Training Week 86

By , June 13, 2011 12:23 pm

Day 596 | June 6, 2011: rest

Day 597 | June 7, 2011: cross

I was in Louisville on travel and used the hotel gym, appropriately called Club 360° – for its location on the top floor of the hotel and 360° views of Louisville!

I used some elliptical bike thingy, then the recumbent bike and the regular bike.

NUStep Crosstrainer Time: 5:00 
Recumbent Bike Time: 30:00 | Distance: 6.8 | Level 5
Bike Time: 25:00 | Distance: 5.7 | Level 10

Day 598 | June 8, 2011: rest

Day 599 | June 9, 2011: strength

I had my third personal training session with Brian. We used these giant soft balls to do fun crunches and passes, and used huge disk weights with handles to work my lower and upper body. I felt like I had a bit of a core break so that was nice!

Day 600 | June 10, 2011: Ragnar Relay (6.5 m run)

I ran my first leg of the Ragnar Relay on Friday afternoon. I didn’t record the temperature for any of my runs, but I am SO HAPPY it was not as hot as it was in the beginning of the week. It was in the 60s/50s for each run. Very humid though.

Distance: 6.50 | Time: 1:00:05 | Avg Pace: 9:21 | 1: 8:50 | 2: 9:34 | 3: 9:18 | 4: 9:18 | 5: 9:31 | 6: 9:40 | 7: 3:52

Day 601 | June 11, 2011: Ragnar Relay (2.5 m run + 9.8 m run)

My second run was at 2:00 am on Saturday, and my third run was at 11:00 am.

Distance: 2.50 | Time: 21:57 | Avg Pace: 8:48 | 1: 8:21 | 2: 9:17 | 3: 4:18
Distance: 9.80 | Time: 1:44:34 | Avg Pace: 10:39 | 1: 10:03 | 2: 9:54 | 3: 10:20 | 4: 12:13 | 5: 10:52 | 6: 10:29 | 7: 10:31 | 8: 10:52 | 9: 10:55 | 10: 8:21

Day 602 | June 12, 2011: cross + brick (15 m bike + 2 m run)

In the morning I attended the Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) walk in the Independence Grove Forest Preserve. My personal trainer’s son has SMA, and a few of us from the club attended the walk to support him.

It was a beautiful day for a walk, and great to see so many families and their supporters out there.

Afterward, I met Erin at the Half Day Forest Preserve for my first brick workout! Ha ha. Can I call it that? We rode 15 miles and ran 2 afterward.

It felt good to get my body moving again after the relay. I think it was better to get outside than to sit on my behind.

And I had a fun time chatting with Erin! Despite being together for almost two whole days before we still had a lot of talk about. Ah, the sign of true friendship (or maybe just that I am a blabbermouth?).

Bike Distance: 15.04 | Time: 1:15:17 | Avg Pace: 12.0 mph
Run Distance: 2.0 | Time: 18:41 | Avg Pace: 9:19 | 1: 9:16 | 2: 9:22

Week Summary: 20.8 miles

I am really impressed with the amount of exercise I can get in at this weight, but I need to LOSE weight. I am such a fattie right now and am making every workout more difficult for myself by carrying all of this extra weight around.

11 Responses to “Training Week 86”

  1. You are NOT a fatty! But I understand wanting to lose weight and feeling better when you do. Still, NOT fat.

  2. bobbi says:

    You are NOT a fattie!! You are strong and healthy. You look great. I understand to the desire to drop a few pounds, trust me. But FAT?!?! No freaking way.

    Wish I could have done that walk with you guys – we were first birthday partying it up though. You had a gorgeous day for it!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks. 🙁 I have just been not taking good care of myself the past few days and feel awful!

      Who’s birthday party? Sounds like you had a fun Sunday too!

  3. Kandi says:

    Great week! I love all the forest preserves by where you live and how you utilize them.

  4. Gina/Mannyed says:

    Kim does not equal fatty. That is all. : )

  5. J says:

    Keep working hard I am sure you will lose the extra weight. But you are NOT a fattie! I think we all have that “fattie” feeling sometimes. I think we all understand the desire to lose a few pounds – its a tough battle. In college, I had a few girls on my bball team who had eating disorders – apparently female athletes are the most likely to have those disorders because of the pressures to be a certain weight and preform. Just keep working hard – you are not fat!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks – I think I have just noticed lately how some things take extra effort – like running, and using the step when strength training… I just feel like I am carrying too much extra weight around!

  6. Amy says:

    That is the best looking hotel gym I have ever seen – cool!
    And please don’t be so hard on yourself – I totally get your frustration with working so hard exercise-wise and not being able to shift the weight (I am in the same boat, basically) but you have a healthy lifestyle and so you are light years away from what anyone would consider a “fattie”!
    And despite what everyone thinks it’s not that simple to lose weight just because you eat vegan… Hang in there, Kim!

  7. ohh i always get jealous when i see such beautiful places to run!! looks like you really rocked it this week

  8. What a great week of workouts! And that ragnar relay sounded fun, except for running at 2 in the am – lol. You had a rocking week Kim!

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