Random Thoughts Thursday 169

By , February 22, 2018 6:23 am
  • Has anyone seen “Black Panther”? We were going to go last weekend, but every theater was sold out (of seats we’d sit in, anyway)! We have tickets to see it next Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it!
  • I got a bit emotional yesterday at the end of the day with my detail coworkers hugging me and wishing me the best and telling me they didn’t want me to go! Thanks for reading my whining about work over the last few months. I know things will be fine, but I also need a place to express my frustration. So, thanks again!
  • I picked up Dietland by Sarai Walker in the discount bin at the bookstore last week and have been enjoying it! It’s fiction, the story of Plum Kettle, an obese woman biding her time until she can have weight loss surgery. But she ends up meeting some people who challenge the way she’s been living her life and lead her to question why SHE has to change. It’s not all “ra ra, everyone is beautiful,” but more “you don’t have to conform to society’s norms.”  There’s also a subplot of a “dangerous guerrilla group terrorizing the world that mistreats women.” <— overall awesome description from, me, per usual, ha. It’s not my typical read, but I’m glad I picked it up! I’ll read The Wild Truth next. And P.S. I should really get a library card.

  • How does March start next week? This month has flown by! I really need to focus on my nutrition and training in March to get ready for my April 7th 5K. I am looking forward to doing that!

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18 Responses to “Random Thoughts Thursday 169”

  1. Shelley B says:

    I hear you on the approach of March – wait, how did January last 87 days and now February is practically over?? Crazy times.

  2. Chaitali says:

    I saw Black Panther last weekend and it was really good! I hope you enjoy it 🙂 And I’m with you on February, it seems like it flew by.

  3. I saw Black Panther on Friday. I thought it was an incredible movie, but I also thought it felt a lot different from all the other Marvel movies – which I don’t mean as a dig at the movie, just as a comment. The whole good guy vs. bad guy dichotomy was a lot more complicated compared to other movies. Humor wasn’t nearly as important to the movie on the whole, which, especially when you consider that Ragnarok was the last Marvel movie to come out (and far and away the funniest one, at least in my opinion), felt like a big departure from what I expect. The fight scenes were also (mercifully, finally) a lot different than usual – much less fire and guns and explosions and all that, which was fine by me! I find those kind of fight scenes too flashy and messy and difficult to follow. I also felt like the movie on the whole reminded me more of Thor than any of the other non-Avengers Marvel movies, which I think was mostly due to the fact that it took place in a world that felt more parallel to ours rather than part of ours, at least when Wakanda was involved. Again, not a bad thing, just a different thing. I thought it was very, very well done, and definitely recommend it!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks for your review. Saying it’s different than most Marvel movies makes me think I will like it more, because I am WAY over those types of fight scenes where I can’t tell what the hell is going on! Do you feel like I need any sort of refresher or info before going in, to make it more enjoyable?

      • It depends on your level of Marvel knowledge, really. I’ve only seen every movie once, and I don’t have the best track record for remembering what happened in something I’ve only seen one time. I’m particularly bad with the Marvel movies, because I more or less binged them all – I saw Dr. Strange with friends in November 2016 (my first Marvel movie) and was then informed that if I intended to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with them in May 2017, I would be required to watch every single movie I had missed in that time so that I would have a clue what was happening, which was NOT the case when I saw Dr. Strange, haha. So off I set on my quest to watch 13 similar-ish movies in the space of six months. I did it, but unsurpisingly, I get the details of what happened when VERY mixed up since I watched them all so close together (like I can’t even keep straight which subtitles BELONG to Captain America or Avengers movies, never mind what happened in them. Hahaha). Because of that, there was TONS of stuff that I forgot from Civil War – like, you know, the fact that Black Panther was introduced in Civil War (though I did at least remember that I had seen him before and that his dad had died, so I had that going for me. Which was, like, nothing at all. Haha.). I think I would’ve enjoyed Black Panther even more if I had watched Civil War right before seeing it, because a bunch of stuff went over my head (like the post credits scene – I was SO confused why the character in that scene is there, because I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that part of Civil War). So if you also feel like you couldn’t even begin to summarize the basic plot of Civil War right now, or the name Klaue means nothing to you (*raises hand in shame*), it’s probably worth a rewatch.

        • kilax says:

          Wow! You were late to the Marvel game! Did you enjoy them, more or less, even though they blur together?

          Thanks for the tip! I didn’t care for Civil War and don’t remember it well, so I will see if it’s still on Netflix to rewatch!!!

          • I did! I never thought I’d have any interest in them, because prior to Dr. Strange, my first (and only) superhero movie was The Dark Knight, which was WAY too intense for me. I assumed all superhero movies were that way. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find out Marvel movies aren’t like that at all (i.e.: they have humor), and now I’m a big Marvel fan!

  4. Amy says:

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think of Carine McCandless’s book – I loved Into the Wild (both book and movie) and recently saw a documentary about the family’s side of things, which was eye opening. I guess it just goes to show you that everyone has a different perspective.

    Am not planning to see the Black Panther, but am thinking about I, Tonya!

    • kilax says:

      That was what made me pick this book up – the description says how she tells what was really going on (in her perspective), too. I will definitely let you know how it is!

      I have heard great things about I, Tonya! Totally want to see it!

  5. kapgar says:

    Do not read Wild Truth if you haven’t first read Into the Wild.

  6. Mica says:

    I have “Dietland” checked out and downloaded on my Kindle, so I’ll start it this weekend. I wouldn’t have been interested without your review.

    I haven’t seen “Black Panther” yet, but I’ve heard it’s amazing!

  7. martymankins says:

    We are going to see Blank Panther tomorrow (Sunday). We’ve been trying to see all 9 of the Oscar nominated Best Picture films (3 more to go: Darkest Hour, Call Me By Your Name and Phantom Thread are the 3 left).

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