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Random Thoughts Thursday 135

By , May 25, 2017 7:25 am
  • We finished the Rockefeller book! I will eventually post the long list of words I had to look up. There are only a few I recall without looking at my list: sobriquet, scion, and platitudinous, and only one I am using daily: scuttlebutt.
  • Next up in the “book club for two” rotation is Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time and if we like that, Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul.
  • Last weekend was our quick trip to Dallas! We had a great time with our otra familia, and got super pumped planning our next trip together (a week long summer vacation)! The Dallas trip almost didn’t happen though – our flight out of Milwaukee was canceled and there weren’t any other options out of there. Luckily American Airlines hooked me up with flights at the same times out of Chicago and back. American Airlines was so helpful and pleasant! I was stressing the eff out and they calmed me down. (Well, that, and a quick run.)

  • I mentioned I tried a spin style class at Gina’s gym on Saturday. What I didn’t mention is that a lady was sitting on the bike I reserved when I got there. You use an app to reserve a seat in advance, then all your bike data from class is linked to your account. Cool, right? Gina politely told the lady the seats are reserved and that if she sat there, all her hard work would be credited to someone else (me). The lady responded with “I’ll make your friend look good.” Ha. Ha ha ha. The lady had major beef with getting off the bike and finding another open one, even though there were other options, and we were helping her by looking at the app and telling her what was available. When we told her about the app (because Gina didn’t also didn’t know about it when she started taking the classes, and wanted to be helpful!) she said “I just work out, I don’t use computers.” OMG. It was so funny… but not really. She finally got off. She was probably annoyed she had to set up a new bike, and that I wanted to sit by my friend that I traveled 1,000 miles to see, but… sorry? I really did want to see my stats! Geesh.
  • I finally signed up for the Saturday RABGRAI ride yesterday. I am not sure what took me so long. I saw my dad this week and we discussed signing up, and when we looked at the website, we saw there is a June 1 registration deadline! Eek! I would have been so mad if I missed it. Dad and Gina signed up too!
  • Two of our kitties aren’t feeling well. Data has some strange eye booger leakage going on (I have a picture but I’ll spare ya) and Snow has a cut on his chin. Data is seeing the vet tomorrow, and I will ask them what to do about Snow. These kids. They just can’t stay out of trouble.

Data & Khali

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Luca’s 6th Birthday!

By , April 28, 2017 6:44 pm

I was in Dallas last weekend for Luca’s 6th birthday!

Steven and I have celebrated Luca’s 2nd, 3rd, and 5th birthdays in person with him! Steven wasn’t able to make this trip because of work though. Sad face. Luckily, I found affordable tickets for both of us to go for a weekend trip in May that won’t interfere with work. Yay! Better late than never!

Family pic minus Steven

We had a chill weekend <— my favorite kind! On Saturday am, Steve and I ran, then we volunteered at a 5K put on by the PTA at Luca’s school. Then we got lunch, did some shopping downtown, TOOK NAPS!, watched Luca open his presents (while we Facetimed Steven), and went out for dinner.

I found a cute Iowa decoration while we were out shopping!

On Sunday Gina and I ran, then we all chilled before going to Luca’s birthday party. He had a bowling, pizza, and arcade games party, and the kids were so well behaved! We went home for a bit after, then went out to dinner. On Monday Gina and I ran then I had to head home. Short but great trip!

The title of this picture is “Tan=delicious.” Clockwise from top left: custom vegan pizza at Mellow Mushroom, nachos from Frankies, Pad See-ew from Silk Road Thai (not pictured: super strong Mai Thai), and our traditional homemade pancakes (we try to make them each time we’re together!)

Even though we see our otra familia several times a year, I’ll always wish we had MORE time together, so I am happy for the chill times when we can hang out, catch up, and be ridiculous together. And I am happy Steven will get to be a part of that in May!

Spring break in KC!

By , March 11, 2017 5:40 pm

I’ve been to Kansas City every month this year! Craziness! In January we went to meet Baby William. In February I went with my parents and my maternal grandma, so my grandma could meet Baby William. And this month, we met Gina, Steve, and Luca there for the beginning of Luca’s spring break!

After all that, it feels odd not to have the next trip planned. Maybe we’ll go back for a Royals game this summer?!

We had a good mix of hanging out and being out and about on this trip. On Sunday, we went over to my snister’s to see her, Will, and William.

And on Monday and Tuesday, we played tourist! On Monday we rode the new streetcar,

and checked out the River Market, Crown Center, the Hallmark Visitor’s Center,

Showing off their Emmy for their show Steve & Steven

and Union Station. Luca loved the train exhibit at Union Station. And bonus – all of Monday’s activities were FREE! And surprisingly, after coming to Kansas City for years, I hadn’t been to any of them except the River Market.

