Training Week 131

By , April 22, 2012 6:39 pm

Highlight of the Week: Steven made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Saturday. Oh wait, this is a running post.  Seeing a beautiful baby deer perfectly framed by an opening in the woods and lit by gorgeous sunlight during my Sunday run… and capturing a photograph of that moment.

Monday | April 16, 2012: rest
Tuesday | April 17, 2012:
 7 m run
Loc: Neighborhood, Temp: 35°/34°, Time: 1:13:39, Pace: 10:32 avg, Difficulty: medium 
Wednesday | April 18, 2012: 10 m run (middle 5 miles with new GRC friend) + strength class
Loc: Mill. Trail to Nippersink FP and back, Temp: 71°/70°, Time: 1:31:24, Pace: 9:08 avg, Difficulty: medium
Strength: kettlebells, Difficulty: easy
Thursday | April 19, 2012: rest
Friday | April 20, 2012: 10 m run + strength
Loc: neighborhood, Temp: 43°/42°, Time: 1:44:03, Pace: 10:24, Difficulty: easy
Strength: free weights, core focus, Difficulty: medium/hard
Saturday | April 21, 2012: 6 m run
Loc: Neighborhood, Temp: 32°/39°, Time: 57:56, Pace: 9:39 avg, Difficulty: harder than it should have been
Sunday | April 22, 2012: 5 m run 
Loc: Grant Woods FP, Temp: 51°, Time: 44:53, Pace: 8:58 avg, Difficulty: easy/medium

Lessons learned:

  • If the Garmin 405 freezes in the middle of a run, you can do a soft reset, and continue running with the same data from before the freeze. I hope I never have to use this information again. 
  • If I want to do “first thing in the morning” runs, they are really going to feel the best if I have given myself 30-45 minutes to wake up.
  • Do not eat a vegan hot dog before a run. 

Reminders for next week:

  • Focus on keeping my arms closer to my body when running. 

6 Responses to “Training Week 131”

  1. Amy says:

    What you mentioned about resetting the Garmin freaked me out! How did you figure that out? I had to do a reset on mine twice and both times it lost everything…and made me sad.

    • kilax says:

      I only had to do a soft reset, where you hold down both of the outside buttons until the Garmin turns itself off and then back on. I have never lost data off of it. (I download all my runs to Garmin Connect so I wouldn’t care if they weren’t on the watch anymore – you do that too, right?)

  2. That deer picture is so beautiful!

  3. Kandi says:

    My garmin reset itself right after I downloaded my activities to garmin connect the other day. It freaked me out but at least I had already downloaded my activities.
    I love your deer photo! I saw a deer on my bike ride the other day. I didn’t have a camera with me though – plus I was on the biggest hill of the ride and probably wouldn’t have wanted to stop (because starting on the hill would have sucked).

  4. Kristina says:

    I love the collage! And those cinnamon rolls do look good!

  5. Erin says:

    I didn’t realize that the reset like that would keep your data mid-run. I’ve only ever had to do it before a run.

    Isn’t it funny how one day a slower pace can feel harder than a faster pace the next day? Do elites runners struggle with that?

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