Happy Gotcha Day, Khaleesi!

By , February 14, 2018 5:34 am

Khaleesi (Khali) has been living inside with us for one year today! Happy Anniversary, Khali! Fun fact: Data was “adopted” on Valentine’s Day, too!

We weren’t planning on Khaleesi becoming an indoor cat. We thought she’d convalesce inside after she got spayed last year, then go back outside when she healed. But she ended up getting an infection the day we were going to let her out, and when she went to the vet, they said she needed to stay inside much longer than we thought.

And then I couldn’t let her back outside. I mean, duh.

Could you let this face back outside? (Ha, this was before I realized I could pick those black boogers out of her nose – I didn’t know they were boogers at first!)

So, while she’s escaped outside (grrr) a few times over the year, she is definitely an indoor cat now! We love having her inside, and she seems to tolerate us, ha! It took her a while to get used to us, but every day (even now!), we can tell she’s more comfortable around us. Unfortunately, she still hides from most other people. We hope she stops hiding someday <— wishful thinking.

People are shocked when I tell them Data loves being a big brother (and that he didn’t mind Snow). Data is fifteen years old and can be grumpy and persnickety. Give him a break – he’s an old man! Because of his personality, people thought he’d be a jerk to Khali, but her being around has actually improved his behavior. He no longer hate poops outside his litter box or on the welcome mat, and instead of play attacking us, he plays with Khali. He seems more energetic and younger, and he’s nice to Khali (not counting their playful royal rumbles). Guess he was never meant to be an only child!!!

Ha, I swear I have photos of the cats NOT in bed too.

And we’re very happy having two cats inside!

24 Responses to “Happy Gotcha Day, Khaleesi!”

  1. Anne says:

    Happy Anniversary, Khali! I’m glad she and Data get along so well (and adorably so)! Hope she’ll come out to say hi next weekend 🙂

  2. Carolyn says:

    Happy Gotcha Day!! I love seeing pics and getting updates on your cats!

  3. Denise Fleener says:

    Awwww…….Happy Gotcha Day, Khali!! So happy you found a loving home and a big brother is a bonus too! I’m glad he loves you and you love him! I agree that Data was not meant to be an only child! Everyone needs a playmate and someone to snuggle with! I love seeing all of the pictures of them and reading the updates! ❤️❤️

    • kilax says:

      Thanks! It’s so funny, all this time we thought Data liked being alone and having things his way and that a sibling would be a bad idea. We were SOOOOO wrong! He loves having a playmate and (sometimes) snuggle bud <3

  4. kathy says:

    i didn’t know Data was 15. He is so good adapting to her. She is so pretty. Glad she stayed inside!

  5. Shelley B says:

    Whoa, I didn’t realize Data was 15 – he looks like a young cat! So happy that Khali is good with being an inside kitty; she seems super content, and I love that they play together. So, next Valentine’s Day…another kitty, perhaps?

    • kilax says:

      Thanks! I think she seems happy too, except on those really nice summer days (when she looks outside and wants to be out there), ha!

      Maybe! We obviously can only adopt on this date!!!

  6. Karen says:

    It is awesome Data adapted well 🙂 They were meant to be together…she does have such a sweet face. It is funny how the react when someone new shows up, you just never know. We watched a frieds cat over the holidays and my most chicken one, Junior, ending up making friends with him…

  7. Aww yay! Happy indoor-iversary, Khali! I didn’t realize Data was so old either – I’m impressed that he befriended her!

  8. Chaitali says:

    That’s so impressive that Data adapted so well to siblings! It seems like he’s happier having Khali around 🙂

  9. Courtney says:

    Awwww! Happy Gotcha Day Khali!! And I don’t think I knew that’s Data was adopted on Valentine’s Day either! He looks good for 15! I’m glad that he enjoys being an older brother!

  10. Troy says:

    Adorable. Love those two. If only Data felt the same way about me.

  11. Mica says:

    I giggled about Data “hate pooping.” (But what about all his puking on the tree skirt?!?)

    I’m glad Khali has adjusted so nicely to her “new” life. She definitely has a pretty sweet deal living with you!

    • kilax says:

      Muah ha ha.

      Hmm, good question. He was pooping and barfing on the tree skirt on the daily before she moved in. This year, it just seemed like the place to go, to barf (for both of them).

      She does!!! I hope she realizes, ha.

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