Friday Question 254

By , June 27, 2014 6:55 am

What do you think someone else would say the most daring thing you’ve done is? Answer from as many perspectives as you like!

During our run this am, Bobbi was asking me what I didn’t like about hang gliding (if all goes as planned, she’ll be trying it for the first time tomorrow – check out her comment on my hang gliding post – I held true to my response!). I told her that I felt frightened after the plane released us and we were free gliding without the assistance of a motor. Oddly, I was more frightened than when skydiving or anything else I’ve done. 

That got me thinking… I think of those activities as somewhat daring, but I bet to some people, they wouldn’t be at all. And to others, they would consider other things I do to be more daring, compared to the comfort of their lifestyle. Afterall, the definition of daring is simply: adventurous courage; boldness. It’s definitely different for everyone! Hence… the question!

I can think of different people who would probably name these things I’ve done as “most” daring (or just plan stupid):

  • lived in a foreign country, alone
  • traveled to foreign countries, alone
  • taken a ride from a random stranger in Europe
  • driven in Chicago traffic
  • jumped out of an airplane
  • gone on a helicopter ride
  • tried trapeze
  • traveled by myself to do a race
  • moved away from home

You may read the list and think “what the heck, those things aren’t daring!” But that is the thing… everyone perceives it differently. And I bet you’ve thought of a friend or family member as doing something daring that was “nbd” to them!

So, tell me your list! And maybe think of your family/friends and the things they’ve done that you’ve perceived as daring… and let them know it!

25 Responses to “Friday Question 254”

  1. Rachel says:

    I think all of those things are very daring! Especially living in a foreign country alone. I would have a hard time doing that!

    I’m trying to think what would be my most daring things…

    Running for 16 hours with my best friend in 90+ degrees
    Giving a big speech in front of 700+ people
    Doing gymnastics on a 4 inch wide balance beam.
    Singing in front of my church

    I don’t even consider those things very daring, but I bet others might!

    Have lots of fun hang gliding Bobbi!

    • kilax says:

      I actually thought of you giving that speech when I made this list!!! 🙂 All of the things are your list seem daring to me. GAH! Especially the balance beam! EEK!!!

      Thanks! I hope we get the go ahead for her to go! It’s so weather dependent!

    • bobbi says:

      THANK YOU! I am so excited!

      I didn’t know you were a church singer too….

  2. Michelle says:

    those are ALL very daring in my book!!! I used to think of myself as a daring person, but now that I am older and have kids I try to be more cautious I suppose…well, other than driving in Chicago traffic, LOL!

  3. Maggie says:

    Probably getting up on stage and taking off my clothes. Plenty of people told me “I could never do that!” It was awesome, and I’d totally do it again. And take off even more, heh.

  4. kapgar says:

    On vacation, my brother announced he wanted to bungee jump. I’m afraid of falling but was sick of standing on the sidelines while he was having all this fun. So I signed the waiver, put on the harness, and walked up with him. When it was time to jump, he balked for a while, I leapt immediately. And I did it a second time.

  5. Well I’m living in a foreign country now 🙂
    I’ve traveled alone too 2 weeks in that was an adventure.
    I don’t think I’ve done any of the typical adrenaline junkie things because I find even rollercoasters scary.

  6. Jillian says:

    You have definitely not lived a boring life!!

    I have skydived, bungee jumped and travel abroad. Actually, I think I am pretty daring, although the older I get, the less so.

    The most daring thing I think I ever did? I moved 1200 miles away from home when I was 18. The day after my freshman year at college, I decided I needed a break from NJ. I packed my car and moved with very little plan. Got a place, got a job and made a life. I would have stayed forever, but when my friend died, I realized I didn’t want to be so far away from everyone/everything.

  7. I definitely wouldn’t say I’m daring in the “jump out of an airplane” type of way…no way, no how! My boyfriend likes to do that though, which terrifies me. I have a tendency to travel and/or go places by myself, though…which I think is a bit daring! I studied abroad in Italy in college (joined a program from another school for the summer, so I didn’t know anyone until I got to Italy!), went to Costa Rica by myself, and flew to Africa by myself. I think my boldest move was moving to NYC without knowing a single person…new places are intimidating!

  8. bobbi says:

    I am kind of boring – so excited to do this thing!! I left my first husband and drove myself to another state with no plan and no where to go. That’s kind of daring! I sing in front of a congregation…less daring now that I’m used to it. Every time I go to the city by myself I feel like I’m being daring! I made 4 new people. That’s probably the biggest scariest thing I’ve done!

  9. Kelly E says:

    I have flown in an experimental airplane. The plane came in a box and my Mom’s friend had put it together. This wasn’t his first experimental plane build, so although I am horribly scared of heights, I agreed to a flight over Melbourne, FL. We were a few thousand feet up in the air. The flight lasted about an hour or so. I was so brave that day!! I surprised myself!
    I totally agree. Daring situations/life events are relative to each of our individual experiences 😉

  10. Amy says:

    I don’t think of myself as very daring at all – I could never see myself go sky-diving or bungee jumping because I am pretty scared of heights. I did go rock climbing with my family which felt like quite a challenge to me, though.

    I suppose other people might think it was daring to come to Belgium on my own, but at the time it didn’t seem that way to me.

    • kilax says:

      I was going to say that moving to a foreign country to live there forever is pretty damn daring! Even if it doesn’t seem that way to you! 🙂 Daring acts don’t have to be high up in the air. LOL – that is just what got me thinking about it! 🙂

  11. What a FABULOUS topic! I was having trouble coming up with items for myself so I appreciated the sample list that you provided. On my list: traveling to various countries alone, taking an Indonesian tour on a motorcycle with a stranger, riding in a 4-seater airplane, doing improv on stage. I’d also add trapeze, zip lining, rock climbing, and parasailing. Although, like you said, some folks might not consider any of these things daring.

    I’ve never gone skydiving. When I was younger, I wouldn’t have hesitated to try skydiving – but now that I’m older, I’m a bit more on the fence!

  12. Tiina says:

    I moved to a foreign country where my language skills were rough to live with family I didn’t know…and it was literally the best experience of my life.

  13. my people would probably say that the most daring thing i’ve ever done was marry mr. dawn. he’s a wildcard and i’m thankful every day that i did 🙂

  14. Mica says:

    Whoa, I didn’t know (or had forgotten?) that you went skydiving. Ughhh, that is what I’d say is the most daring thing you’ve done. That really terrifies me.

    My mom always tells me how brave I am for having lived abroad, even for short periods of time. She says things like “That’s a HUGE accomplishment,” but I never see it that way. (Maybe it’s a generational thing?)

    I guess changing up on my career path and going to HB. I guess that’s one of the biggest/scariest things I’ve done, and maybe other people would think that too? Otherwise, I’m not very daring, hahaha.

    • kilax says:

      Why does it scare you so much?

      I think the idea of living abroad is much scarier to older generations, for sure. Some of those people seem to be surprised I do ANYTHING on my own.

      YES! That is very daring! And cool 🙂

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