Another weekend of DOING ALL THE THINGZ!!!

By , February 19, 2018 12:59 pm

While I was sad my parents had to leave late yesterday morning (I wanted to hang out more!) it was a blessing in disguise because Steven and I were worn the f*ck out from our weekend of doing all the things, and needed a day to be sloths. It felt good to do almost nothing after two and a half busy days!

And I am still feeling lazy so I am going to bullet this shiz up, ha!

On Thursday

  • Mom and Dad arrived at 6:30 pm and we ate homemade vegan alfredo sauce on pasta! And dessert was a vegan apple pie sent from my mom’s mom!

  • After dinner, Steven and Dad went to Menards to get the beam and other wood for the basement project, while Mom and I watched the Olympics, then screwed around in the basement gym for a bit.

On Friday

  • I taught class at 5:00 am, and Dad and I went for a run (me)/bike (him) when I got back.

  • Then Mom, Dad, and I went to the 10:15 showing of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I laughed so much, and we all liked it. I usually do NOT like Jack Black (except in The Holiday) but his character cracked me the hell up in Jumanji!!!

  • We went to Aldi after that (where we picked up a Kringle for Mom and Dad to try!), the came home and made lunch (salads and couscous). Steven came home from work and ate with us, then he and Dad got to work in the basement.
  • And Mom and I got to work shopping at the outlet mall! I live so close to the outlet mall – it’s less than a ten minute drive, and I even run through there and fill up my water bottle on long runs. We found a few deals, and made sure to send my snister photos of the clothes we were trying on.

Sample photo we sent Christina, ha

I only got two soaps and a new PocketBac at B&BW. Restraint FTW!!!

  • We went to Woodman’s (a grocery store) after to get ingredients so Mom could make a cake she wanted to try vegan for me (and to get some things I needed).
  • Then we went home and made chili and cornbread for dinner (and had pie and Kringle for dessert!). Steven and Dad kept working until we ate, then went back in to the basement to work more, after. I’ll do a separate post about the project, but it was structural, so there were parts of the night we were told not to be in certain parts of the house (on the stair landing or in the kitchen). Mom and I were playing Blokus in the kitchen when we were told we needed to move (they were putting a beam in underneath us, so I understand why!), so we went to the living room, but they had turned the power off, so we played Blokus by candle light. Ha.

On Saturday

  • Dad came to my Indoor Cycling class (then went back home to work in the basement with Steven after)!

  • And Mom came to my Fitness Boxing class!

  • After class, Mom and I went to the Holcomb Hollow grand opening, then ran errands at the mall. I hate going to the mall (and shopping, in general) so it was nice to have Mom with me! I got my rings cleaned, and did an exchange.
  • Then we picked up everyone’s favorite El Famous Burrito for a late lunch! (Seriously, most people who visit us want to go there!)

  • The boys ate a late lunch with us, sampled some of the Holcomb Hollow treats (and had more Kringle) then got back to work. Mom and I went for a swim (we swam for about ten minutes then used the hot tub for forty!). When we came back, I helped her book a hotel for her March trip with her mom to Mount Rushmore.
  • I made a stir fry type dish for dinner, and the boys ate with us, then, you guessed it – got back to work. I helped them clean out one (huge) duct and later, hold some ducts in place. That is basically all I did on that project. <— so helpful (they didn’t care, but I feel a smidge guilty to be entertaining my mom and not helping much)
  • After dinner, mom got to work on the cake she wanted to make. It was called a Hummingbird Cake (recipe here), and the main flavorings were banana and pineapple. She decided to make it in to cupcakes. It turned out AMAZING! We all liked it, and had some close to 11:00 pm. Oops. SO MUCH SUGAR ON THIS VISIT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  • The boys finished up the project around 10:30/11:00!

On Sunday

  • Dad and I went on a run in the morning, then I finished up this dishcloth real quick for Mom to take with her.

Ha, it’s obviously NOT blocked

  • Then they packed up and were off! We took a quick usie since, of course, we got no photos of all four of us throughout the weekend.

We’re extremely grateful my parents visited to help us with this basement project. My dad is so helpful with house projects (or any project). Steven and I were impressed that they got it done in one and a half days of work, and I know that wouldn’t be the case if I was the one helping him with it (because I have way less experience)!

And I appreciate my mom running errands with me and helping me out with other things around the house! And being up for doing anything I suggest, ha.

I really do hope though, on the next visit, all FOUR of us can do something fun, like go to a movie, or bowling, or out for a meal!!! I bet we can make it happen!

