Training Week 80

By , May 1, 2011 9:36 pm

My next race is the Wisconsin Half Marathon on May 7th. This is the week of the Provena Illinois 5K on April 29th and the Christie Clinic Illinois Half Marathon on April 30th.

Day 554 | April 25, 2011: rest

Day 555 | April 26, 2011: 3 m run (+cross) + strength class

I did a quick 3 mile run (9:13 minute miles) on the treadmill to check in on my knee. Success! No knee pain. But I was so bored. I think I have just about had it with treadmill running. I have been doing it during lunch so I have more free time at night, but I am just not sure if it’s worth it!

After my run, I walked a half a mile at 20:00 minute mile pace to cool down.

Distance: 3.0 | Incline: 1.0 | Time: 27:50

In the evening, I attended my strength class. We did another “CrossFit” style workout (as our trainer calls it) and I took it pretty easy. Any squatting motion aggravated my right knee.

I told my trainer and classmates I wasn’t sure if I would participate in the month of May… and they all pretty much told me I have to. It’s not that I don’t think the class is awesome, I just feel so lazy after work. I’ll give it another month.

That’s me trying to pull myself up in the right corner.

Day 556 | April 27, 2011: rest

Instead of working out during lunch I watched the NYC Marathon opening day on my computer… then found out I got in! (No reason why I didn’t work at out night – just general laziness)

Day 557 | April 28, 2011: 3 m run + cross

My plan was to start running at 5:30 am and meet the club at 6:00 am and keep running. Well, my knee was bothering me too much to do that. So I stopped at 6:00 and was bummed. There was a big group running (10 people) and I felt upset about my knee. The good news is, it was light enough at 5:30 am to run without my headlamp.

Distance: 3.0 | Start Temp: 42° | End Temp: 42° | Time: 27:55 | Avg Pace: 9:18 | 1: 9:15 | 2: 9:17 | 3: 9:20

In the evening, Steven and I went on a 3.5 mile walk in the cold (with a bit of rain). Walking seems to make my knee feel better.

Day 558 | April 29, 2011: 5K

I ran the Provena Illinois 5K in Champaign-Urbana with Erin.

Day 559 | April 30, 2011: 14.2 m (HM +1 mile warm-up)

I ran the Christie Clinic Illinois Half Marathonin Champaign-Urbana with Erin.

Day 560 | May 1, 2011: rest

Week Summary: 23.3 miles

Time to be honest – I have been feeling pretty blah lately about working out, and life in general. And an achy knee hasn’t helped my mood. I hope I snap out of this funk soon!

3 Responses to “Training Week 80”

  1. Kandi says:

    I’m sure you’ll snap out of it soon. Take some rest days if you need to or cross train to keep things interesting.

  2. Erin says:

    Was it the most recent RW that talked about overtraining? Maybe your funk is partially caused by that. When is the last time you took a cut-back week? And hopefully the sun stays out more. Sometimes I think the lack of sun can just aggravate any of the downer things going on in our lives.

    • kilax says:

      Hmm… did RW talk about that? I don’t recall. I did see this little blurb in the April issue of SELF and wrote a draft post about it.

      The thing is, I feel like I am taking cut back weeks when I have lower mileage, but I usually still try to work out most days of the week. I almost feel like I should take a week off and start over!

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