2012 Racing Statistics

By , December 18, 2012 5:32 am

As I mentioned, Sunday’s race was my last one of the year! Woo hoo! I thought it would be fun to look at my 2012 racing statistics. In 2011 I ran 22 races in all 12 months in 5 states, and what did I do this year? Read below (and you can always see my overall race stats here)!

Also, if you would like to fill out your own 2012 Racing Statistics in the comments or on your own blog, I created a google doc here for you to copy and fill out/edit! I’ll paste the blank doc below my stats, as well. 

And on to 2013! The first race I am registered for is my town’s local 5K in February, but the snowshoe 5K is calling my name in January…

Click “more” for the 2012 Racing Statistics Survey! And feel free to add your own new categories of statistics!

Races participated in:
Races “raced” (of x amount above):

New to me distances:

States run in:
Technical Trail:

Months run in:
Hottest race:
Coldest race:
Windiest race:
Wettest race:

Races I ran for free:
Race entries I paid for other people:
Total spent on race entries (me + others):
Average cost (total/races participated in):
Cheapest race:
Most expensive race:

Participation medals received:

AG medals received:
Placed in AG:

Races run alone:
Races run with others:
Acted as pacer:

Races run without music:

Races run without Garmin:
Races run in costume:

50 Responses to “2012 Racing Statistics”

  1. Marcia says:

    Wow I am impressed by your stats. Way to crunch the numbers! Looks like a great year.

  2. Kandi says:

    Awesome infographic! I might be motivated to do something like this but my record keeping has been so poor this year I’ll have to do some research (on my blog and my hand-written calendar) to figure out some of these stats (such as how many races I ran and which states).

  3. Eeek…$616 this year??? You’re crazy girl! I have no idea how many races I’ve ran this year, and I’d be afraid to add it all up! The CM was $150 and I had to have done at least 10 others…maybe it’ll be best to not add it up!

    • kilax says:

      Ha ha ha. I didn’t think that seemed like much at all, considering how much I ran and how many races I didn’t have to pay for 😉 I would be curious to see your number! 🙂

      • Pete B says:

        What about races that were missed due to injury/excessive heat? Do those go into the total $’s spent? I think I had three or four of those!

        • kilax says:

          They do go in to dollars spent, but would obviously be DNSs, then you would have to clarify that your average cost per race included races you didn’t do, just like how mine included races I paid for other people’s.

  4. ChezJulie says:

    That’s pretty incredible to see how much you’ve done this year. My favorite statistic is the number of races playing Van Halen at the start. 🙂

  5. You are a beast, man. Jealous of your drive!

  6. Rachel says:

    I didn’t know you paid for the NFEC! I got my registration for free! If you plan on running it again this year (uh, duh, we should run together again) I’ll hook you up with the PR guy so you can get in for free.

    Awesome infographic too! I think I’ll have to do a blog post of my own!

    • kilax says:

      That is awesome that you got to do it for free! 🙂 I love that PR folks pay for races for us bloggers. I hope our posts help them out 😉

      Can’t wait to see your post!

      And yes, DUH we are running it together again 😉

      • Ian says:

        I plan on running NFEC in 2013. Hoping to do the 50 mile (come on Kim you can do 50 miles). If not I’ll drop down to the 50k. Ran the half a few years ago and loved it. Tad pricy but well put on so worth it. Wonder if Rachel’s PR guy is the same guy I meet and chatted with at RnR expo when I was working for Clif Bar. Told him about my running group that Kim is a member of and he gave me a 20% off code for them to use (think 10 signed up that very evening). I find that some races will give comps just for a little PR or volunteering. Two of my comps this year came from doing PR work for races (and it didn’t feel like work when it is something I love doing), my other comp was via Clif Bar – I feel like a sponsored runner once a year 🙂

  7. abbi says:

    Love this since I love statistics and you had quite the year! I’ll need to come back and get when I have a few more minutes to crunch my numbers!

  8. Omg the organization of this is out of control and I love it!!!

  9. Maggie says:

    OMG this is super fancy. Where did you create this graphic?

  10. Kristina says:

    Like others have said: WOW. That’s an awesome document! And even more impressive stats! Maybe I’ll inspire to something like this in the future.

