Random Thoughts Thursday 146

By , September 7, 2017 12:47 pm
  • Last weekend, Steven worked on clearing out more brush by the pond (not sure if I ever finished posting about the area we cleared last year, but we planted grass over it and it looks really nice now). I can’t believe how fast Steven cleared all that – he got it all done in about two and a half hours while I was out running errands. We have lots of ideas for what we’d like to do with the entire pond area, over the years!

  • We attempted to take Snow to the vet last week for a checkup. It didn’t happen. Sigh. He freaked the hell out each time we tried to put him in the carrier. Blood was drawn (Steven’s). It made me feel foolish – like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I may look for a vet that makes house calls. I want to make sure Snow’s healthy. And get him neutered (that obviously would not happen at home, ha!).

Bonus – he ran to the fireplace to hide and was so scared he peed all over

  • We celebrated our anniversary with dinner out in Milwaukee on Friday, and a boat ride on the Red Witch, followed by ice cream, in Kenosha on Saturday. We had fun, and I’d like to ride the Red Witch again when I don’t have a cold (and it’s not stormy, ha!).

  • I am so pumped about my favorite coworker returning to work from maternity leave next week. So. So. Pumped. (Which is probably the opposite of how she feels.) We already reserved seats next to each other for our office day next week! Yay!
  • Ha, speaking of our new office space, my boss is making little “name tags” for our lockers and asked (it wasn’t mandatory) for photos of ourselves. I sent her this one:

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6 Responses to “Random Thoughts Thursday 146”

  1. Kathy says:

    Maybe the vet could give u some mild sedatives you could give him, so he is drowsy and doesn’t realize what’s happening?

  2. Well, uh, better that he peed in the fireplace where it’s easy to clean on than on the carpet…? Regardless, that’s a bummer about Snow’s crate anxiety 🙁 I hope you’re able to come up with a solution so you can make sure he’s a healthy kitty!

    • kilax says:

      Yeah. Although, it kind of soaked in to the mortar right away. Oxi-Clean to the rescue! I hope we come up with something too. I need to do some more research.

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