Anne brought the vegan donut tour to me!!!

By , March 26, 2018 6:16 am

Well, my weekend started out AMAZING, because SEE TITLE ^^^

I was already stoked Anne was in town (for a Sunday race in the city) and we’d get to hang out Friday night, but then she shows up at our house with these beauties?!?!


They’re vegan donuts from Holey Toledough, in Toledo, OH. Anne stopped on her drive in to get them for me! Isn’t that sweet? (pun not intended, ha)

The flavors were cinnamon roll and blackberry hibiscus. Hands down, these are best donuts I’ve had this year. They’re yeast donuts (my preference over cake), and they got everything right – they were light and airy/fluffy, with great flavor, and the perfect amount of icing. I’ll be thinking about these donuts for some time to come. Yum.

State Date Name Flavor Rating (0-4) Photo
Kansas 1/15/18 Mud Pie Cake Chocolate Frosted
Illinois 2/7/18 Do-Rite Chai Maple
Illinois 2/17/18 Holcomb Hollow Lemon Vanilla
Ohio 3/23/18 Holey Toledough Blackberry Hibiscus & Cinnamon Roll

And that was my entire weekend! Ha ha ha, I kid.

Before we indulged in donuts, Anne and I did her weekly long run together, yay! I stupidly dressed too cold, and the wind made me feel even worse. I don’t know what I was thinking. But I loved having all of that time to chat!!! <— duh, broken record, any time I get to run with a friend.

After our run (and donuts!), we made enchiladas for dinner,

then tried to watch Downsized. We almost made it to the end! What a neat idea for a movie. Too bad it never went anywhere.

Anne is one of Data’s favorite people to sit on

The weekend could only go downhill after that awesome Friday, right?

Ha, it kind of did. I woke up a little before 3:00 on Saturday with a headache, and could NOT fall back asleep. So I got up.

I worked on blog posts, rode my bike, read a little, tried to nap… then hung out with Anne when she got up, and left to teach fitness boxing (and go to Aldi) shortly thereafter.

When I returned home, I had to take a nap since I got less than four hours of sleep. I LOVE naps but I wanted to work on something for Steven and was not happy I was too exhausted to do so. Sigh.

While Anne was here, she told me about the Walmart Grocery app and I decided to give it a try for Sunday pickup, when I’d be near a Walmart. Imagine my surprise when I got a text during my run that my order was ready. On Saturday. Doh, I had requested the wrong date! I sped up and hurried home so I could go get the order during the window I asked for. I’m not sure if that matters or not, but I didn’t want to find out the hard way!

Pickup was hella easy, and I was impressed by the service (it’s free!). I will definitely use it again. I don’t like to shop, and really don’t like wandering around in (ANY) big box stores.

And they gave me a goodie bag with samples! Thanks to my lovely assistant for modeling it on the dining room table. Eyeroll. (He’s not supposed to be on the table, or counters, for that matter.)

Steven asked me why I hadn’t used it before – if I didn’t know about it. I did! I saw someone talking about it online, but all that person does is promote stuff, which makes me not see them as a valid source for reviews (seems insincere when every post is “this product/service is THE BEST EVER!”). I had to hear it from Anne. Sorry, internet marketing – I still use legit word of mouth.

Saturday night was chill! We watched a show and a movie and made dinner (pasta with sauce and meat-a-balls-a! <— have to say it that way).

I took NyQuil so that I would be able to fall back asleep whenever I woke up during the night, Saturday, and it worked! Hurrah!!!!

On Sunday I did my long run and was able to work on the thing I wanted to help Steven with. Yay!

I also got my manicure. Thank you to everyone who voted on the color. I did stick with blue, since it matches my singlet, but went a bit lighter, with “Gelato On My Mind.”

We felt like going out Sunday night (who are we?!) so we met Jen, Troy, and the kids for bowling. I was surprised at how busy the lanes were for a Sunday night. It was hectic! I felt like I couldn’t focus and my bowling was all over the place, but I still had fun.

Picture in which it does not look busy at all, ha

And we were still home and in bed by 9:20 pm! Win win! Ha.

