Things I do: exercise, errands, nap, and EAT (donuts)!

By , April 2, 2018 6:23 am

Thanks for reading these long arse weekend recaps! I enjoy writing them and appreciate you reading them!

There was no reason for last week to feel as long as it did. I was glad when it was finally Friday night!


We kicked the weekend off by going out for MOD Pizza. MOD’s a build-your-own-pizza place (think Subway or Chipotle style) with unlimited toppings! And they have vegan cheese!

MOD’s one of the very few places I like to get pizza out. I prefer Steven’s homemade pizza, or no pizza at all – I’m actually not a much of a pizza fan! But MOD… drool.

We ran an errand after dinner and picked up Pitch Perfect 3 to watch. It was silly, but entertained us a lot more than other movies we’ve rented lately!


On Saturday I got my run in before the wicked winds hit (25 mph winds with 40 mph gusts, no thanks), did an indoor bike ride, then taught a fitness boxing class. The class had an egg hunt theme – I put the workouts on little slips of paper in the eggs, and the students “hunted” for them to find out what workout we’d do!

It was fun for me since I had no idea what order the workout would be in. It ended up being a high intensity class, and the students liked it, yay!

I handed out goodie bags too. I had goodie bags for twelve, but I had two cancellations an hour before class, and three no-shows. I typically have a cancellation (and sometimes a no show) for every single class I teach, but when it’s a big number like that, it makes me a bit frustrated/disappointed. Oh well. That meant I had leftover goodie bags for my boss’s kids!

I ran errands after teaching – Aldi and Walmart pickup. This pickup did not go as well as the last one. It  took a long time, and the employee seemed overworked and was rude to me (about being there “early,” when I had received a notification my order was ready…?!). Hopefully the next time I try it, it goes better. I did have a good reality check NOT to be too upset about this FREE service while I was there, when I saw another customer who’d been waiting since before I arrived, leave, in her car, without her pickup, with her window down, screaming at the employee. Eek.

After food prep for the week, and lunch, we ran MOAR errands – Target and Kohl. Why so many errands on Saturday? Because I’ve been burned before, leaving shopping for Sunday, only to have everything closed because it’s Easter.

I wonder if everyone else had the same idea, or it was just normal Saturday shopping, but GAH there were too many people out and it made me anxious and stabby. Sigh. I needed more of this on Saturday:

and less people.

Happily, Saturday night was quiet. We made tacos, watched The Beguiled, and I read a bit before bed.


When we saw on Holey Moley Doughnuts’s social media page that they were going to be open on Easter, we knew it was a sign we had to go. Three months after making it a goal to get there, we finally did!

It was overwhelming when I got there, and saw they had THIRTEEN (not an April Fool’s joke!!!) different vegan donuts I could try. AHHH!!!!!

We got seven flavors (including one we’d had before and knew we like). Clockwise from top left: chocolate cake with vanilla glaze, cinnamon sugar (have had before), banana bread, s’mores, raspberry, samoa, and apple fritter (under chocolate cake with vanilla glaze).

We didn’t try: blood orange, chai, maple pecan, passionfruit coconut, peanut butter, or grasshopper.

These are all cake donuts, and the flavors are phenomenal. We both liked samoa the best, and couldn’t get over how the banana bread donut tasted just like banana bread. Yum.

I like these a lot, but they sit a bit heavy (um, could that be because I ate about three of them…?! nah), which just reminds me yeast donuts are my favorite! Which is why they only have 3.5 drooling faces below.

State Date Name Flavor(s) Rating (0-4) Photo
Kansas 1/15/18 Mud Pie Cake Chocolate Frosted
Illinois 2/7/18 Do-Rite Chai Maple
Illinois 2/17/18 Holcomb Hollow Lemon Vanilla
Ohio 3/23/18 Holey Toledough Blackberry Hibiscus & Cinnamon Roll
Wisconsin 4/1/18 Holey Moley Coffee + Doughnuts Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Glaze, Cinnamon Sugar, Banana Bread, S’mores, Raspberry, Samoa, and Apple Fritter  

The rest of my Sunday was just as amazing as the morning. I took a nap when we got home (less than six hours of sleep both weekend nights had me yawning and rubbing my eyes all morning), we ate lunch and played with the cats with the toy the Easter Bunny left them,

Ha, I had to include this one first cause it makes us laugh so hard!

Data played a little, but mostly watched

then I did my donut fueled long run, and we made our Easter dinner!

Now, to recover from the weekend…

(I usually don’t mention what Steven is up to during the weekends when I am exercising and doing errands without him. This weekend he was working and installing a security camera at the house. He’s usually working a bit, and doing some sort of project!)

18 Responses to “Things I do: exercise, errands, nap, and EAT (donuts)!”

  1. Erin says:

    I got burned on Sunday when I tried to go to Target and it was closed!

    • kilax says:

      Oh no! I’m sorry 🙁 And now you’ll never forget about that again, right? (Just have to pay attention to what Sunday Easter is on…)

  2. Chaitali says:

    Yum, lots of yummy food in your post! I love Mod Pizza. We haven’t had a chance to watch Pitch Perfect 3 yet, but it’s definitely on my list since I enjoyed the first two.

    • kilax says:

      I love all the options for toppings – so many more than at home! And I like doing a garlic rub instead of red sauce. Yum.

      Let me know what you think when you watch it!

  3. Christina says:

    I went to Target Saturday too and there were ALL THE PEOPLE. It was crazy. I was feeling a bit out of it already so I kind of just wandered around in a hazy stupor.

    Those donuts… 1,000,000 drool faces from me!

