Is it Friday yet?!

By , February 12, 2018 6:29 am

Whoa, this weekend felt busy. Luckily I had Friday off, and had a chill day before the days of doing all the things!

On Friday night, Steven and I went to our neighbor’s restaurant for dinner and instagrammed drinks.

We watched some of the Winter Olympics opening ceremonies when we got home. I’m glad I had a drink before that – it helped me through what we did watch (the commentators talking over everything, just, ugh).

I slept horribly Friday night and was up at 4:30 am! Whut dafuq. Ugh. I cycled inside at home until it was gym opening time and I could go do my long run there.

When I got back we began a demolition project in our basement. My parents are coming to visit next weekend (!!!) and my dad is going to help install a new joist in the basement (part ii of this project). We were clearing as much out of the way as possible, before the visit. (The joist has to go above the ductwork below, hence taking all that wood off of it.)

Eventually we’ll remove all the wood paneling off the walls

Of course, in the process, we found a hot mess of construction under the landing for our first floor stair. Gah, there’s always something with this house. Every time we do a project, we have more questions about how our house came about – we think the house started as something much smaller that was added on to more than once. That’s one logical explanation to some of the things we’ve found, like frame outs for windows in interior walls.

We took a short work break to check out “Snow Daze” in Kenosha. The downtown area had over forty-five ice sculptures to check out! Most of the sculptures related to what the business (or sponsor, in the sponsor area) was. What a clever way to get people to walk all over downtown when it’s so cold!

It was in the teens, but we still stopped for ice cream!

Then we went home and got back to work. Which was really just more brainstorming and discussing how to install the new joist and rebuild the platform under the stair. Next weekend is going to be busy. I was hoping we’d actually have hang out time with both my parents, but it doesn’t sound like it.

On Saturday night I put together Valentine’s Day treats for my fitness boxing class then FINALLY chilled out. Woo hoo!

I woke up Sunday to more snow. It didn’t seem like much looking out the window, but when I got outside for a run and saw how deep the tire ruts were, I called my run short and went back to snow blow so I could get out of the driveway to go teach fitness boxing!

I taught, ran errands, came home, unloaded, finished shoveling, then finished my run.


After lunch, we went to the Chicago Auto Show. It’s been several years since we’ve gone and we thought it would be fun to see all the models in person. And I was excited to check out the F-PACE!

We walked around the show for about two and a half hours, then headed to Waterhouse to try the Impossible Burger.

Seen on the way to dinner!

We both liked it (and the buffalo cauliflower “wings” we got)! This burger is only available in certain restaurants, and I hope more add it. It’s great that regular (non vegetarian/vegan, I mean) restaurants are adding vegan options to the menu (like TGI Fridays adding the Beyond Meat burger) and I hope this trend continues!

We got home close to 9:00 pm! On a Sunday! I did the Sunday night chores and was beat. I woke up well before my alarm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and felt exhausted. I might have to take a Monday afternoon nap after work!

15 Responses to “Is it Friday yet?!”

  1. Shelley B says:

    Well I feel lazy now, LOL. The ice sculptures are really fun and I love that you guys had ice cream after! We did that one freezing night in North Carolina – bundled up and went out to ice cream. It was deliciously worth it.

  2. kathy says:

    That is a crazy busy weekend!!! It looks fun tho!

  3. Anne says:

    What a fun weekend! Your IG drinks look especially refreshing 🙂

    I’m so glad you FINALLY found a Pokemon (or is that a pikachu? Do I have the lingo right?? I have no idea). There was a little winter festival at the shopping center I work at around Christmas, complete with ice sculptures. I think those are so neat!

    I think it’s cool to see more and more vegetarian and vegan-friendly options on “regular” menus. There’s so many places around us now that have those options, so there’s no shortage of places we can take you when you visit 🙂

    • kilax says:

      I think that is Pikachu?! I could be wrong, ha!

      The sculptures are so impressive! This is the first time I saw so many! That is awesome your festival had some! How long did they last out there?

      Man, I am going to have to visit for many days to try all these places though!!!

      • Anne says:

        I think so but I can ask Terry! Young kids like him watched the cartoon 😛

        I think the sculptures were just out for the weekend, but not sure.

        We wouldn’t complain if you do! Heidi will have the guest suite ready by Friday 😉

        • kilax says:

          Ha! He probably still has the trading cards!

          Wow! Is she decorating?

          • Anne says:

            Ha! Probably. I wonder if he secretly has the app and is off looking for Pokemons when he says he’s moving stuff. Hmmm…

            Yes, she’ll be covering the carpet with her fur and letting the poop pillow return to the guest bed, where it belongs.

  4. Oooooh yay! I love your house project updates! I hope everything goes well this weekend!

    I think ice sculptures are SO beautiful. Obviously the people who make them know what they’re doing, but I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how they can turn a chunk of ice into anything other than smaller chunks of ice, never mind an actual sculpture. It’s so impressive!

    • kilax says:

      Thanks so much! I appreciate that!

      It IS impressive! There was a demo but we missed it, which I was a little sad about – I wanted to see the creation in action!

  5. Chaitali says:

    That does sound like a busy weekend! The ice sculptures are pretty cool. I haven’t had a chance to try the impossible burger yet but I’ve tried the beyond meat burger and that was pretty good. I honestly like “burgers” that taste less like meat though 🙂 Black bean or falafel burgers are my favorite.

    • kilax says:

      Ahh, you probably won’t like this one then! It tasted so similar (to me) that I was asking Steven if we got the right burgers. Ha. I like the more “meaty” ones when I go out, and like the other kind at home!

  6. Mica says:

    Wow, you really crammed a lot into the weekend. I saw that you had tried the Impossible burger and meant to ask what you thought of it. I haven’t tried it yet, but one of my co-workers has! (It sells out really quickly here, I think.)

    I love your Valentine’s day treats! (Do you know how many people will be in your class in advance? How do you know how many goodie bags to make?) I hope people appreciate them!

    What was your favorite ice sculpture? Maybe this is a hobby you (or Steven) should take up….

    I was just looking at my photos today and found one of Harrison sniffing a bucket of water in your basement. It sucks that your projects always seem to be bigger than you anticipate, but I’m glad you haven’t found something like…a haunted room or a body in the walls!

    • kilax says:

      I liked it but it weirded me out how realistic it was! I hope you get to try it!

      Thank you! I do know how many people are supposed to come because they sign up in advance. They seemed to like them.

      I really liked the ones that were quite 3D – like a boy throwing a snowball. I also liked the flatter ones that were like logos and somehow had “darker” lettering inside! Steven’s favorite was a skull but the pic doesn’t do it justice.

      OMG, poor Harrison muah ha ha. Yes! I am glad we are not finding that (although we find mouse poop in the walls, ugh).

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