Training Week 404

By , July 16, 2017 6:50 pm

Highlight of the Week: Being able to find alternative cycling/running routes despite the flooding.

Monday | July 10, 2017: 4 m run + teaching strength class
Loc: hood, Temp: 77°/76°, Time: 41:32, Pace: 10:23 avg, Difficulty: easy enough, Felt: good, strong (but hot, of course)
Strength: Arms of Summer workout, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Tuesday | July 11, 2017: 2 m run
Loc: Downtown Chicago, Temp: 79°/79°, Time: 18:50, Pace: 9:24 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, just hot
Wednesday | July 12, 2017: rest
Thursday | July 13, 2017: 3 m run
Loc: Chicago Lakefront Trail, Temp: 80°/80°, Time: 29:36, Pace: 9:51 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Friday | July 14, 2017: teaching strength class + 925 m swim + 3.2 m run + 6.3 m run
Strength: kettlebell circuit and cards, Difficulty: easy/medium, Felt: good
Loc: Grayslake Pool, Outdoor Temp: 61°, Time: 22:04, Pace: 2:05 min/100 m, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: hood, Temp: 64°/64°, Time: 32:25 , Pace: 10:12 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, but legs tired
Loc: to VP Woods entrance, Temp: 67°/67°, Time: 1:05:08, Pace: 10:20 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good

Saturday | July 15, 2017: 27 m ride + 3 m run (incl. 4×400) + 5 m ride
Loc: to Kenosha County Bike Trail, Temp: 63°/70°, Time: 1:49:46, Pace: 14.8 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Loc: Lake Andrea, Temp: 70°/70°, Time: 31:16, Pace: 10:26 avg, Difficulty: medium, Felt: decent, hot
Loc: Rec Plex to Home, Temp: 70°/72°, Time: 21:39, Pace: 13.9 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, getting worn out

Sunday | July 16, 2017: 10.5 m run + 8.47 m ride + 840 yd swim
Loc: around Zion, Temp: 67°/66°, Time: 1:58:23, Pace: 11:16 avg, Difficulty: mostly easy, Felt: great
Loc: to FitNation, Temp: 67°/68°, Time: 30:57, Pace: 16.4 mph avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good, nervous about traffic
Loc: FitNation, Time: 28:27, Pace: 2:05 min/100 yd avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good


  • I was in the city for work training Tuesday through Thursday and didn’t make much time to work out, as is evident above. I am happy for what I could get in – two short runs during our lunch breaks!
  • Friday was my last swim with Anne (for now?) – she moved to Cleveland on Saturday. It’s going to be so odd not seeing her each week.
  • On Friday, the east/west roads immediately north and south of our house closed for river flooding, making my typical seven mile route and running on the trail impossible. I ran twice on Friday – once to each road – to see how bad it was. As I post this, the roads are still closed. And likely will be for a few more days.
  • I was planning to do a loop bike ride Saturday morning, but with so many roads closed for flooding, I did an out and back (which included a stop for speedwork in the middle).
  • We had extremely pleasant running weather on Sunday – mid 60s and overcast! Woot! What a treat! And bonus – I didn’t have to add two miles on to my route to avoid flooding because it was back to normal on that road, woot woot!
  • On Sunday night I rode my bike to meet a friend at the pool. I am thankful he drove and could give me a ride home – the riding route had way more cars on it than normal because of road closures due to flooding and it didn’t feel safe to ride on. Eek!

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4 Responses to “Training Week 404”

  1. Bobbi Welch says:

    1. John and I were just talking about the traffic light thing after their ride today. I wonder what the right thing to do is? I guess you have to run the red…

    2. Your town is no longer doing their 5ks. I read somewhere (the race fb page maybe) that they quit the series. I was very sad. 🙁

    • kilax says:

      I wonder, too! You could go press the “walk” button if there is one, but it’s kind of a hassle to clip out and back in to do that.

      Ahh, thanks for the info. I saw their site is down and they never responded to my question on their FB page. I see they are doing some through the Zion Community district now.

  2. Anne says:

    Sigh. It’s already so odd not seeing you. I randomly woke up at around 4am on Friday – my body just knows it’s time to wake up and go to your class! Wahhhhhh 🙁

    • kilax says:

      It feels odd to me too! I was hoping your body wouldn’t do that on Friday but had a feeling it would. I hope you unlearn it soon so you can get some rest!

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