Random Thoughts Thursday 128

By , February 16, 2017 6:23 am
  • Khali is recovering well! But she is anxious to go back outside. We figured we should at least wait until she is off her medication (last pill is tomorrow) to let her out. A lot of people ask me how Data reacts to her – he’s fine! He lets her approach, then usually walks away. I did see him hiding behind boxes and swatting at her when she walked by yesterday, but I think he was being playful (???).

  • What boxes was Data hiding behind? Oh, this load of stuff (sentimental stuff, a few games, kitchen boxes, etc.) we’ve had stored at the warehouse (for about one and a half years) since we started clearing out our townhome to sell it, and just brought home! We still have garage stuff and most of our books at the warehouse. Slowly but surely, we’ll get it here! (It’s obviously not a rush, since we’ve been without these items for one and a half years! Although, I do miss a few books, and Steven definitely misses his garage stuff!)

  • Another, “yeah, figures” article – “Scientific Proof That No One Wants to Hear Your Vacation Stories” (pdf here), but actually, not for the reason I thought. The article says people would rather hear stories they can relate to, rather than stories about experiences they’ve never had. Makes sense – wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to relate and connect with someone? But the reason we prefer relatable stories (according to this article, anyway) is because most people are crappy storytellers. “Human speech is riddled with informational gaps, and familiar stories allow listeners to use their own knowledge to fill in those gaps.” Hmm!
  • I know I’m a horrible storyteller. So let me try to tell you a story about a recent Target trip, ha. A lady and I were both trying to jockey our carts around the same section of the chocolate aisle. So I said to her “Looks like we both need our chocolate!” as I picked up the peanut butter cups I was there for. She starts asking me about the peanut butter cups and I tell her what I like about them. She picks up a bag to look at, and I finish my reasons of why I am buying them with “and they’re vegan!” and… she puts them back immediately. Ha, maybe I should have left the vegan part off?

  • I’ve been actually paying attention to the extra stuff my Garmin tracks, like sleep (to try to figure out how to sleep better) and steps. Last year I whined about how our work was going to have a steps competition but only walking steps counted, not running. At the time I thought it was major BS, but now that I actually pay attention to my steps, and realize I would rarely break 3,000 without running, I kind of see their point.
  • Work pet peeve – people who sent you pdf files but don’t look to see if they are properly oriented! I review a lot of drawings, and people send me the pdf rotated ninety degrees in the wrong direction, constantly. What does that tell me? You didn’t open the pdf after you made it to make sure it was correct. Sigh.

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14 Responses to “Random Thoughts Thursday 128”

  1. ChezJulie says:

    Happy Thursday!Khali is so cute.

    Your pile of boxes made me feel better about our piles of boxes. We’re still getting moved in, and it is taking a while to get unpacked.

    • kilax says:

      Happy Thursday! 🙂

      Yeah, these boxes of less urgent, unnecessary stuff will take awhile to get unpacked. They’ll probably just go in to storage.

  2. Kathy says:

    It’s funny how much ‘vegan’ puts people off. I’m not vegan, but to me it’s a big bonus when I can easily switch something small out to being vegan, every little bit helps.
    I don’t really get a huge number of steps in either, I think when you have a job that involves a lot of sitting it’s hard. Something for me to work on when I’m better.
    I still have boxes that we haven’t opened since we moved in July, it might be time to consider a purge!

    • kilax says:

      Yes! It totally cracks me up! My favorite story is when a coworker made vegan oreo cream cheese balls for a holiday party, and one guy was eating a ton of them, and she mentioned that they were vegan and he acted disgusted. LOL!!!! Dude, you just ate a ton of them!

      Yeah, I sit SO much during the day, and don’t walk much at home! I try to in the office, but it’s hard there, too!

      Definitely purge! I am thinking some of these things we brought back will be purged, even though they were things we decided to save at the time!

  3. Erin says:

    Someone on FB commented on another person’s post about Thin Mints being vegan that she “hate” vegan stuff. We all started pointing out things that are vegan and asking if she likes those (like Oreos…and fruit) and she ended up deleting her comment! People are so weird.

    Isn’t there an option when saving something as a PDF to have it open automatically? I feel like my computer does that all the time. Again, people are weird!

    • kilax says:

      Ha! Ha ha. People are so weird. And uneducated.

      Yes! Mine opens all of them that I make and it’s somewhat annoying. But it does plot them sideways and then I fix it!

  4. Shelley B says:

    I love that Data is trying to play with Khali – he’s a good egg, accepting the new kitties like that. 🙂

    I was zipping through Walgreens tonight to pick up some photos that I had printed when I saw YOUR cherry hearts on clearance so I had to snag a bag to try. They are good, even if they’re vegan, HA!

    • kilax says:

      I am proud of him! 🙂

      LOL! Aren’t they the best?! I brought a bag for my snister this weekend and am having a hard time not eating them all myself! I only have one bag left at home! CRY!

  5. Kristina says:

    Glad that Khali is recovering – such a pretty kitty! Glad that she and Data are figuring out their relationship.
    I totally know how it feels to finally have all of your ‘stuff’ together, even if it’s in a garage (as in our case) or the basement. For a while, we had probably 75% of our belongings in 2 different storage locals (friends’ basement and a storage locker). Once we *really* figure out our life, we’ll be able to sort through it all, but, for the moment, it’s nice to at least have all of the boxes in once place, even if we have no idea what’s in the boxes!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks! I am so happy they’re getting along! We just found out today she needs to stay inside longer.

      Isn’t it interesting to be that separated from your things and realize how little of them you need?!

  6. Mica says:

    I’m surprised that Data is being such a good host to Khali; I always assumed he wanted to be the only cat and assumed he was used to being the only cat in your life.

    I am also surprised about the reason why people don’t like to hear vacation stories. I assumed that people didn’t like to hear vacation stories about places they hadn’t been because then they couldn’t really engaged in the conversation with their own shared experiences. A lot of people travel at work, and often, I feel like there’s an attitude of one-upmanship in the conversations about travel. Like, “Oh you went to Tokyo? ISN’T IT AMAZING? I WENT THERE TWICE. DID YOU HAVE/DO ___?” to show off that you know what someone is talking about and maybe already knew about it before s/he did.

    • kilax says:

      I am surprised too. I thought he was an only child!

      I thought that would be most of the reason too! Maybe that is the second part of the reason 😉 I hope not everyone at work is like that! It’s fun to relate and connect… but not when someone is being a dick!

  7. martymankins says:

    I wish Tabby and Diega would get along like your cats do. Makes it frustrating to hear fighting and hissing and spitting all the time.

    That electronic drum kit looks awesome.

    • kilax says:

      That would drive me nuts! I wonder why some cats get along and others don’t. I think our vet told us it’s easier to bring a female in to a house that already has a male cat?

      It’s from Rock Band! Have you played?

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