation + moisturizer). If you ever decide to experiment with some products, there is a great line called Paula’s Choice that is simple, non-irritating ingredients, minimal advertising, and not tested on animals.

    • kilax says:

      Cool! Where do you get it? I think I would want a combo like that. Do they have that PLUS sunscreen? Ha ha. And definitely want it not to be tested on animals or have animal ingredients.

      • Julie says:

        For the tinted moisturizer, I use Laura Mercier. And it DOES include SPF 20 sunscreen. It is expensive – about $40.00 a tube – but lasts a very long time. It is very light and fluffy and evens out your skin. (And is not tested on animals, as I avoid those products).

        For skincare, I use Paula’s Choice, which you can order online. She used to write these books rating different skincare and makeup products and telling you what was wrong with them, and then she started her own line. http://www.paulaschoice.com/

        • kilax says:

          Thanks so much for the info and link! I think I should be better about applying sunscreen, so if I can get some moisturizer in there too, why not?!

  3. Shelley B says:

    I’m with you on skincare – but I think also, thanks to my STILL teenage greasy skin plus living in humidtown, I don’t need to moisturize like I might if I lived elsewhere. I try to use an under eye cream but I’m not even good at doing that most days. Your brows look good to me – you can see them! Mine are almost invisible but do I bother with the brow stuff I bought several years ago? Haha, rarely. What are you using for yours?

    • kilax says:

      Oh yeah, you don’t need it there! I was thinking “huh, maybe it would be nice to NOT have a dry face all winter?” Ha ha.

      Thanks! I just switched to a pencil. I was using a tinted gel before.

  4. Kandi says:

    My skincare routine is pretty much the same except I use cetaphil in the shower to wash my face. I do own a few other things but rarely use them.

  5. Anne says:

    LOL $78 just for moisturizer?! Mine is maybe $25 and lasts a long time, and that’s probably all I’d pay for that.

    Did you ever try the brow stuff from Ulta that I linked you to? It’s probably because my brows are darker, but a pencil always looks fake and drawn-in on me 🙁 If that’s pencil in your picture it looks really good!

    Do you have commute dreams the night before an office day a lot? I always did, since that wasn’t my normal routine. I’d also dream about sleeping through my alarm and missing your class every Thursday night!

    • kilax says:

      I think so! They kept saying how it was a good deal for that company. Um, no.

      I haven’t yet! I have the email saved in my inbox for the next time I am there (I haven’t been in yet). It is pencil in the photo. I was using a gel that I liked but you can’t draw (extend) more eyebrow with a gel, ha ha. I always think yours look nice (which is why I asked you, lol, #askhole).

      Ha ha ha. That MUST be it! I will have to see if they are before in office days. I bet so. I have dreams like that the night before races too. Annoying.

  6. Kathy says:

    The only thing I ever wear is a little bb cream (very occasionally) and the only time I ever get spots, including as a teenager, is when I try to use cleansers or exfoliants on my skin. Sometimes I do wish I was more into makeup because done right it can look so good.
    Your eyebrows looks great and it seems Data approves 🙂

    • kilax says:

      I am with you – when you know what you are doing, it can look so nice, and not even overdone. Crazy you have to put makeup on sometimes to look like you don’t have much on. Ha.

      Thanks! He does! And he loves sticking his fish breath face in mine.

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