Encouraging Luca to make the “honk” signal at the train conductors on Freight House Pedestrian Bridge

On Tuesday we went back downtown to go to the Liberty Memorial (there is a fee to go up in the tower),

View from the tower

to the Money Museum (free and they give out FREE (shredded) money),

and later in the day, to The Plaza.

We saw a lot! We also ate A LOT. A lot a lot. I think I should feel hungry again in a few weeks. Ha. Happily, we walked a lot when we were sightseeing, and we also went on walks from Steven’s dad’s house (where we all stayed), and went on a few runs. I was grateful to move so much – I feel like a slug if I sit around for too long!

It worked out that Steven’s brother, Andrew, got to hang out with us quite a bit on this trip, which was fun! And Steven’s dad was able to join us for everything (in case you were wondering who that guy was in the pictures, ha ha)! I love how our families blend together!

And I love spending time with my otra familia (Gina, Steve, and Luca). I’m happy they took time out of Luca’s break to go to Kansas City! Hopefully we’ll see them next month in Texas for Luca’s birthday!


By , December 19, 2016 5:29 pm

Gah, December has been such a whirlwind, right?!

Two weekends ago, I had a four-day weekend in Texas with my otra familia:

161210smileyluca 161210sillyluca 161210lucawsanta

This is the third year in a row I’ve gone with Luca to see Santa!

161211lucapresent 161211unclesteven

Steven couldn’t come, but we FaceTimed with him, and sent him some photos (including drawings by Luca).


I got to go to Luca’s school and have lunch with him.


Family pic!

Then after a short (and BUSY!) week (work, work holiday party, dentist, celebrating with Anne and Terry, house prep and shopping…), I had a four day weekend here celebrating an early holiday with Steven’s family:

161216apps 161218carbs1

Carbs, carbs, carbs

161218carbs2 161218stockings 161218rogueone 161219family

Me and the boys!

Up this week? Another celebration, Steven’s birthday, and Christmas with my family! I am having a lot of fun but I am so freaking worn out! I am definitely sleeping in on January 1st! (<— just kidding, if it’s nice, I will probably get up and run!)

The best thing about work travel…

By , November 29, 2016 6:40 am

(Or any travel)

… is the opportunity to run someplace new!


I’m in Cincinnati for work and had time for a short run this morning. And bonus – I’ve never run in Ohio before so I get to add that to my “states run in” list (I also ran through Kentucky today, but I’d run there before, also on work travel).

I wasn’t sure how safe it would be to run alone, but I talked to the front desk about it, and they said it was safe, and then I saw A LOT of runners out – yay! I wish I would have had time to run farther!


Now, let’s hope my work day goes as fast (and is as enjoyable?) as this run did (was)!


Random Thoughts Thursday 115

By , November 3, 2016 6:23 am
  • It’s awesome the Cubs won the World Series! They’re not the team I follow, but them winning has made so many people happy, and that makes me happy! All that being said, I’m making sure I’m NOT working downtown the day of the celebration parade (if there is one), ha ha.
  • It’s totally fine not to be interested in following mainstream stuff like the World Series, and to say it’s not your thing. There are plenty of things lots of people like and get jazzed about that I have no interest in! But what’s not cool is being a complete sourpuss about it. Newsflash – you aren’t special if you are moody about a thing that a lot of people like when they are all excited about it. It just makes you, well, moody. And makes it seem like you can’t enjoy other people’s happiness and feel left out. Grow up!
  • We don’t have antenna (or cable) and couldn’t watch any games at home but got to see Game 4 because we were at a hotel, and part of Game 7 at Red Robin (and we listened on the radio at home after that). What a series! The last game was a real nail bitter!
  • We were at a hotel last Saturday because Steven surprised me with a night away on Lake Delavan in Wisconsin! It was so sweet he planned all that and surprised me, and recognized that we both needed a break. We had a great time!

161029lakedelavan1 161029lakedelavan2

  • Thanks for voting for Data in our veterinarian’s Halloween costume contest! He got second place, and will receive a $20 gift card to PetSmart! Should I use it to get him something fun, or more food for all the cats?


  • The election is making me feel so anxious I decided to vote by mail this year, because just thinking about making it to my voting office on Tuesday was stressing me out.
  • The last time I posted about the pond level, it was almost gone. It actually did completely go away in August/September. But we’ve had so much rain in October and November (5.50 inches in the last 30 days), it’s back, and in a big way!

