Random Thoughts Thursday XVIII

By , June 21, 2012 6:23 am
  • I sure am glad to be a runner… when I get to the train station and the train is already there, like yesterday morning!
  • Steven and I have been doing so many fun summer-y things and summer just officially started yesterday! We’ve done a few picnics, gone on a bike ride, went to the first Independence Grove concert this Tuesday and are going camping this weekend! Our first ever camping trip!
  • I get to see my parents today for a short bit. They are driving out here to get a new Datsun chassis for Steven and bring it to our house. Red Robin may be in order for dinner. Do I like Red Robin? Hmmm…
  • I have noticed lately that I have gotten much better at filtering myself. Not in person unfortunately, but in emails and comments. I think before I hit send/reply.
  • I was looking at an two -year-old post to reference the name of a drug I used to take and I took a glance at the comments… and wow. A lot of those people no longer blog or we no longer comment on each other’s blogs anymore. Craziness. Have you ever looked back at an old post and thought “What happened to so-and-so”? (or, “Who was so-and-so, that name sounds familiar?” ha ha)?
  • There is no such thing as a “mute point.” SIGH. Do you know anyone who says mute point instead of moot point?
  • I miss my long thumbnails. I cut them short because one was peeling at a really low spot and now I think they look stupid. As a side note, I liked the Cherry Berry Chiller from McDonald’s. Sigh, where was it last year when that was all I wanted after my long runs with Erin? WHERE WAS IT THEN!?!?!?
  • I am going to NYC in July to see Gina! We found a 5K to run in her neighborhood for über cheap. We decided I needed to run it in a red tank top. WHY ARE RED RUNNING TANK TOPS SO HARD TO FIND? I looked for one the entire month of April (I wanted to match Andrew at our half) and was unsuccessful. I ordered one yesterday off of Amazon. Duh. 

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25 Responses to “Random Thoughts Thursday XVIII”

  1. j says:

    Have fun camping! I love camping – we aren’t going until September I think (like camping in a tent) but we always go to the adirondacks (NY state Mountains) every summer with my family and its like camping but we stay in a house lol!

  2. gina says:

    Yeah those red running tanks sure are hard to come by : P

  3. Xaarlin says:

    Camping sounds like fun. Haven’t done that in forever!

    Red tank tops… While I haven’t looked specifically for one, I can’t say I’ve noticed any lately.

    Why did you have to mention the cherry berry chiller? I’ve seen ads for those all over and all I can think about is how nice one of those would be post run! Now I must go try one.. Thanks! 🙂

    • kilax says:

      Exactly! You never see them in stores! Everything is pink. I like pink, but wanted a red one!

      Try the chiller! 🙂

  4. I do love that I”m a runner when I’m running late and trying to catch the train too. Us commuters sure have it rough.

    I’ve never gone camping before in my life. Like real camping (not on someone’s lawn or something). Maybe someday I’ll do it. Lol.

    • kilax says:

      I am not sure how “real” our camping will be – Steven said he looked at the campsite and thinks our tent will be right by our car!

  5. bobbi says:

    I have been SEARCHING for a red tank – what kind did you find?

    there are lots of bloggers that I miss, that are gone now, or who’ve gone private (runninglaur – lookin at you 😉 )…I wish sometimes that there was an easy way to find people who’ve dropped out of blogging, just to say “hey! thinking about you!”

    have fun camping!!

  6. Erin says:

    You could always represent OPRC since our running tanks are red 🙂

    So, yeah, why was the world conspiring against us and our search for slushies last summer? Hmmm?

  7. Red Robin does the unlimited fries, right? Oh buddy…

  8. Megan says:

    Mute point surely is in my top ten of pet peeves. I have to bite my tongue to not coorect it – and boy is that hard!

    I have a blog roll on the side of my page and was clicking through a few weeks ago only to realize that a lot of the pages are no longer functional. It was kind of sad – When I first start back in 2007, it was a really great community especially in terms of running and multisport. I met so many great people. But it seems that people have turned more towards Facebook or Twitter in the last few years. It does make me kind of sad….

  9. I have had to stop running to the train out of sheer embarrassment! Once I had three comments made in a week! When one of my fellow commuters sitting in a 4 person row said “you did it! We had money on you!” I had to stop. Lol

  10. Michel says:

    1. Just last night I was going back through old posts and looking at my titles and going der.

    2. My husband just made fun of my “mute/moot” point saying the other day ala Joey from Friends.

  11. Cher says:

    Mute points drive me nuts! ;-). The other thing I hate is. When people say the are ” playing it by YEAR”.

  12. Amanda S. says:

    Hi Kim! Do you remember me? I met you a couple years ago in Ames back when I had a blog (Vegacious). The blog is long gone because of my job, but I read this post and thought I should comment. I still read your blog. And, you would be happy to know I ran my first half marathon 2 weeks ago (the 13.1 All-State that YOU also ran!).

    • kilax says:

      Of course I remember you! I still have your blog in my reader. How did your first half go? I wish I would have known you were there!

  13. Aww, I wish I could have told you to go to Target for the tank tops. I get all mine there for $7! They are not dri-fit but they have every color. Have a fun time!!

  14. dad says:

    Do you know all the locations of the Red Robin’s your pictured in?

    • kilax says:

      Of course, I have a really good memory for useless information:

      Linconlshire, Deer Park, Clifton (NJ), Topeka (KS), Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, Gurnee

  15. martymankins says:

    I have tried the Cherry Berry Chiller and I do like it, but I admit to liking the Mango version of it at Burger King. It’s tastier, IMO.

    NYC… even though I was just there, it wasn’t long enough of a visit. Enjoy your time there.

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