Hidden weird tan lines

By , October 8, 2011 6:52 am

My most ridiculous tan yet – the inner elbow tan. 

It’s most noticeable when I am running or right after, when my arms are all red. Luckily, it is not that noticeable after I cool down!

Running in the full sun this week has brought back my racerback tan with a vengeance. And after its ridiculousness was finally fading away. That’s okay, I do not plan to go strapless anytime soon. Although, it’s a good thing I didn’t run as much when I got married (although it probably would have prevented the tailor from telling me my dress looked tight the day before my wedding), because I would have had to work really hard not to have a ridiculous tan with my dress. 

Instead I was just white, white, white!

Have you ever worried about how your funky tan might appear in a particular outfit (I have seen many a strapless bridesmaid dress with crazy tan lines!)?

This post kind of wrote itself. Sorry. And happy Saturday!

16 Responses to “Hidden weird tan lines”

  1. Etta says:

    I got a light sunburn on my shoulders the day before my wedding while setting up the outdoor reception site. I was wearing a tank top that day. It was covered up by makeup and you can only see it lightly in one or two pictures.

    Why are bridal seamstresses so evil? When I went in for my final fitting, the lady had the nerve to say, “You’ve got time to lose the weight.” What the face!?

    • kilax says:

      I don’t know. They think they are helping us?! I was so nervous about fitting in to my gown – I had nightmares about it almost every day. Leave me the eff alone!

  2. Kristina says:

    So, I had a really weird sunburn like around my ankles when I got married (I didn’t wear a long dress). It was one of those things that I didn’t care much about – I just thought it was funny.
    You, by the way, look awesome in that photo!
    Finally, in the few tris that I’ve done, people always get a weird sunburn/tan on the small of their backs, where, if they have a two-piece tri suit on, the top rides up. I made DAMN sure that I put loads of sunscreen on my entire body.

    • kilax says:

      I love the white feet tan ankles look… I am getting the impression yours what a bit more extreme?


      Ha ha! That is good to know if I ever do a tri and wear a two-piece tri suit! 🙂

  3. Molly@hungryhungryrunner.com says:

    Runners always seem to have weird tan lines, don’t they?! It’s part of our charm!

    Anyway, I’ve given you an award, my friend! Check it out! http://bit.ly/oWWSuS

  4. RunningLaur says:

    I get that same elbow-pit tan line, and it always looks so funny in ‘real’ life.
    Now that I’ve been spending 5+ hours a weekend on trails, my runner’s tan is RIDICULOUS. Few defined lines, but I look like I have on a while short-sleeved-onesie/singlet!

  5. Erin says:

    Once I realized I was going to have a weird tan line from running I kind of resigned myself to it. But I am glad I don’t have any formal occasions coming up! On the first cruise Jason and I took, though, I got sunburned while wearing one of my swimsuit tops and it looked strange in one of my nice dresses. You can see that photo here.

  6. Marcia says:

    I’m not sure I ever saw elbow crack tan lines before. Crazy! I don’t think I ever had tan line issues. I’ve never worn strapless…ever. Hmmm that’s weird.

  7. Stephany says:

    The last time I was a bridesmaid, I had an awful awful tan line. And due to the style of the dress, it just looked BAD! (It was a t-shirt tan, where part of my upper arm was super pale but the rest was golden brown. Ha!) Not good. 😉

    The elbow tan is interesting. I’ve never seen something like that before.

  8. I dont really tan too much, so I guess Im lucky that way. My skin freckles, but thats about all you’re gonna get.

  9. Michel says:

    For some reason insane tan lines and bridesmaids dresses and BRIDAL gowns drive me nuts. Like really nuts. It’s almost they realized on the day they were getting married oops I shouldn’t have worn that halter top all summer for my strapless gown! lol
    You can always tell if someone wore capris the week before in a long run because the tan line’s are at their calves compared to the shorts they are wearing that day.

    • kilax says:

      It really bugs me too. And I would think I would be really bugged if I was the bride and my girls had strapless gowns and ridiculous tans!

  10. J says:

    I really had to work so hard this past summer to not get any tan lines for the wedding but it worked and it paid off. I have seen a lot of bridesmaids and even brides with funky tan lines! Most of my bridesmaids actually didnt have tan lines!

  11. hahaha, I’ve totally had that same sort of tan line! It’s so weird.

  12. Kandi says:

    Hopefully I won’t have to deal with weird tanlines at a March wedding. It’s something to keep in mind though. The most annoying tan line I have right now is at my sock line. I guess I haven’t worn sandals out in the sun in a while.

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