  11. This graphic is so cool! What an awesome way to organize a year of races! I added up my total and I think it was over $700. Also, I think my most expensive race was close to yours and it was only a half marathon. Team Ortho and their expensive races. Lol.

  12. Christina says:

    That is such a creative graphic! This year was my first year of racing races and I loved all of it :).

  13. gina says:

    You did a really nice job on this! Such a great idea to see how the year played out! I will do one of these, thanks for the template! I feel so grateful that i got to run a bunch of races with you this year!

    • kilax says:

      Thank you! And thank you for your input on it along the way 😉 I cannot wait to see yours filled out! And your other two race recaps, *ahem.*

      I thought it was awesome we got to do so many races together this year too! And I was thinking during my run tonight… I got to see you 8 times this year! Is that right?!

  14. Michael says:

    This is a great recap!! I love all the info! Curious where your favorite race medal is from. That’s pretty cool.

    BTW. you won my weekly prize for the 5K a Day Challenge!! Congrats 🙂

  15. This is so cool and thanks for providing the template! I’m nerdy and love numbers so obviously I’m going to fill this out for myself 🙂

    Also, it was lovely running the Schiller Chiller with you!

    • kilax says:

      Yay! Can’t wait to see yours filled out!

      I had a fun time running together too.

      P.S. Kelsey’s polish is already chipping! Is yours too? 😉

  16. Michelle says:

    Way to go!!!! Great stats!

  17. Art says:

    This is an awesome infographic. What’s more awesome is what it represents! Well done Kim!

  18. Emily says:

    Wow, you are a racing GURU!!!!! AMAZING!!!

    I am so going to borrow this topic for a future blog posting of my own. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  19. Erin says:

    I totally should have done this for 2011. 2012 would be a pretty boring year 🙂 Love that you put so much work into this and shared it with everyone.

  20. Xaarlin says:

    You’ve really outdone yourself with this one… Holy cow that info graphic is neat!

    This really puts my proposed end of the year slideshow to shame hehe

    • kilax says:

      Thank you! And I will still love your slideshow. The amount I love it will exponentially increase every time there is a pic of CB.

  21. BEAAAAAAAAAAAST. What a year girl! wow!

  22. J says:

    I ran 10 races this past year which is very similar to 2011. I don’t know how much I spent but I would guess about 300 dollars. Most are local. I like racing but not too much.

  23. Melissa says:

    To echo many of the posters above me…the infographic is completely awesome!!

  24. Anne says:

    Wow, 21 races? You are a machine! And nice stats presentation! I was just happy to compile a list of the runs I’d done, but way to go above and beyond. And you had a great year of running!

    I just checked and I spent almost $250 on my runs this year, which actually seems like kind of a lot for how few races I did compared to you. I should start bargain shopping for these races 🙂

  25. Everything about this is awesome! I would love to see if I could dig up this info to map out my year. I think I would be afraid to see how much I spent on races!

  26. Molly says:

    Look at you and your fancy info-graphic! If I wasn’t so busy being impressed by your race stats I’d be totally jealous of your graphic design skills.

  27. Ian says:

    That is an awesome chart and great stats.
    I like the cost part.
    I did five races this year and spent a total of $20 on entries
    $20 was a trail race in Rockford. Got 3 comp entries (saved me $165) and one was a free race to all entered where a yoga store covered the entry fee (I won a $50 raffle prize there).

  28. First of all major congrats on such an awesome running year! I am so happy for you and all that you have accomplished. I think you did pretty darn good on the money end of things. Your most expensive race was only like $80? I’m pretty sure both marathons I ran were more than that. Plus with all your free races…you done good in my book! Way to go!! 🙂

  29. […] and because I’m a nerd and love numbers, I thought it was so cool. Fortunately, she also posted a template for other bloggers to use. In putting my stats together, I’ve really enjoyed looking back at […]

  30. This is so cool and impressive! I wish I kept track of this stuff.

  31. […] doing a simple little infogram of my 2012 training in numbers. Definitely not as cool as either of these girls’, but it’s a start! […]

  32. […] the pavement/trails.  I really want to track mileage, race results, etc. like MagMileRunner and ilaxSTUDIO (did I mention that I love numbers and infographics?!  I can’t help it…I’m in […]

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