House Project: Pond Work (part ii)

By , June 4, 2016 6:50 am

Man, Freddie and Bill crack me up.

Have I mentioned Data gives zero f*cks about them? Chipmunks and birds? Oh yes, please. A raccoon? That’s his buddy! Deer/dogs? He’ll hiss at them. Ducks? Not even sure he sees them. No reaction. I had to place him here to look out the window:


And he was like, “eh.”

He does care that we are working outside without him. Sorry, Data.


We’ve spent the last three nights clearing an area around the pond, and removing trees from the pond (with Freddie and Bill keeping us company the whole time, each night). We’re prepping the area for pond fountain equipment, but also trying to better our view of the pond, and make it healthier, overall.

Before (note, all the brush on the left side of the photo, and more trees in the pond):


click to see larger

After (still a work in progress):


I know – you can barely tell the difference!

Here’s a shot from Wednesday after we cleared a lot of the brush, but before we took most of the trees down:


And here it is on Friday with the trees removed from the pond (stumps left behind to deal with later, circled in red) and waiting on the grass to be cut up:


Lots of work left to do, but we enjoy it (it does wear us out though)! Several people had negative things to say about yardwork before we bought the house (and since), but we like it. I actually prefer it to inside the house work! And getting this pond cleaned up will make it a lot better to be outside, because (hopefully!) we’ll have less of a mosquito issue!



JK, guys. I use the clippers.

12 Responses to “House Project: Pond Work (part ii)”

  1. Mica says:

    That photo of lonely Data makes my heart hurt a little. He looks so sad!

    Did you have to read up on pond health and what things you needed to clear/keep? I wouldn’t even know where to start in managing a backyard, but you mentioned that you had grown up in a more woodsy area than I had. Did you and Steven learn this stuff from your parents or figure it out on your own?

    • kilax says:

      He makes me feel sad when I hear him crying when we’re outside! Sigh.

      Yeah, we need to read up on it – we have no clue! And we didn’t learn it from our parents 🙂 Steven figures it all out. 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    The ducks are funny following Steve. I like that you have named them. I used a chain saw once…it was a bit scary lol
    The pond is gong to be awesome 🙂

  3. HAHAHAHAHA that is amazing. I want ducks to follow me around like I’m their leader! Or at least friendly ducks like Freddie and Bill. What characters!

    • kilax says:

      They totally are! And after I made this video, Bill (the brown one) followed us all the way to the house! Ha ha.

  4. Yard work isn’t so bad if you have the right equipment and it’s worth it to buy some when you own your home.
    That’s a total WTF face from Data at you guys leaving him inside 😂

    • kilax says:

      Yeah! And we still have A LOT to buy. And now we need to build a shed for that stuff 🙂

      It totally is. Poor guy!

  5. Jen2 says:

    Declan and I love the video of the ducks chasing Steven.

  6. Alice says:

    OMG, the ducks following Steven is so great!!

    I am SO IMPRESSED with your level of ability with house and yard stuff. I relocated a plant in my front bed last weekend and felt like a freaking hero… you guys are chainsawing down trees from the middle of ponds!!! 🙂

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