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Another weekend of DOING ALL THE THINGZ!!!

By , February 19, 2018 12:59 pm

While I was sad my parents had to leave late yesterday morning (I wanted to hang out more!) it was a blessing in disguise because Steven and I were worn the f*ck out from our weekend of doing all the things, and needed a day to be sloths. It felt good to do almost nothing after two and a half busy days!

And I am still feeling lazy so I am going to bullet this shiz up, ha!

On Thursday

  • Mom and Dad arrived at 6:30 pm and we ate homemade vegan alfredo sauce on pasta! And dessert was a vegan apple pie sent from my mom’s mom!

  • After dinner, Steven and Dad went to Menards to get the beam and other wood for the basement project, while Mom and I watched the Olympics, then screwed around in the basement gym for a bit.

On Friday

  • I taught class at 5:00 am, and Dad and I went for a run (me)/bike (him) when I got back.

  • Then Mom, Dad, and I went to the 10:15 showing of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I laughed so much, and we all liked it. I usually do NOT like Jack Black (except in The Holiday) but his character cracked me the hell up in Jumanji!!!

  • We went to Aldi after that (where we picked up a Kringle for Mom and Dad to try!), the came home and made lunch (salads and couscous). Steven came home from work and ate with us, then he and Dad got to work in the basement.
  • And Mom and I got to work shopping at the outlet mall! I live so close to the outlet mall – it’s less than a ten minute drive, and I even run through there and fill up my water bottle on long runs. We found a few deals, and made sure to send my snister photos of the clothes we were trying on.

Sample photo we sent Christina, ha

I only got two soaps and a new PocketBac at B&BW. Restraint FTW!!!

  • We went to Woodman’s (a grocery store) after to get ingredients so Mom could make a cake she wanted to try vegan for me (and to get some things I needed).
  • Then we went home and made chili and cornbread for dinner (and had pie and Kringle for dessert!). Steven and Dad kept working until we ate, then went back in to the basement to work more, after. I’ll do a separate post about the project, but it was structural, so there were parts of the night we were told not to be in certain parts of the house (on the stair landing or in the kitchen). Mom and I were playing Blokus in the kitchen when we were told we needed to move (they were putting a beam in underneath us, so I understand why!), so we went to the living room, but they had turned the power off, so we played Blokus by candle light. Ha.

On Saturday

  • Dad came to my Indoor Cycling class (then went back home to work in the basement with Steven after)!

  • And Mom came to my Fitness Boxing class!

  • After class, Mom and I went to the Holcomb Hollow grand opening, then ran errands at the mall. I hate going to the mall (and shopping, in general) so it was nice to have Mom with me! I got my rings cleaned, and did an exchange.
  • Then we picked up everyone’s favorite El Famous Burrito for a late lunch! (Seriously, most people who visit us want to go there!)

  • The boys ate a late lunch with us, sampled some of the Holcomb Hollow treats (and had more Kringle) then got back to work. Mom and I went for a swim (we swam for about ten minutes then used the hot tub for forty!). When we came back, I helped her book a hotel for her March trip with her mom to Mount Rushmore.
  • I made a stir fry type dish for dinner, and the boys ate with us, then, you guessed it – got back to work. I helped them clean out one (huge) duct and later, hold some ducts in place. That is basically all I did on that project. <— so helpful (they didn’t care, but I feel a smidge guilty to be entertaining my mom and not helping much)
  • After dinner, mom got to work on the cake she wanted to make. It was called a Hummingbird Cake (recipe here), and the main flavorings were banana and pineapple. She decided to make it in to cupcakes. It turned out AMAZING! We all liked it, and had some close to 11:00 pm. Oops. SO MUCH SUGAR ON THIS VISIT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  • The boys finished up the project around 10:30/11:00!

On Sunday

  • Dad and I went on a run in the morning, then I finished up this dishcloth real quick for Mom to take with her.

Ha, it’s obviously NOT blocked

  • Then they packed up and were off! We took a quick usie since, of course, we got no photos of all four of us throughout the weekend.

We’re extremely grateful my parents visited to help us with this basement project. My dad is so helpful with house projects (or any project). Steven and I were impressed that they got it done in one and a half days of work, and I know that wouldn’t be the case if I was the one helping him with it (because I have way less experience)!

And I appreciate my mom running errands with me and helping me out with other things around the house! And being up for doing anything I suggest, ha.

I really do hope though, on the next visit, all FOUR of us can do something fun, like go to a movie, or bowling, or out for a meal!!! I bet we can make it happen!

Knitting to the rescue!

By , February 7, 2018 6:25 am

I’m so glad I had this skein of yarn and new pattern with me on the train last night.

