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Friday Question 249

By , April 4, 2014 6:20 am

Are you a note taker?


I love taking notes. Definitely at work, but even in my personal life, at times! Taking notes keeps me focused on what is going on (and sometimes keeps me awake!), and gives me something to reference later, if I forget a detail.

I am meticulous about storing my work notes. I take them by hand, then scan them and organize them by topic and date. I LOVE FILING!!! Hmm, that makes me think of another question: do you have much paper storage at your work/home, or do you try to store most things on the computer?

My notes are about the only paper I use on a regular basis.  Sometimes I print out something to review, or, bring to a meeting, but even then, I see if I can bring my computer to the meeting instead. Bye bye, paper clutter!

Totally unrelated, but tomorrow is my dad’s first race of the year – the Fools 5K! Well, his first race if it doesn’t get canceled due to potential 50 mph winds. Go get it you fool, Dad!


Friday Question 248

By , March 21, 2014 6:56 am

Do you remember what your first social media posting (or status update) was on Facebook or Twitter – without looking it up? What was it?

Don’t worry – you can go ahead and look it up if you need to! I read this article (pdf here) about how Twitter added a function to search for your first tweet, in celebration of today being the eighth anniversary of the first tweet, and thought it would be fun to ask!

Aww, I was actually on Twitter for a short while in 2010. I tried it for a month or so, then deactivated my account, so I have no idea what my tweets were. Whoops! I don’t think we are missing out. Ha ha. 

But! Oh, do I ever remember my first Facebook “status update,” in 2010. 

I was a very passive Facebook user when I started using it. I initially made an account to keep tabs on my snister, when she was in college. Ha ha! Anyway, I wasn’t really in to it, and didn’t see why people wanted to share so many mundane things* in their status updates. My, how things have changed. 

Well, I went on a run with Erin in the summer of 2010 and felt like I finally had some material worth sharing on Facebook:


Yes. Seeing someone run in the nude made a huge impression on me. I still think about that day, a lot. And wonder… did he lose a bet? Was he too hot? Did he soil his clothes? I will never know. It’ll be one of life’s great mysteries. 

And now, of course, I post very silly stuff on Facebook**, like this:

That makes me laugh way more than it should.

Dangit. This was supposed to be a short post! But I have to share one more thing – one of my favorite things about Facebook is the “Pages” feed – where you see all the stuff that, well, the pages you follow, post. It seems these things never show up in my regular feed, and since I follow a lot of running and animal pages, it ends up being pretty funny, and regularly updated with “new” material since I “like” so many pages!

*I used it to contact people, and I think share photos, but I did not post “status updates” until April 14, 2010.
**But a little bit less now that I took the app off my phone. 

Friday Question 247

By , February 28, 2014 7:11 am

Do you have a “power” song?

You know, one you play to get pumped up!

I thought about this on Monday, because Jen2 shared this cello rendition of my power song on Facebook. It made me laugh (well, the video is funny, too!) because I had just played my power song the day before, at the Frosty Footrace. I have a 100% record of placing when I play my power song before a race (note: it’s only been my power song since this summer, and I only play it before 5Ks and 10Ks when I am trying to run “fast”).

My current power song is ACDC’s “Thunderstruck”! 


Previous power songs have been Van Halen’s “Panama,” Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Ni**as in Paris,” ZZ Top’s “Got Me Under Pressure,” and The Black Eyed Peas “Pump It.”

I actually don’t listen to music when I run and don’t carry headphones around. I mostly play my music in the car and for class. But back in the day I would play my “power songs” over and over during tough parts of runs or on the way to work (to wake the heck up!). 

Friday Question 246

By , January 24, 2014 12:39 pm

That last post was too serious to leave up on a Friday. Ha ha. Thank you for all your thoughtful comments!

Do you have an eclectic mug collection, or is your stuff all matchy matchy?


I used to not be a very frequent user of mugs. I don’t drink coffee, and I carry a bottle around the house for drinking water (so I rarely use glasses, too).

But once I started drinking tea, I was really happy I had a few random mugs along with our boring black ones and white ones. The random mugs just make it so much more fun to drink hot stuff. AND EVERYTHING MUST BE ABOUT FUN! But, really, that yellow cup with the cat in the bottom? Ha ha, I don’t think it’s sealed properly, so it sends up little, um, “fart” bubbles while I drink. Tell me that is NOT fun. 

Anyway. We got a few more mugs for Christmas and I was just thinking about stupidly happy it makes me to use all our random mugs (especially since many of them are gifts that remind me of certain people). And how happy I will be to ditch the boring ones! Adios, “complimentary” mugs Steven received for buying the house!


Friday Question 245

By , January 17, 2014 7:28 am

Do you have a junk drawer in your house/garage/at work/wherever?

