No outlet!

By , July 15, 2017 11:10 am

Apparently people don’t know what this means…

We live on a dead-end road (as seen above) that runs west from a main road. The roads north and south of us that run east/west are both closed to the west because of flooding from a local river.

The road north of us…

The road south of us…

So there are A LOT more people on the main road, trying to figure out where the hell to go, which is resulting in lots of cars FLYING down our street, only to get pissed off when they realize it goes no where.

Sigh. Calm down people. People live on this street. People run and bike on this street!!! (ha)

I hope the roads are clear soon, for everyone’s safety. And sanity.

4 Responses to “No outlet!”

  1. Mica says:

    Hm, that is weird. “No outlet” is pretty obvious. Maybe they miss it because it looks temporary and their GPS is telling them to go that way. That is a ton of water though! Are people still displaced from the flooding?

    • kilax says:

      The sign has been there since we moved in and their GPS should only tell them to go down our street if they are going to a house on the street! I think they are just desperate to find a way over the river. Yeah, people still are. They are thinking the flooding won’t go down for a few more days.

  2. Julie Ilax says:

    And don’t forget about all the cute ducks and chickens on your street.

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