I’ve been reading at night to help me fall asleep, and right now, I am reading Hanna Who Fell from the Sky, a novel about a young woman who lives in a polygamous town that she’s never left, and is about to turn eighteen and be married (to a man who has several wives and many children). Before her wedding, she meets a stranger who makes her think more seriously about things she’s been subconsciously questioning about the way of life in her community. I am curious to see how it ends! And I have just over a week before it’s due back at the library to do so! Ha.

22 Responses to “Anne brought the vegan donut tour to me!!!”

  1. Chaitali says:

    That blackberry donut sounds amazing! That’s a true friend 🙂 I like your rating chart, too bad the lemon one wasn’t that good.

    • kilax says:

      It was SUCH a treat! Ahh, the flavors.

      Yeah, the lemon one was gluten free and it seemed like they were being a bit artsy with the pairings and I didn’t care for it. I appreciate that they make it though – it’s great to have vegan/gluten free options!

  2. Kathy says:

    I hate waking up like that! Hope you are feeling better now. The donuts look amazing.

    • kilax says:

      I am, thank you! I am wondering why I am getting these headaches more often though! (at least they are going away!)

      They were SO GOOD!

  3. Christina says:

    OMG FOUR DROOL FACES?!?!?!?! I can’t wait to get the donuts in the mail that you shipped to me! 😀 😉 But for real.. they’re coming right?

    Love the nail color choice! So fresh! So springy!! Makes me want to drink a piña colada on a beach somewhere.

    • kilax says:

      They are TOTES on the way… er…

      Thanks! I wanted to go springy even though it does NOT feel like spring here! I will join you for that piña colada!

  4. OH MAN, that cinnamon roll looks AMAZING. Nomz. And it sounds like it was amazing, too! Blackberry hibiscus sounds super interesting – I’m intrigued by flower-flavored sweets, but I’ve never actually tried any. I think I’m too nervous that I won’t like it and I’ll have ended up with a dessert-type thing that I don’t like when I could’ve gone with a reliable standby and definitely been happy with my choice.

    • kilax says:

      The cinnamon roll/donut combo was everything that hopes and dreams… of amazing donuts… are made of. Ha. It WAS amazing.

      I feel the same caution over flower-flavored sweets too, but they knocked it out of the park with this one! I guess the next time you see one, you have to get that AND your standby 😉

  5. Anne says:

    Wow, 4 drool faces! I’m glad you liked the donuts so much! 🙂 And I’m glad Data likes my lap so much LOL. Thanks again for letting me stay with you guys, it’s always so much fun!

    But where’s my Walmart Grocery app affiliate link? Need to get ALL THE REFERRAL BONUSES ha ha ha!

    I love the nail color you picked! It’s perfect for your singlet and a nice springy pastel.

    • kilax says:

      Thanks so much for bringing them. It was such a treat! I can’t wait to try all the yummy ones in CLE when we (or I!) visit! And you are welcome! And always welcome to stay; we love having you!

      Ooops! Sorry, let me go edit that… 😉

      Thank you! I really like it too and love treating myself like that. (And I used to love painting my nails a few times a week but it’s so nice to not think about them for 2.5-3 weeks!

      • Anne says:

        Yeah bring your stretchy pants when you visit since there’s vegan donuts and the vegan grilled cheese place 🙂

        I really need to get a manicure, it’s been SO long! I usually paint my own but just haven’t had the time/inclination lately. I think I’m getting my nails done for the wedding in a few weeks, so I have that to look forward to.

  6. Amy says:

    YUM!!!! Vegan donuts!!! They look amazing.

    I recently made the vegan donut cake from the Sept 2017 Veg News magazine and it was so awesome I’m going to make it again for Easter…

  7. Mica says:

    That was so nice of Anne to bring you those donuts! I like how this goal is evolving (maybe it’s just “eat a ton of donuts” now, haha).

    Did you fall asleep during “Downsized,” or did you just give up and turn it off? I couldn’t tell if it would be funny from the trailer or one of those things that ends up being really serious (and trying to be deep)? From your review, I’m glad I didn’t spend money on it in theaters.

    • kilax says:

      Ha ha ha, I like how it is too 😉 Eat a ton of donuts works for me!

      Steven fell asleep, and Anne and I were yawning a lot, so we turned it off. Steven and I finished it the next day! It was definitely trying to be deep, but wasn’t, and also wasn’t very funny OR serious. It just felt… not well thought out. Definitely good thing you did not see it in the theater. You would have been annoyed you did!

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