Gina and I were talking about junk drawers the other day, and I said to her, “do people actually have those?!”

Then, “Wait! I think I we have one! An electronics junk drawer!”


Ha ha ha. 

But let’s call it what it really is, folks. A museum. 

Um, a somewhat unorganized museum. 

But what fun it was to look through there! Look at all the different types of music devices I found! I should have taken a photo of all the different headphones, too. 


So, we apparently do have a drawer to throw random electronics in. But everything else is mostly organized in the house. We tidied up after we put away all the holiday decorations, and I really love keeping the house that way. I hope I can keep it up!

Friday Question 244

By , December 13, 2013 12:26 pm

What is the longest amount of time you’ve worked at one job – and what was/is it?

I realized on Monday that it was my five year anniversary of starting my current full time job. I work someplace where it’s not uncommon to stay for thirty or thirty-five years. I can see that happening to me. 

I worked for Environmental Health & Safety for 9 semesters when I was in college. And I worked at McDonald’s from summer of 1999 to summer of 2003. And now you know why I became a vegetarian. Ha ha ha. 


To this day, it still surprises me that they made me a shift manager when I turned 16 (summer of 2000). Opening the store up by myself on weekends, closing it on weeknights… Looking back at it now, I wonder if adults coming in to the store were super frustrated to have to deal with a “kid.” Not that I was bad at it. I wasn’t. I’ve always been responsible. It just seems sooooo young. I mean, look at that picture! I am wearing braces with rubber bands! Ha ha!

Friday Question 243

By , December 6, 2013 4:36 pm

Let’s just pretend it hasn’t been over two months since the last Friday Question… sheesh!

Do you get a Christmas stocking or prepare one for anyone in your family?

Santa” still gives me one (sometimes I get it early or late though) and when Steven’s family visits, I put together stockings for them


I don’t know what it is about the dang stocking, but I just get such a kick out of putting them together for the boys. I think it’s because I have such great memories of going through my stocking when I was a kid. We got to look through them as soon as we woke up, and Santa always put the best things in there! I hope my stocking recepients feel the same way… 

Friday Question 242

By , September 27, 2013 4:24 am

Have you ever woken up and felt guilty from a dream you had, or, mad at someone else for something they did in the dream?

Yes to both. Last night, it was the guilt. 

I have a recurring dream that I am moving to Italy, and I am usually moving there by myself, and feel awful about it. 

When I lived in Rome in spring of 2006, I had a plane ticket to come home in May. I did go home. Then I went back a week later, and stayed until August. 

And I sometimes still feel guilty about that (in real life, not dream land). Really, just guilty about “ditching” Steven for an entire summer, even though I know he supported it. 


So the dream often comes up, and makes me feel awful again. 

Only last night, Steven was coming with me! And it was more of an anxiety filled dream of “We have to leave to catch the flight, and my bags are not packed yet!” What was I worried about packing?

Workout attire


Ha ha. 

Friday Question 241

By , September 20, 2013 6:30 am

How old were you when you took your first commercial flight? To where did you fly?

I thought to ask this, because my older brother went on his first (I think) commercial flight, for work, this week! Exciting!

I asked “commercial,” because I actually rode in a small, private plane in middle school, before I went on a commercial flight. I liked being in that little plane so much I thought I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up!


I took my first commercial flight when I was 17, to España with my dad (er, and my Spanish professor and some other students). I remember being super excited for my first flight (and trip to Europe!) so of course, it’s documented.



Rachel answered correctly – Detroit!


Ha ha ha.

I have no idea how many flights I have been on since then, but it’s usually been a few a year to visit family and friends!

Friday Question 240

By , August 30, 2013 7:37 am

Are you good at keeping track of your things – or do you easily misplace them? Do you ever leave anything behind when you travel?

I like to have a spot for everything at home and try really hard to keep all my crap together when I travel someplace. Having my things spread out all over someone else’s home (or a hotel or whatever) makes me highly anxious, for some reason. 

However! That doesn’t mean I don’t misplace things from time to time. Last night, I couldn’t figure out where my Efit studio keys were. They were not in the bag I normally keep them in.  I realized I didn’t have them when I was at the studio, and I was really anxious to look for them immediately when I got home. For some reason, they were in my work backpack.*

And Kate will not stop mentioning the time she was left behind in Galena, even though that was in December!

I think that because I am such a highly anxious person, I consciously try to keep better track of my sh*t, because I know I will not handle it well if I lose/misplace something. 

*You know, with my varying work at home and work downtown schedule, I am surprised I don’t forget things at home or accidentally leave things at work. I do think that is why the keys ended up in my backpack – I worked downtown then went straight to Efit to teach a couple Mondays in a row, so they must have placed them there. 

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