It sat in my bag, untouched, on the ride in, and most of the ride home. I was too tired to think about figuring out a new pattern.

But just short of two stops to mine, the conductor came on to announce our train was involved in an emergency incident, and to expect delays.

I immediately looked at the Metra site, which usually has the most current information, and saw that the train I was on had struck a pedestrian (pdf here). We were actually past the station, which makes me think it a suicide, and not an accident (but what do I know?). Ugh, that poor person.

The conductors didn’t have much info at first, but started sharing it as soon as they got it. We had to wait for the coroner and Metra police to arrive, and that would be at least an hour. Then they had to do a full investigation, which would take time. They expected a three hour delay, and couldn’t let us off, since we were between stops.

The Metra conductors were professional, courteous, extremely apologetic, and shared as much info as they had (and even offered bottled water). But I am not in the best emotional state these days* and felt like I was about to have a bit of a break down. Despite how great they were being. And despite the gravity of the situation (and trying to see the big picture).

So I brought out the knitting.

And focused on learning some new stitches.

And knitted for the two and a half hours we sat there (not three, yay!).

And saved my crying break down for the car drive home.

Yay, knitting to the rescue! It really is calming.

*Thinking about Snow, work issues, hormones, etc. I actually had a mopey post about Snow ready for today, but I’ll save it, and maybe not even post it. Writing about it definitely helps, and talking to people about it does too, but I am just not sure how much of my crummy emotional state I want to put on the blog.

A weekend surprise!

By , February 5, 2018 6:24 am

Our weekend started off to a very exciting Friday night watching The Martian (a favorite of mine that I watch over and over), ordering new shoes for Steven, and finishing the wash cloths my mom ordered for her sister-in-law.

There’s three each of the patterned ones, and four of the turquoise. What’s next? Starting on a beautiful pattern and yarn that Mica gave me over a year ago!

On Saturday, I met Rachel to run in Burlington, Wisconsin, our go-to (somewhat) middle point between our homes. We ran on a new-to-us trail, and could smell the Nestle plant in town for a lot of our run! It was lovely to see Rachel and catch up.

While I was running errands on the way back home, my older brother text me and asked if I had lunch plans. He happened to be in the Chicagoland area, so we met him and his wife for a late lunch. What a wonderful surprise! It was nice to spend my morning with one of my best friends, and my afternoon with family.

Me, Steven, Alyssa, Chevy (the dog), and Nick. They were in town to pick up this ’41 Chevy (the car).

It’s not often we get to sit and chat without interruptions when we are with family, so it was great to truly catch up. We finally got to hear (from them) all about the surprise trip they took my nephews on to California in September.

After that Steven and I ran a few errands. We both need new phones, so we went to the store to look at them. I am going to stick with Apple, but he is jumping ship (ha) and was looking at Samsung and Google models (we’ll order them online later).

My big goal for Saturday night was to stay up to watch Saturday Night Live because Natalie Portman was hosting and she’s a favorite actress of mine.

I was successful and stayed up for the whole show (only because I napped from 9:45 until it started at 10:35, ha). Unfortunately the show was mostly meh! Oh well. At least we have an antenna now and can watch meh shows again!

We got a few inches of snow over Saturday night and during Sunday morning. The roads were dicey when I drove to teach fitness boxing at Efit. This winter seems odd, with how many times it’s snowed and melted completely.

I ran inside when I got back from teaching, and Steven was lifting, so it was fun to be working out at the same time! We went out to the shooting range after lunch.

I feel successful when I hit the target!

When we got back, it was time for errands (clearing that snow!) then pretending to watch the Super Bowl. We had it on in the living room while we made dinner and banana bread, and prepped all the produce for the week.

I needed more quiet time than I had this weekend. Both days I wanted to take a nap (and truthfully, mope about Snow) and didn’t. I have a hectic work week ahead where I am giving training, and taking training, and doing my normal work. I hope I can find some quiet moments in the week!

Thoughts from the weekend

By , January 23, 2018 6:23 am

Because if I saved this all for Random Thoughts Thursday, that post would be WAY too long.

  • On Friday I came back in a great mood from my run… until I was undressing and realized my driver’s license was not in the pocket I put it in during my run. I was 99% certain it fell out somewhere in the car (not on my run), and was stressed out and annoyed until I found it. Ugh. I did find it though. When I unzipped the pocket it was in to take out my phone in the car, it fell in to that horrible crevice between the seat and the center console (you know, the one that the peanuts and popcorn and chapstick and dry cleaning stubs live in). I tried every different way of adjusting the seats to find it. Then, when I did, I had to use a pair of long tweezers to grab it, cause the slot it was in was so small. Fun times, for sure. I definitely learned my lesson to always keep track of my ID, though! And a huge thanks to Steven for spending time trying to find it, as well.

