Training Week 235

By , April 21, 2014 8:53 am

Highlight of the Week: That I started the week with a run with my dad in Iowa, and finished it with a run with my bestie in Texas!


Monday | April 14, 2014: 5 m run (w/Dad) + teaching strength class
Loc: Young Arena, Waterloo, Time: 53:30, Pace: 10:41 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good
Strength: Kettlebells/body bars mixed mode, Difficulty: medium, Felt: okay
Tuesday | April 15, 2014: rest
Wednesday | April 16, 2014: 3+ m walk around Chicago
Thursday | April 17, 2014: 6.3 m run (w/Adam) + 3 m run (w/Christina)
Loc: Around Grayslake, Temp: 42°/41°, Time: 59:13, Pace: 9:24 avg, Difficulty: medium, Felt: worn out and tired
Loc: Millennium Trail, Temp: 60°/61°, Time: 30:35, Pace: 10:12 avg, Difficulty: easy, Felt: good/excited to run with someone new

Friday | April 18, 2014: teaching strength class + 5.2 m run (w/Kelly)
Strength: Kettlebells/bod bars mixed mode, Difficulty: medium, Felt: decent
Loc: Grrayslake, Temp: 37°/36°, Time: 51:44, Pace: 9:57, Difficulty: good, Felt: happy I got to run with Kelly!
Saturday | April 19, 2014: Trek the Trails Half Marathon (w/Gina)
Loc: McKinney, Temp: 51°/68°, Time: 2:13:17, Pace: 10:09 avg, Difficulty: medium, Felt: happy (until the hills… just kidding!)
Sunday | April 20, 2014: rest (including some walking)


  • Looking at my training logs, I have not done a solo run since March 17th! That is nutso! I sure feel lucky to have so many people to run with, at many different times (and sometimes, paces)!
  • I can’t decide if I want to include walking in my recaps or not. Sometimes I end up walking a lot if I am downtown, but don’t include it, but would if I was walking that amount around my neighborhood. If that makes any sense. This week I did track how much I walked downtown Chicago and it was over 3 miles (non typical day – my walking commute isn’t always like that). I am sure it will be back and forth from week to week.
  • I’m coming up on potentially 6 weekends in a row of races (not signed up for all of them yet), and most of them are with friends! Fun, fun, fun! 

Link to Training Week 233 and 234

10 Responses to “Training Week 235”

  1. Anne says:

    Wow, that’s a long time to go without a solo run. I do like running with friends, but about 75% of my runs are by myself, which I don’t mind. Do you miss the solo ones at all?

    • kilax says:

      I don’t miss the solo ones right now. I did a lot of them this winter, and got kind of sick of it. I bet I will go back to them in a bit. It’s a good time to think! 🙂

  2. Christina says:


  3. Christina says:


  4. Pam says:

    I’m totally jealous of your runs with friends. I have exactly ZERO local friends that run, so 100% of my runs are solo. It gets lonely!

  5. jan says:

    Wow you’ve definitely mastered the art of social running! Have fun doing so many races. There’s no better race than one w/ friends!

  6. ChezJulie says:

    Yay, Quartino! I just turned in my receipt today. 🙂

    • kilax says:

      Yum yum yum. I can’t believe that was a week ago! I could go again, tonight! Ha! Hope you had a good time in Chicago 🙂

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