Eight years a runner

By , December 18, 2014 6:39 am

While running with Kelly this morning, she told me about her first half marathon in Kentucky eight years ago, and that she couldn’t believe she’d been running that long*. Of course, that made me wonder, “how long have I been consistently running?” It turns out, about the same – also eight years!

I started following Fitness Magazine’s 6 Weeks to a 5K program** in late 2006, to lose weight and to train for a New Year’s Day 5K. 

I put the program in a chart and made it my desktop background on my computer, and put a check mark on each date after I completed the workout. That kept me motivated to keep going, because it was in my face a lot of the time!


(click to see larger)

I didn’t even know this until I looked at my files this morning, but I apparently have a running start date anniversary – November 10th! Fun!

It’s funny that something so innocent like this turned in to an obsession. I guess that’s how it starts!

What’s the longest hobby you’ve consistently stuck with, and for how long?

Mine’s not running – it’s blogging! I started that in July 2005! I would also venture to include photography, but it’s not like I compose my photos very well. I just like documenting everything!

*Or maybe it was nine years ago – morning running brain confusion
**I still think this is a fantastic beginning runner program, and recommend it to anyone who wants to start!

33 Responses to “Eight years a runner”

  1. The longest I’ve ever stuck with anything (to date) was trumpet. I played from fifth grade all the way through college graduation, so that was just about 12 full years. As time went on my interest/passion DEFINITELY decreased (I was basically in band senior year just to say that I did it, not because I actually cared haha), but it was certainly a big part of who I was in middle school and high school. I still have my trumpet–I have it in my bedroom here in Chicago, in fact–but I don’t want to play it when other people can hear me (especially since because I’m so goal-oriented, trumpeting is really something I carve out time for when I have something to work for, rather than something I do just to do it) so it hasn’t been touched in like a year haha.

    • kilax says:

      Did you stick with it during the summers, too? I played violin for 9 years but was SO lazy about it. Wish I had my dedication then, that I do, now (for that, anyway).

      Do you think you’ll pick it up any time soon?

  2. Pete B says:

    Congrats on your runiversary! You’ve accomplished a lot in these 8 years (I would guess you’ve done several marathons and loads of halfs during that time). I don’t know if running counts as a hobby for me anymore, it’s a way of life!

    • kilax says:

      Aww, I like how you put that! It IS a way of life!

      I actually have a spreadsheet where I track races, so I can tell you I have done 8 fulls and 23 halves. Not many!

      • Pete B says:

        Wow, according to my athlinks page, I have done one less marathon (7) and one more half (24) than you! We are now in competition. I need to sign up for a marathon soon, so I can at least tie you in that category! Game on! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the runnerversary and how long you’ve been blogging!

    I think I’m with Pete … I’m coming up on my 26th ‘runnerversary’ (and since I started after college that makes me #old) – definitely a way of life!

    Also been playing guitar and bass more than 35 years, had an electronic music studio in my house (before that parents house and apartments) for nearly 25 years.

    • kilax says:

      Thank you!

      Yes! It’s a way of life for you! 26! That is fantastic!

      Oh, cool! My dad and I were talking recently about how we’d like to learn to play the guitar! I’d like to learn piano, too 🙂

  4. HoHo Runs says:

    I wish I knew exactly what day I ran my first steps. It was on a treadmill at the Y in early 2008. Talk about obsession! Full on.

  5. I started playing golf my freshman year of high school. I plan to keep doing that until I die lol

  6. Joanna says:

    I have been tracking my running miles since my 4th year of college (spring 2008) and I guess I consider that the start of my running even though I ran in high school and college but never really kept track.

    • kilax says:

      Yay! That is a long time to be tracking! I wonder if many high school students track, now? Maybe, since computers and all that are more popular than when we were in school (ha, at least, for me!).

  7. Mine’s running! I started running in 1998. I haven’t kept logs the whole time (sad face), but since 2008(?), I’ve been really good about it. I am very bummed to not have a lifetime mileage number!

    • kilax says:

      That is a bummer!!! We must be on a mission to encourage every new runner to track track track! Um… unless it makes them crazy and hate it. LOL

  8. Rachel says:

    WOW! Eight years! That is awesome for both you and Kelly! Congratulations!

    I started running in the spring of 2007 – I would guess it was in mid to late April based on the timing of my first 5k (in May). So I’ll be coming up on 8 years this spring too!

  9. jan says:

    8 years–that’s awesome!! I started in the spring of 2011, but I had been a runner twice before that. This is the longest and most serious I’ve been, so sans injury or other crisis I think running is here to stay!

  10. Amy says:

    I started running in 2006 and blogging in 2007, in preparation for the half marathon with my mom and sisters. So, 8 years running, like you. Wow!

  11. Karen says:

    8 years is awesome! I am just two years in running, but I always say I hope to be able to run at 70 🙂 I guess working out in general, since high school (I struggled with weight) has been very consistent, I’ve always walked, hiked, done classes, etc…for 28 years only taking breaks for the few surgeries I’ve had over the years. My biggest regret is not keeping up with weight training all that time. At one point in my young life I was pretty strong, but let it go after an extended period of shoulder issues, I am getting back into it now and I feel great!

  12. Kandi says:

    I started running in 1994 and continued through 2000. Then I took a few years off with minimal running while in college. I got back into it in late 2005 and haven’t stopped!

  13. Mica says:

    Ha, I didn’t realize that you had started running with a program (Me too!). I guess I wasn’t sure how you started. Look at how far you’ve come in eight years!

    I think blogging is my longest-running hobby too. Or maybe knitting, but I took a break from that for awhile and didn’t pick it back up until grad school.

    • kilax says:

      Which program did you use? Something similar?

      I saw a knitting kit for kids at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and thought of you! I was going to ask if that would be a good place for me to start! 🙂

  14. Next year will be 10 years for me. I started with the “Beginning Running” classes held by CARA. Don’t know if they still offer those classes.

  15. martymankins says:

    Congrats on reaching 8 years. That is awesome!

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