Photo from that run

  • On Saturday we hung up the mirror Christina and Will gave us! I love how it looks! Every time we hang something, or decorate, or do a project, or a deep clean, or I walk down the stairs in to the living room, I get this feeling of “Man, I just love this house.”

P.S. That Cinnamon Caramel Swirl candle in the photo? Definitely a new favorite of mine!!!

  • On Saturday, Bobbi and her husband came over for dinner and games, and we laughed so hard playing the 5 Second Rule game (not an affiliate link). The gist of the game is that you have to name three things from one topic in five seconds. For example, three breeds of dogs, three tv dads, three national parks, three books, etc. If you can’t name three items in your turn, it goes to the next person, but they can’t list any of the things you did! It gets silly and I was laughing so hard I almost cried. I love that feeling!
  • On Sunday, I started working on some wash cloths my mom asked me to knit for her sister-in-law. I was ashamed when I went through my knitting stash and found MANY unfinished projects, and so many skeins of beautiful yarn I’ve been gifted and haven’t used. Ugh. But working on the first cloth, and having it go so easily and all come back to me, and enjoying it SO MUCH gives me hope I will get to those other projects and beautiful skeins! It feels great to MAKE something.

Totally posed knitting by the fireplace photo.

  • Sunday was the first weekend day all year that I’ve had a free day with no plans and it was GLORIOUS!!! I got a lot done but was lazy too. My only regret is not taking a nap!

Random Thoughts Thursday 152

By , October 19, 2017 6:24 am
  • Since Steven and I have been married, we switch whose family we spend Christmas day with each year (and always stay home for Thanksgiving). Steven’s family has odd years, so every odd year, we decide if we’ll celebrate with them in Kansas City, or Illinois. My family has even years, and we always spend it in Iowa. We typically see the other family in January (but not always – last year Steven’s family came here before Christmas because we knew we’d be in Kansas City in January to meet William). Anyway, all that’s just to say, now that we know what we are doing for the Christmas holiday, I am starting to get excited about it! Steven’s dad and brother will be coming here, so we’ll decorate again (we tend not to decorate if no one is coming!). I wonder if Steven will want to get a gigantor tree again (probably yes). I wonder what Khali will think of it! I wonder if my idea for a holiday card with the cats in front of it will work out (probably no).

  • All of our holiday scents are ready, thanks to my Bath & Body Works obsession. I was definitely a bit too excited about this new candle scent (updated to add: I bought this myself):

  • I have started ordering some holiday gifts. And thinking, will this be the year I finally make that scarf I bought the pattern and yarn (as a gift) for, what… two years ago now? Or is it three? I haven’t knit in a YEAR (this is the last thing I made)! I feel guilty about taking the time to do it, and nervous about complicated patterns. But most nights we watch a movie – I could totally be knitting during that time.

Happy gifts come in orange packages!

  • I am doing a virtual streaking challenge from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day! It’s called the Holiday Mile, and the goal is to run, walk, or bike a mile each day in that time frame. I signed my mom up too, and created a group so people from my fitness studio can sign up. I like the idea of it being running, walking, or biking – running all those days in a row doesn’t work for me (my body can handle it, but it makes me no longer enjoy running when it feels like a chore).
  • Oh, Khali. You do you.

Link to Random Thoughts Thursday 151

Things I’m excited about in January!

By , January 3, 2017 6:26 pm


  1. Actual free time. December was fun but freaking busy and exhausting. This month is quieter!
  2. Steven finishing Khali and Snow’s new house. He’s been working hard on it and it looks AWESOME! And yes, maybe this month I will actually take those two to the vet. Bad cat mom.
  3. Gina and Steve running the Houston marathon on January 15th. It’s Steve’s first marathon (on his birthday!) and Gina is going for a big PR! I won’t be there, but will be cheering them on from afar!
  4. Date nights with friends. We have a few things set up, including going to an opera (I got Steven collar bars for his birthday and he wants to dress up and use them!).
  5. Baby William’s arrival! His due date is January 31, but I predicted February 5 for his delivery. Sorry, snis. I hope he comes in the end of January!
  6. More organizing/purging.
  7. Finishing those bunnies and starting a new knitting project.
  8. Not training for anything. Ha, not that I was, but I’m usually in the thick of 5K training in January and won’t be this year!
  9. Continuing to swim for health. And hit up the hot tub, ha.
  10. Eating healthier and feeling less lethargic (I’m hoping my poor diet and being busy is why I’ve been exhausted lately – if eating better and sleeping more doesn’t fix that, I may see a doc).