161102pond1 161102pond2


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Random Thoughts Thursday 112

By , October 13, 2016 6:15 am
  • In 2013, I was in Salt Lake City with my mom and we decided to visit the Salt Flats. We took a rental car there, and made a video of us driving on the flats to share with family and on the blog. Oh, and the rest of the internet, on YouTube. Buah ha ha, it was humorous to see someone took the time to write this comment on our video, just a few days ago! I apologize that me visiting the Salt Flats was so lame for you, random YouTube commenter! (What’s even funnier to me, is that my caption for the video was “Driving the crappy rental car on the Salt Flats on 4/21/13” – I didn’t imply I was breaking land-speed records, ha ha ha.)


  • Callie is such a flirt!

161008dataandcallie 161011callieandvader

  • I am getting close to finishing Christina’s baby blanket! I think I’ll finish the knitting part this weekend and start blocking it (I actually started over with this blanket and saved the first one to practice blocking on, so I’ll do that first).


  • I’m running a 5K tomorrow. When I signed up for it I was planning to run it for time, but I am not in shape for that, so it will be for fun. I hope to run around a 8:00 min average pace. We shall see!

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Random Thoughts Thursday 111

By , October 6, 2016 6:43 am
  • I ordered the invites for my snister’s baby shower! I hope they turn out good (mostly, that I understood the bleed guidelines correctly).


  • I “decorated” for Halloween again. Can you find it in the picture? Ha!


  • As part of the work trip I am on, we checked out a bit of ArtPrize (a large international art competition spread across town and open to public and expert jury vote for top prizes) in Grand Rapids, MI. There were a lot of cool pieces! I really liked “Victory (huge figures made out of chairs), “The Smoke” painting (a neat painting of smoke with seven women hidden in it, which was supposed to have an actual smoke machine with it), and all of the beautiful Michigan sunset over the lake photographs. I love that there is a such a huge variety of mediums and styles – it really makes it so there is something to interest everyone.


  • I was worried this work trip would be exhausting from being “on” and around people for two days. Luckily, I can be myself around my coworkers! So, it’s not exhausting in that sense, thankfully!

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There’s always that one thing 

By , October 5, 2016 10:25 am

Every time I travel (or even bring my gym bag to work) I forget one thing, despite making lists and keeping my travel stuff together. The game is “what will it be this time?!” Ha.

This trip? A lint roller!

Eek! I didn’t even think of it! 

I look like this because I’m knitting in the car.

The lint is worth it. I haven’t had time to work on the baby blanket at all and can get a lot done during the drive!

Final thoughts on the last frontier

By , July 7, 2016 5:32 am

We’ve been back from Alaska for a week now, and I think I am done with my touristy posts, but here are a few final thoughts that didn’t fit in to those (somewhat) focused posts!


  • Everyone enjoyed having the extra daylight (due to the very late sunset and very early sunrise) and it kept us energized to stay up later and do more. It was perfect for vacation! However, at any given moment you had no sense of what time it was (so we rarely ate at “normal” times). You’d think it was 3:00 pm and it was really 8:00 pm. Or the opposite. And we definitely hit an afternoon slump every day from staying up so late. It was nice, but odd. We probably would have become more used to it, if we stayed longer.
  • And… staying up so late there has really affected me and Steven back home, three hours ahead in central time zone. We’re having a hell of a time getting back to a regular sleep schedule. We’ve been staying up way too late and having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Getting back to a regular work schedule this week will help… I hope!
  • As is usually true on most vacations… it was nice to spend so much time walking! If only my daily life was like that. It definitely will never be, with where I live.
  • A few people warned me the bugs would be horrible but they weren’t. Alyssa’s mom attributed this to the weather.
  • The weather was AMAZING. It was never warmer than low 70s, and there was never high humidity or a high dew point. You could be comfortable most days in shorts or jeans, and short sleeves or a jacket. Perfect.
  • I LOVE the outdoor culture there – the hiking and adventurous aspect of it. However, I would never fit in with the hunting/fishing/etc. portion of that outdoor culture. It was (understandably) very prominent there.
  • I completely forgot about what was going on at work while I was there. Success! A family member brought work up and asked me about it, and I responded “I am on vacation and trying not to think about it… and truly can’t remember [what my projects are].” Hope it wasn’t rude, but eh, work’s not my life and it was nice to have a break from it! It’s not something I talk about with most people. I try NOT to talk about work, even when I am not on vacation.
  • As I mentioned, I was sad to come home, and a lot of that was feeling like there was so much more we would have liked to do there. I am determined to get back some day!
  • File this under “duh,” but some things (mostly food – at restaurants and grocery stores) were more expensive, because, duh, it costs more to get them there. It was actually a good thing I packed so many snacks after all, ha! I thought we got really good value for the things we did though (minus the aquarium in Seward, but those places are always expensive).


View of Eagle River from Mt Baldy

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