12 Responses to “Another weekend of DOING ALL THE THINGZ!!!”

  1. Kiersten says:

    I did the opposite, we did none of things! It was so nice to just go with the flow and not try and alter the baby’s nap schedule to fit in with plans. The only down side is that I couldn’t to to sleep last night because I didn’t wear myself out. It’s so nice that your parents come to your classes when they visit! And that you got some one on one time with both of them!

    • kilax says:

      That sounds like an awesome weekend!!! I hope Cooper at least sleep well last night and you aren’t too tired today!

      I am really grateful that they both came and we do get that special time. It means a lot to me to have their undivided attention!

  2. Mica says:

    Whoa, so many bullet points! I feel like I’m going to forget to comment on something that stuck out to me because you had such a busy weekend with your parents. I think it’s so neat that you can just hang with your parents and do things like watch movies, exercise together, and play Blokus (which I’ve never played). Of course, you were also busy with the beam project, which is also awesome. Do you know if your parents have visits like this with your siblings?

    I noticed that you said your “mom’s mom” a few times in this post. Do you call her something other than “grandma,” or was that clarification for readers?

    You mentioned that you had seen “Jumanji,” but I didn’t realize that you saw it with your parents. We still need to see it (but after the Olympics are over, of course). What did your parents think of it all? Are they into it, or were you like “So I have this crazy friend who is obsessssssed….”

    I am jealous of how many tasty desserts you had (YOLO) this weekend. I know about hummingbird cake from the Ameri-cakes project. It’s southern, right? (Like maybe from NC?) And I’ve never had Kringle (but again, know of it from Ameri-cakes research). I didn’t realize it could be easily vegan-ized!

    I like the stitch pattern you used for your mom’s dishcloths. Do you tend to re-use patterns or just look up new ones for fun?

    • kilax says:

      Thanks for reading the whole thing and always having so many awesome questions! Do you know what Blokus is? You might like it! It’s a strategy game, but it only turns on about 50% of my game-playing asshole personality.

      I know they have visits like this with my snister. And my brothers live in town and they seem they a lot, probably doing similar things?

      I call her Grandma (Pete) but did just write “mom’s mom” for clarification!

      They are watching a bit of the Olympics, but are not obsessed. I told them about you but didn’t say “crazy friend,” ha ha! I told them how we like to talk about it and how you like to ask people what sport they’d do. I was teasing Mom that she’d do all the dangerous sports, and we finally decided she’d have to do one of the shooting sports (if any don’t require anything crazy after, ha).

      Hmm, I do know much about the cake! She saw the recipe in a free magazine from town and wanted to try it! That is what we veganized. We bought the Kringle. I bet you can make that vegan too! And I need to clarify we stopped at Woodma’s so she could get stuff to veganize the cake for me (vegan cream cheese – omg we were in the checkout and I realized I grabbed chive & onion flavor and had to run back to get plain! Ha! That would have been BAD!)

      I do reuse patterns! But I also subscribe to KnitPicks (I think?) in my feedly and often save their free patterns, which is where I found this one pictured! The rest I gave her were super plain; the pattern pictured is that new one I was trying on the train a few weeks ago.

      Hope my response makes sense this time, ha!

  3. Shelley B says:

    I had to go lie down after reading all of your weekend adventures, whew! What a whirlwind of fun and work. Burst out laughing at the dressing room picture – ahh, family fun! Nothing like it. 🙂

  4. kathy says:

    You are killing me with the deserts. Its morning and now I want cake :p You are so funny that picture cracked me up 😉

  5. What a weekend! Holy smokes, I got to the Saturday portion of the recap and couldn’t believe it was only Saturday! Haha. I’m impressed that your mom was able to veganify the hummingbird cake for you! If I saw a recipe that called for oodles of cream cheese and three eggs, attempting to make it vegan would NOT be something that would cross my mind! But I’m glad she did and that you enjoyed it – if only they had been donuts! 😛

    • kilax says:

      Too much for one weekend! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

      I guess the Ener-G egg replacer works pretty well, cause it tasted like a normal cake to all of us, and held its shape. She wanted to make donuts too! But I told her that would just be too many sweets left over at my place.

  6. Anne says:

    Wait a minute, that’s all you got at BBW? My mom and I usually clean that place out when we go together ha ha ha. Especially the outlet – they have all the “retired” scents there!

    Your weekend sounds super busy but like a lot of fun! And all the food, YUM! Those cupcakes look and sound especially awesome! I wouldn’t complain if you shared the recipe 🙂

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