Random Thoughts Thursday 117

By , November 17, 2016 6:23 am


  • Khaleesi and Snow are really starting to trust us! We still haven’t gotten them to the vet though. We tried awhile ago (to get them in their carriers) and that was a no go.

161114holdingsnow 161114holdingkhali

  • We used moving as a reason to stop going to our old dentist and find a new one. We loved the hygienist at the old dentist office, but the actual dentist was an a-hole and the office completely messed up our billing every time (and tried to charge us WAY more than they said something would cost, and then there was that time they numbed my mouth for work then came in to tell me there wasn’t a dentist in my network in that day… and did I want to go home with a numbed mouth or pay out of network for the work?). Anyway. I finally made an appointment to try out a new place today! I hope they’re nice and can figure out the billing.
  • For some reason, I have quite a bit of work travel coming up in late November and early December. Pair that with my/our travel and guests visiting… I don’t see much free time until January! Blah!

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Chevron baby blanket

By , November 9, 2016 4:34 pm

Baby William’s blanket is done – and before my snister’s shower this weekend! Yay!


Um… those bunnies though? They’re still a work in progress. The baby isn’t due until the end of January. I have time!

I used this pattern from for the blanket. I couldn’t make gauge with the spacing I wanted, so I ended up adding an extra twenty-four stitches to make it the width I wanted.


I started knitting this blanket on September 17 and finished it around October 26. The pattern is simple and easy to memorize – I used the pattern for the first few rows then never looked at it again.


However, I did end up restarting this blanket! I just couldn’t deal with it NOT being perfect. I was about forty rows (the final is one hundred eighty rows) in to the first iteration and cast off to start a new one.


But that was fine, because I used that smaller blanket to test out how it would handle being washed in the washing machine. I was REALLY nervous about washing this. I was sure it was going to fall apart, and get weird when it dried. Thankfully, it didn’t do either!!! And luckily, I didn’t make any mistakes in the second iteration, woot woot!

I know it seems odd that I am posting this before the shower, but this blanket isn’t a surprise for my snis. I showed her the pattern, she helped me pick out the yarn, and I’ve been sending her pictures of my progress. I want it to fit in in her beautiful nursery, and I think it will!

161109nursery1 161109nursery4
161109nursery2 161109nursery3

Thank you to Mica and Shelley for their knitting help, and to Steven for taking these photos!

Silly wabbit

By , November 4, 2016 9:30 pm

Just spending Friday night knitting a toy for Data!

Just kidding. I’m making these for my snister. Well, will make more when I get thinner yarn – this one’s too big!

So maybe Data can have it?!

Random Thoughts Thursday 113

By , October 20, 2016 7:05 am
  • I banged my elbow so hard on a towel rack Saturday that my arm became tingly and I lost feeling in my fingers for a few minutes. Ouch. That is one tender bruise. Steven asked me what I was doing (dancing? karate chopping?) that I hit it so hard – you know, just putting my towel back on the rack. Such a klutz.
  • This opinion article from The New York Times, “The Art of Making (and Not Making) Plans” (pdf here), exactly mirrors my approach to making social plans – mindfully, and not too many. I know my limits and I do NOT function well being busy every. single. night/day (applause to you who thrive on that kind of schedule!). Since I know my limits, I only have to cancel if it’s an emergency or I am sick, which is what the article is bringing up – maybe people would cancel less if they didn’t over commit and actually thought about whether the thing was something they actually wanted to do in the first place (don’t just go because FOMO!).
  • I’m digging that new song “Starboy” by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk (love me some Daft Punk!). When Steven and I first heard it, we thought he was saying “I’m in love with a cyborg” instead of “I’m a motherf*ckin’ starboy.” Ha. So when Luca was here, we taught him that those were the lyrics (the cyborg ones!!!), and I hope he’s still singing it that way when he hears it, ha! Anyway, Steven and I do NOT love that during the lyric “Star Trek groove in that Wrath of Khan,” The Weeknd pronounces “wrath” wrong (like it’s spelled “rayth”). Grating.
  • Our pond is back, so these guys are back! I’ve lost a bit of interest, since we have cats hanging out now (now we’re trying out the name Geordi for the black cat). Sorry, guys (I still feed them, ha).

162019ducks1 162019ducks2

  • Our pumpkin collection has GROWN!


  • I am getting closer and closer with the baby blanket. Maybe I will finish it this weekend? Ha (I don’t really sit around and knit on the weekends so I am not sure why I think that).


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