    • kilax says:

      It must have been that they were going to be closed on Sunday, then! I needed my snis with me for moral support (although Steven did really well handling my breakdown there and at Kohl). Another sad party of the story: Steven suggested we get a chai and the SB was closed for remodeling. Le sigh.

      You would LOVE these donuts. I still can’t believe how many vegan flavors they had!!!!!!!!

  4. Shelley B says:

    We had to do our errands on Saturday as well because of the Easter closings. I was so bummed when we hit Lowe’s and discovered they would be open on Easter…ack, one place we could have put off. Oh well. It was crazytown with everyone out, though.

    Love your donut obsession. I could go years without eating one and be perfectly fine (I have my other obsessions FOR SURE), but it’s fun to see what you get.

    The playful kitty pictures are awesome! Action shots are hard to get – they are so fast!

    • kilax says:

      Ugh, I would have been annoyed with that! But at least then you could have a more chill Sunday!

      I am glad you are enjoying it! It’s fun to try all these places and see their take on what a vegan donut should be!

      Thanks! Ha ha, yeah, we had so many goofy blurry outtakes, like that first one!

  5. Kathy says:

    Khali the acrobat ha ha! Those donuts look yum. So many errands. I hope all the stores are close together. I miss having target etc close (3-4 miles seems far away now because of traffic 😂). However, we are close to a shopping street so I got some new clothes this weekend when I was dropping my laptop in to get fixed. I was surprised at how many places were shut for Easter.

    • kilax says:

      The two sets of stores were, thankfully! I try to plan out shopping that way. Oh gawd, I have heard about your traffic and can’t even imagine it! Is your shopping street mom and pop type places or chains? What kind of clothes did you get?!

  6. HAHAHA those pictures of Khali! I’m glad she’s enjoying her Easter present 🙂

    UGH those donuts look SO. GOOD. I’m #teamcakedonut (yeast donuts almost always make my stomach hurt), so they all sound RIGHT up my alley. Especially cinnamon sugar…! *drools* I’m all for chocolate, but I really don’t think any donut can beat a cinnamon sugar donut. Maybe a cider donut, but they’re practically the same thing as far as I’m concerned (as in, they both leave your fingers covered with cinnamon sugar, which is obviously the important part of the equation here!). You really are on a roll with getting vegan donuts at least once a month, though! Now you have to keep that up for the rest of the year! 😛

    • kilax says:

      I was glad she liked it too!

      Oh gosh, if there is one thing I miss about fall, it’s getting those cider donuts when everyone else does! I should bring these, ha! You’d love this place if you love cake donuts!!!!! OMG, and how about those little hot fair donuts that are covered in cinnamon and sugar DROOOOOL.

      I think I do have to keep this up now. The pressure is on!!! 😉

  7. Mica says:

    Wow, that was a really busy weekend for you! I know what you mean about not being crazy about pizza. It’s fine, but I don’t crave it, and I don’t get all those memes that are about like, loving pizza more than your spouse. (I feel the same about tacos and donuts.) Steven *does* make some pretty dope pizza!

    I’m glad you got some donut treats after your big day of busy errand-running. We’ve also started doing some grocery delivery, especially when it’s a busy weekend (and when is it not). Like you, I try to keep it in perspective–even if it’s not “perfect,” I still get a lot of my time back, and that is really valuable to me.

    Those pictures of Khali cracked me up. I was wondering where Data was, but, of course, he was being a dignified older kitty on the couch.

    What did you think of “The Beguiled”? I was intrigued by it, but I also really hated “The Virgin Suicides” and couldn’t tell if it would be more of the same.

    • kilax says:

      Ha ha ha, yes at those pizza memes! I always wonder what the pizza obsession is. I think if I was going to be obsessed with a good, it would be pasta (although people do think it’s tacos and donuts for me). What would your real food be in that meme (that you love more than life itself)?

      I read this article a few months ago about how paying for luxuries that are things you can do yourself but don’t enjoy and save you time give you SO MUCH back and are really worth it. Grocery pickup/delivery would definitely be on that list for me (and cleaning, but right now, I still do that). I am glad you are using a service that lets you have more time to do what you enjoy too!

      Yeah, Data was acting like he NEVER used to be silly and jump around (even though he went nuts when we first brought the feather out).

      I thought it was boring and slow AF. Critics loved it, of course. 😉

  8. Xaarlin says:

    Omg that pizza looks amazing! I need some of that in my life!! Do you have a pizza maker at home for when S cooks?

    I love the idea of the Easter themed class. It sounded like so much fun!

    We went to jewel on Saturday and it was empty. I thought it would be packed like the stores you went to.

    The title of this post instantly made me think it could be what an elite athlete does most days 😉

    • kilax says:

      Oh, one of those things that sits on the counter and rotates and cooks it? Is that what you mean? We don’t – we have a few different pans/stones, and use the oven 🙂

      Thanks! I thought it was!

      I am glad your stores were not packet on Saturday!

      Oh gawd, that would be the life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anne says:

    Ugh, sorry your pick-up on Saturday was so annoying! I had a similar issue when I went to pick our groceries up on Friday – I guess more people were off and running errands that day than I realized!

    The Easter egg hunt boxing sounds like so much fun! How many of the eggs were burpees?

    That’s so awesome that the place in Milwaukee has so many vegan donut flavors! Banana bread sounds awesome, YUMMMM

    • kilax says:

      Yeah, makes sense, right? I will try to pick during a not prime time next time to see if that helps!

      I didn’t have any burpees, actually. I had them all be workouts you could do with gloves on, so that disqualifies burpees 😉

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